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What did you think of Elec?
Carole Carole Nov 03, 2014 05:56AM
I really enjoyed reading this book especially Elec.
What did you think?

I was nervous about this book at first not real sure what i was getting into but then i read the first couple of pages and i was HOOKED. I loved everything about this book. I loved Elec character before and after pretty much. I loved how he told her in the book it was an amazing read.

I love everything about Elec! He knows what he wants! So sexy!!

Was a great book. I too was nervous when I first got it. Wansn't sure what I was getting myself into. But turned out to be a great book. I read it in one sitting and would recommend it.

I really loved Elec...I have found a new book boyfriend! The book was an awesome read!!!

"I am her home, fucknut." That was probably my favorite quote of the book, and pretty much sums up Elec for me. It was heartbreaking when he had to leave, and the years they spent apart.
I agree about the epilogue...I felt the ending was a little rushed, that's the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, although I might have to go back and round it up~

✩Tiffany✩ yes i wished the ending was better.. longer and not so rushed
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I really loved this book!!!!! As far as Elec, I felt he had a really large heart and he loved his mother dearly for him to go live with his dad/brother who really hated him and to adjust to his new life. Then there at the end of his visit- to be so torn to stay with Greta or go home to take care of his mother!?!?!!! Even a couple of years lately for him to go to New York to Greta to let his feelings be known only to leave again because he seen how happy she was without him!! Who couldn't love this guy?!?!! Plus extra points for not cheating on his girlfriend!!!!Loved him! :-)

I really liked this book I loved the relationship they develop it was nice that even when he was trying to be an ass he set it aside to make sure her feelings were not hurt I only wish the epilogue was a bit longer

I loved this book. I agree I felt it was rushed during the epilogue.

I just loved Elec. I thought he was so well written and I love how he evolved/matured throughout the book as he aged. He was super sweet but intense and so damn sexy.

Hated Elec.

I loved Elec so much! And the misdirect that the bad guy was really a terribly great guy and he gave up so much to make sure his mother was mentally stable when he left Greta. He was dealt such a raw deal from birth, had to give up so much and go through so much pain that I was tearing up when he finally got his HEA with Greta!

Jerk and not so swoon worthy. I don't even give a f**k if his tip is pierced!

Helen Rhys Oh man! He's a huge POS ...more
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I just LOOOOVVEE Elec !!

Seriously , i fell in love the moment he spoke to Greta.
He sounds good-looking, he is a typical bad boy , he has tattoo's , he's pierced (and i bet it feels nice in some places) , speaks dirty , loves hard , fucks probably harder , ... Shall i go on ?
I mean , what is there not to love ?

He is my number one favorite book-boyfriend.

The book deserves 5 stars because of him alone !

What did I think of Elec?

Mysterious. My man. I'm with in love with him.

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