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There Will Be Time
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Time travel SF novel from the 70s or early 80s [s]

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message 1: by Miranda (last edited Nov 03, 2014 05:08PM) (new) - added it

Miranda | 4 comments Please help me, Obi Wan Hivemind, you're my only hope!

This is a book about a guy who can time travel without any machine. His first time was when he was a baby; his mother dropped him because she was shocked to see him land on the bed...where he'd jumped because she dropped him.

When he's a teenager (a bit old for his "age,") his kindly family doctor reads his journal which contains a brief lexicon of future sociological terms. There is an entry for marijuana, which reads something like, "let's not have the old 'alcohol, tobacco, tranquilizers are legal routine again,'" and entries for racial colors, which are all variations on, "black: a person of African descent, with skin tones ranging from chocolate to ivory. Not to be confused with white, yellow or red."

Can anyone remember this book??? I've searched Amazon and Google for the few phrases I thought I remembered and came up blank (Google wanted to check me into rehab because I kept typing variations on "alcohol, tobacco and tranquilizers are legal."

Thank you!!

message 2: by Andy (new)

Andy Love | 2095 comments Parts of this sound like The Man Who Folded Himself by David Gerrold (the parties with other versions of himself and the insane version), but Danny (the main character in that book) had a time belt.

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Miranda | 4 comments You're right, Andy. I believe I'm conflating two different books. I'm going to edit my original post.

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6967 comments Mod
Mranster, nope, not conflating 2 books. Give me a few to run through my 4k or so books and I'll get back to you on it.

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Miranda | 4 comments Thank you, Ann!

message 6: by Andy (new)

Andy Love | 2095 comments I'd like to read the book too if it's not the Gerrold.

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6967 comments Mod
Ok, found it. There Will Be Time The cover that I own is this one There Will Be Time by Poul Anderson , but there are other covers as well.

message 8: by Miranda (new) - added it

Miranda | 4 comments Thank you so much!!

message 9: by Andy (new)

Andy Love | 2095 comments That's interesting - I had seen other threads on that one, but the descriptions focused on different aspects of the book so I didn't realize it was the same one. Regardless, it's going on my list of books to read.

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