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Thoughts on TMI becoming a TV series instead of movies??
Hope Spencer Hope Nov 02, 2014 10:56PM
Personally I think this is a fabulous idea as everything will have so much more detail, but only if they keep the same cast from the movies! I became too attached to the cast from City of Bones and I don't know if I can see them get completely replaced. Surely I'm not the only one?

November 5, 2014

To whom may concern;
I am happy and its a heaven-sent
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I think its a great idea. I don't know why they didn't think of it before.

As for the cast, I actually don't mind the movie producers starting from scratch. Personally, I think it would be better to have no association with the movie. Im not saying though that I didn't like the movie cast. I think I would miss some of the actors. But in my opinion, a lot of the character portrayals in the movie disappointed me. Especially Magnus, Valentine, Jace and Clary.

Anyway, like I said before, they should have done this right from the beginning. I don't know if people have noticed But the book-to-movie adaptations that have 6+ books in the series are the ones that are bombing in the box office. I've noticed that it's mostly trilogies and standalones that have been made into successful movies, and I think that's because there is less content to deal with. I feel the same way with Vampire Academy. That would be an amazing tv show.

Anyway, basically what Im saying is I think that producers and studios should just make tv shows out of 6+ book series and stick to making trilogies and standalones into movies.

I think that if done correctly and it stays true to the books, the tv show will be amazing. it just depends on the quality of the pilot and what channel it will be picked up by.

sorry, I started to ramble a bit there

i think that everyone really wanted it to be the next big thing and get the broad reach that movies do - but i think that the one thing that would really suit better for TV than film is that there are so many installments to the series and that there's SO MUCH depth in the series as well. What i saw in the movie is that there wasn't enough coverage of certain scenes from the book that i think were integral, and if it plays out on TV, there's so much more opportunity to really get into it.

think about how well True Blood did on TV. that's a series that had a really long life because they were able to really touch upon a lot of what was written and even expand. that would be the ideal situation for this series if it's on TV and i think that The CW has shown that it's a really great venue and environment for this type of content.

I definitely want to see how they would adapt the books and movie into a TV show but I'm kind of sad because I got so attached to the characters in the movie and some of them are literally the perfect role for the character so I just hope that I like the characters for the TV casting as much as the movies :P

i love the idea of making a TV series out of the Mortal Instruments because they can go into more detail. I didnt like the movie and I think they should recast for 2 main reasons: firstly because I think the TV series shouldnt have any association with the movie (Even though do think that Clary, Simon and Magnus were a good choice.) and secondly because I didnt agree with many of the actors they chose to play many of the characters. Especially Jace, but also Valentine, Alec and Isabelle.

no i love jamie campbell bower and lily collins. I am extremely disappointed that they are starting over.

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