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Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 12977 comments Mod

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Amie (alm0824) | 125 comments Happy Birthday Maggie!

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Sandra Hoover (sandrahoover) | 10206 comments Mod
Happy Birthday Maggie! Have a wonderful day!

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Paula | 245 comments Happy Birthday Maggie. Have a great day.

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Karma Queen (karmaqueen) | 233 comments Happy Birthday Maggie! Hope you have a great day.

message 6: by Maggie (new)

Maggie | 1452 comments Thank you ladies!!!! I worked today but did celebrate with family on Saturday.
I have a funny story about an early birthday gift from my daughter. She got me a life size cut out of my favorite TV character. She wanted to surprise me so she hid it in my room. Unfortunately by the time I went into the room she had left and I was home alone. I walked into my room and there was a 6'2" man standing there. So there I am standing in the dark screaming loudly, then saying some rather colorful words. I'm really surprised I didn't pass out! That was Friday nite, since then, the dog barks at it, I put it in the bathroom trying to scare my daughter and forgot and scared myself again.i almost fell out of the shower this am as I was drying off and caught sight of it through the crack in the bathroom door. I got a text from my daughters bestie today, she stopped by to drop off a gift and she said" I got so scared my heart stopped beating for a few seconds." I think this bday gift is going to have to go! Lol

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Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 12977 comments Mod
That's hilarious Maggie!

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