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The information below will be the general knowledge on places, people, and things for this roleplay.

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Clavis Aurea Corporation: A corporation that specializes in biological research and has recently developed a way to give humans psychic abilities. The general public does not know this, only that it is involved with science. It provides living accommodations, educational classes, and medical treatment for those they are experimenting on.

Director Loreen Parsons: The head of CAC and oversees research and recruitment.

Doctor Lowell Rauschmann: The leading scientist under Director Parsons that executes experiments and heads the hospital created by CAC.

Manager Dianna Wilson: The social coach and counselor that oversees the distribution of philexiphan to the volunteers and acts as a voice piece for Director Parsons.

Skill Ranks: The level of ability one has attained as a volunteer for CAC and are indicated by color on uniforms. The list below shows the ranks from highest to lowest:

*Note: You may only have a maximum of two characters that are White rank.

Team Ranks: Each team has these ranks filled and there are a limited number of these positions.

Captain- indicated by the color Yellow
1st Officer- indicated by the color Purple
2nd Officer- indicated by the color Orange

Captains plan missions, organize their teams, and are responsible for the success of a mission.
1st Officers execute the captain's orders and helps coordinate the team. If need be, they can take a role of leader in the captain's absence.
2nd Officers are in charge of communication inside a team and provide additional leadership if necessary.

The Sentients: A secretive group that knows of the workings of CAC and are in complete opposition. Often sabotages missions, infiltrates, and seeks for intel concerning the next move of CAC. (Name provided by Heather)

Philexiphan: A drug meant to enhance brain functions to improve physical training, memory, and psychic abilities. It is the around the size of a button and comes in a plastic little bag. It is like a white, sugar cookie and tastes like a mixture of syrup, medicine, and vanilla. It is to be taken with each dinner (or the closest meal after a day-long mission) and if a dose is skipped, Manager Wilson would approach the volunteer and remind them of said missed dosage. (Pronounced as fi-leh-zi-fan)

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Psychic Abilities and How They Work

When it comes to psychic abilities, a test subject is given an injection of some certain solution. That solution has chemicals that interact with the brain's cells and thus activate a person's abilities. The number of abilities and/or the type of abilities isn't determined by the solution and in fact, after injection, it takes three days for the abilities to manifest. What is most interesting is that the type of abilities isn't determined before injection and so it brings into question why does one have one power and not the other. The main theory is that the abilities that manifest are linked to a person's personality and state of mind.

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