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The Bone Season (The Bone Season, #1)
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message 1: by Laura, Underqueen (new) - rated it 5 stars

Laura (luella22) | 58 comments Mod
What do you think of Warden at the beginning, given how their relationship changes during the rest of the book?

Judy | 20 comments Milena wrote: "I sensed that Warden didn't really like the other Rephaim from the very beginning. He seemed a bit of a loner and quite suspicious. Not sure if this makes any sense but that's what I thought."

I felt the same, even the first time I read it. I felt like yelling at Paige to notice the signs!

Alix | 70 comments You can definitely tell he's different from the others, and doesn't seem to like the others much from the beginning. He seems to be a bit at a loss for what to do at times, wanting to be kind to her, but also very reticent, which we now know is largely because he's unsure of how much he can trust her. There are few things he says, such as warning her not to mention his wounds, which upon first read seem rather threatening, but upon second read, can have a very different interpretation.
What I wonder is how much he had planned when, as the first time he and Paige train, he trains her on the oval right over the entrance to the train station!

message 4: by vvb (new) - rated it 5 stars

vvb Warden is hiding something. Don't know what. But I think he may be on the "good" side of things.

N.P. (neilgr) I found Warden to be the most interesting character in the book. It was pretty clear from the start that he was not the same as the other Rephaim. He seemed more thoughtful in his approach to the voyants and the fact that he took Paige under his wing with all the risks that entailed showed he was willing to take chances even though it became apparent that his life was as much in danger as the humans who had been captured.

His position within Sheol I is an ambiguous one as it appears that he is very senior, by virtue of his connection to Nashira, but that most of the other Rephaim treat him with a thinly disguised contempt because of his involvement in the previous uprising. It made me wonder whether the reason that Nashira had kept him in his position was because of his connections in their home world. We don’t know much about their roots yet but I’m guessing we may hear more about that in later books.

Either way he’s definitely the character I’m rooting for most at the moment (after Paige that is :-)

Cindra (mztikicat) That's a great theory, especially given his ceremonial title. Being Warden of the Mesarthim must be a position of importance in Sheol I & in their point of origin. Being the warden of something is basically being a caretaker or overseer of sorts. If he is the Warden of his bloodline/kin, it must be of some significance. And since Nashira seems greedy about keeping all the best things for herself, I'm guessing his position is prominent. (I'm also thinking she doesn't deserve him)

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