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Sara (whoaitssara) | 28 comments Mod


So I thought it would be fun to open a discussion about the Ender's Game movie since I know I will be watching it after I've read the book! This will contain full thoughts about the book and movie and that means heavy spoilers so beware and don't read unless you've read and watched the movie!

So what where your thoughts? Did you think the movie did the book justice? Did you enjoy the book or movie more? Were you favorite parts included in the movie or did they miss somethings? Can't wait to see what everyone thinks!

Elena Robertson I'm half way through the film and not enjoying it as much as the book as I feel ender's character isn't how I pictured in the book. He seems less vulnerable and much more sure of himself in the film. He is also obviously a lot older in the film and I feel this causes it to loose some of its strengths as a story. Probably going to be a 3 star film for me :(

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Elise Stephens (elisestephens) | 2 comments I was very excited about the movie and although it didn't captivate me the way the book did, I thought that they did a good job, overall. The video game portions were very interesting to me (I was crazy about all the video game scenes when I read the book!) I especially liked the guy who played Ender. It's a tough role to play. I liked Graff, too.

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