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People died and got lost in this enchanted forest. Remember not to step too deep in the mud. Now you see them, now you don't.


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sage | 144 comments Wes stood casually against the tree, a stick in his hand as he began to draw a picture in the dirt below. Because of his curse, billions of things could've happened standing under that tree, it could've fallen, caught on fire, or something equally worse. But for now, those weren't his worries. He breathed in the cold air, sighing a bit.

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 130 comments Ella walked around, clearly bored.

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 130 comments Ella leaned against the same tree Wes was on, not knowing he was there. "Man my life sucks."

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sage | 144 comments Wes jumped, not noticing that someone was behind him until now. He drew over his picture with his foot then turned to face the girl that had clearly snuck up on him, which was unnatural for him. "You're either talking to yourself, or I'm s'posed to be listening," He murmured. "So why?" He asked, his eyes glittering in amusement.

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 130 comments "What? Oh, sorry. I didn't know you were there." Ella said as she smiled.

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 130 comments ((u still there?))

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sage | 144 comments "What happened? Are you going to tell me... or naw?" He asked, leaning back against the tree. He started drawing something again on the ground as he waited for her to start blabbering about her problems. He was literally cursed, yet that was something he didn't do often.

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 130 comments "Stupid Calyx is what happened." Ella said as she leaned against the tree.

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sage | 144 comments ((Ouch.))

"Sorry, I don't know who that is?" He said looking at her, a little puzzled... or freaked out. "Is that s'posed to be some kind of metaphor, or something?" He said as he looked away thinking of how fast he could run away if necessary.

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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 130 comments "No. I met someone at the park named Calyx, and he's REALLY annoying. He just wouldn't let me have fun." Ella said with an evil grin.

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