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Melancholist | 1028 comments Ta-dah :) Any specific plot you want to do?

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Wawa Sorry, I'm reading at the moment.

But no, no specific plot. Could you re-post them here so that I can check them out again

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Melancholist | 1028 comments No prob! Warning: I'm half asleep, so I might not be back to post until tomorrow.

Sure. :)

Plot Choices:
-Penpal and/or meets online type of thing, where a guy and a girl have been writing to each other as friends, but are finally going to meet up. Will feelings blossom between them?

-FxF something? Maybe there could be some drama, like two girls are best friends. One has come out (girl A), and the other hasn't (girl B); girl B, having identified as straight her whole life, is highly caught off guard when she starts to have feelings for her friend. And another problem: although girl B has always been supportive of GLBT people, her family is extremely conservative and religious. OR we could just do a normal FxF type of thing and build a plot as we go, I just want to try my hand at FxF.

-GhostxHuman type of thing. A human loses his best friend to suicide. He or she made a mistake, and wasn't there for him or her when they needed them (I'm still trying to think of the reason for this). Consumed by grief, he or she is considering taking their life, been when all hope seems lost...they start to see a ghost. And I think you know where this is's the spirit of their best friend. And on the contrary of what the human believes, the ghost wants the friend to stay. Can it convince it's friend not to follow in their footsteps before it's too late? OR any other plot to this, perhaps something more simple. I just totally made this up on the fly.

-Modern Day RoyaltyXPerson from Outside World. Maybe in this one, the Royalty has only lived in a castle all their life, taught to be proper and regal. However, they're extremely curious to know about something forbidden to them: seeing the outside world. When a person from the outside is hired, the two become close. Can the person find a way to break the princess or prince free to see the real world beyond the castle gates? (Lol, it's totally like Aladdin xD)

-Best FriendXBest Friend’s Brother

-NeighborX(New?) Neighbor

-Summer Camper TeenXCamp Counselor


-The classic boarding school for the gifted idea

-Fandom rift, such as for Percy Jackson and the Olympians or Naruto. I know there are whole groups revolving around these fandoms, but I fare better in a one on one setting.

-Anything you want to try! I'm open to whatever! :)

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Wawa Hey, so I think I like the pen pal and the FxF[if we can change that up a bit] or we can combine them. And also the rival-rival.

Or anything else. We can continue to discuss.

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Melancholist | 1028 comments Oh, sweet! We could combine FxF with the pen pal thing, if that's cool with you; also, we can certainly change the FxF idea up. How would you like to?

And rival-rival sounds good, I always enjoy a love-hate relationship.

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Wawa Love-hate is awesome. do you want to do the FxF(penpal) or rival-rival or create a thread for the second?

P.S not even sure how I want to change it up. We can actually just leave the FxF like that, as in combined with the penpal. Maybe even make it a cat fish where one of them thinks they are talking to a guy...

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Melancholist | 1028 comments ((Sorry, I got distracted))

Maybe we could do a separate thread for the second, if you're up for it.

And ohhh, I like that idea. Drama is the best.

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Wawa ||It's okay, no need to apologise. Everyone has a life outside goodreads. Haha.||

Yeah, cool. You can make the second thread if you want to. :)

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Melancholist | 1028 comments Okay, one sec.

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Melancholist | 1028 comments Alright, I made it, just so you know :)

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Wawa coolio. FxF here then?

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Melancholist | 1028 comments Yup.

HA! Only used one word here. Oh wait...

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Wawa Haha. Madness in a box. You can post up your character if you want.

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Melancholist | 1028 comments SASDFGHJKL; NO MY CHARRIE!!!! D:<

Life hates me today :((( xD

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Wawa Oh haha! Sorry. I'll post mine a bit later. I'm reading for a test.

Oh and before I forget, could you change my name on the thread. It's TheCountess not TheCourtess.

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Melancholist | 1028 comments Sorry for the grammar/spelling errors, I wrote it really fast. I had it more summarized before, but didn't do that as much this time around. Brb for dinner.


~ I just want to make beautiful things even if no one cares. ~

Name: Stella Bryant

Age: 17

Additional Appearance Info: She's petite at 5'2, but often wears heels to make up for it. Sure, Stella is the type of person who must find the perfect outfit just to go to the grocery store, but isn't necessarily vain; she just enjoys using appearance-oriented things to express herself. It's fun to her. Still, above all, she definitely feels that her most attractive quality is her posture. Yes, I said her posture. She sits up straight and walks well, so even when she looks like an extremely dull plain Jane (as she does without make up), she can still maintain a bit of humble regal-ness.

Personality: Okay, so she's a wee bit of a girly control freak. She gets through life with meticulous strategy and a 'fake it till you make it' mentality, but she definitely is her own worst enemy. Driven by motivation to make someone, anyone, proud of her, she works extremely hard to get anywhere in her life. Stella is the dark horse you won't notice until it's too late, and she will consider trampling you (but definitely never truly would) as she goes for what she wants. Behind her professional, somewhat robotic mask, she's really just a dweeb with a kind heart that she has no idea how to share.

Reputation: People often mistake her quiet confidence as being uppity and cold. This barrier makes it hard for her to make friends.

History: She was an accidental child, born from a one night affair her mom had, but her life has still been fortunate despite that. Her family is rich. Living in the UK, she lives in a perfect house, on a perfect street, in a perfect neighborhood.
Here's the problem: it's hard to be a dork in a straight-laced land. Unlike her older sister, Matilda, she has no special talents. She studies all day, yet can't get above B minuses in school. Apparently, shopping isn't a sport, and running makes her want to die. Stella's hobbies are mostly lame and scream 'I have no life or friends'. Don't get me wrong, she overall is thankful for what she has, but she still can't meet her own or other's standards.
Her loneliness due to her terrible people skills is what drove her to get a pen-pal in the first place. Whoever your charrie is, (s)he is the first person she's ever felt free to be herself around. They bring out the good in her. Stella is really excited to fly out to see him(her) wherever they live.

Other: As far as her sexuality situation (which could change after I see your charrie), I'm thinking Stella has known she's pansexual for a while, but hasn't come out to anyone. Part of her completely owns it shamelessly, but she comes from a place where image is everything; she doesn't feel obligated to go out on a limb and explain herself until she has to. In the back of her mind, she's still clinging to the hope that she might be lucky enough to just fall for a guy and avoid it all. That, or be single and live with cats.
Lastly, she plans to be a manicurist and makeup artist when she grows up, because she loves to help people feel beautiful.

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Melancholist | 1028 comments Oh, and that's totally fine, take your time. Again, it does not have to be as long as mine.

And hahaha, I knew that! One sec, I'll change it very soon.

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Wawa ||sorry, did this in a hurry. ||

Name: Billie Eagan

Age: 19 years

Personality: She’s is nice and likes to talk a lot. She is studious, she likes helping people. She is very clumsy and usually buried in books so she doesn’t care much about how she looks. She is shy and that’s what makes her nervous and makes her talk a lot.

Bio/History: Despite the fact that she is nice, all her life people have found her annoying or weird. Because of this she started to burry herself in books and she learned a lot from them. She learned that she was clever and that she passes exams quite easily. She is good at figuring out things except people. In addition to that, she knows she’s bisexual.
She wasn’t finding any boys that liked her personality, so she pretended to be a boy on the penpal site and met [your character]. She thought they had a good connection and they had a lot to talk about. She doesn’t know [your character is coming to surprise her and her secret will be revealed.


The person she is pretending to be.

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Melancholist | 1028 comments No problem, it's chill. I like both of your characters. :) Do you want me to start? I'm okay with beginning both topics, so long as you're alright with a slight delay on my responses...?
I'm thinking of something more simple, like Stella just got to the airport and is flagging down a ride to get to Billie's house. As for the rival roleplay, I'd probably go with Cam just being in her first period class ((or maybe at home she had to make brownies for the new neighbors (Noah's family) and she glumly is bringing them over?)), and unknowingly is soon-to-be shocked about Noah's return.
If you have any more dramatic ideas though, I'm all ears. Also, just so I know, what country and/or state does Billie live in?

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Wawa I like yours too. ;)

Yay, start. Delay is fine.

I like the airport thing. I'm not sure where she lives, we can make up a country and a town haha.

I think first period is a better place to start than at home. Don't want them as neighbours. hehe.

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Melancholist | 1028 comments Thanks!

Cool. I'll likely do one response today for rivals, and one for penpals tomorrow. I should increase in speed a bit as soon as I finish all the charries for other rp topics; the reason I'm taking so long is that I take about three hours to make a charrie, so that takes up an abnormally big chunk of time.

I'll go with that. Awesome, it's really up to you for whatever the fictional country/town will be like. ^_^ Probably it'd be best if it's differing from an upperclass suburb in the UK, just so there's interesting contrast, but absolutely do whatever you want.

Alright, that was my first instinct too, I'll stick with school :)

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Wawa What? You take 3 hours for one charrie? That's madness.

Okay. Random place in Mallow city. So, Billie's a city girl and they live in a brownstone apartment, so she walks almost everywhere because taking taxis takes too much that good?

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Melancholist | 1028 comments Yeahhhh, I'm an extreme perfectionist. It's quite crippling sometimes, heh.

Yup, that's great :)

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Wawa Haha. It's all good. You don't usually recycle characters like some other people?

I usually have to try and come up with at least a new personality and a history, but as you can see they aren't as detailed as yours.

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Melancholist | 1028 comments Nope, not that I frown upon recycling characters. It just makes me more excited and inspired to roleplay when I have a new dynamic from a new character.

Yeah, but sometimes it's good to not have them as detailed too; you have more room to elaborate and develop them in the roleplay. There's always pros and cons to both ^_^

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Wawa Haha. That's true. It's all about people's preferences.

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Melancholist | 1028 comments ((FINALLY! Damn, this one was long. There was just a lot to cover for Stella haha. No need to have yours this length unless it comes naturally to you.
Also, tomorrow I should be on from time to time, although I have quite a bit to do.))

Stella had spent the past four hours contemplating whether or not she was an entitled bitch like everyone said. Here she was, using her rich parents' money to fly in an expensive high-class plane, with two giant suitcases containing thousands of dollars worth of clothes, and already drinking her third over-priced Starbucks drink. Therefore, she must to be entitled. And earlier, she'd snapped at a little girl for mistaking her for a flight attendant. Is there something morally corrupt in snapping at a little girl? She ruminated. Oh, lord, yes, there likely is. Stella fretted. So there we have it. She started to think she must also be a bitch.

Look, normally she wouldn't care. Those people that thought that way about her could...could um...well they could have annoying hangnails 24/7 and she wouldn't even feel bad at all! But she was going to finally meet her best/only friend in person. And if Billie Eagan thought she was a heartless witch...............

Stella grimaced as she realized she'd chewed all the pale pink polish off her nails; she only did such when she was nervous.

"You need to calm down."

Stella's craned her neck, only to find that her situation was so completely and utterly pathetic that words of wisdom were being spoken by the little girl from earlier. Her expression flashed from insulted to resigned. “Yes, yes, perhaps you are right.”

The little girl offered her a “Hello Kitty” sticker, and Stella accepted it with an uncertain smile. She knew she’d been forgiven, which maintained her sanity as the plane landed in an area thirty minutes outside of Mallow City.

As she smoothed her pastel pink dress ( (view spoiler) ) and adjusted her flower crown, she went through the airport and went through baggage claim. If she heard one more person say Wow, nice British accent, someone was going to get vanilla Frappuccino slung in their face.

A guy with a cardboard sign stopped her. “Are you Stella Bryant? I will be your limo chauffer this evening on your departure to Mallow City this evening.”

The brunette blinked, then shook her head adamantly. “No, no, no. I, uh, mean, no thank you. I will be taking a taxi.” Today. Just today she was going to be less entitled. Flustered and out of her element, she looked around. “Does-does anyone want a free limo ride to Mallow City?”

Crowds of people looked at her like she was insane until a man stopped. “Ain’t that a scam, little lady?”

“Excuse me?” People calling her ‘little lady’ brought up a sore subject for Stella. She hated being reminded she was short. Her face became a cold and calculated mask. “Do I seem like I’d lie to you?”

The man hesitated.

Stella threw up her hands in the air a little, and muttered something to herself as she lugged her suitcases down some concrete stairs, greeted coldly by the dark and rainy light. After a long period of looking in quiet confusion at the yellow cars passing by, she eventually figured out how to flag down a cab. “Mallow City.” Stella said as she rung her hands, and said the address, ignoring a sense of impending doom.

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Wawa ||P.S, you got her name wrong...haha. but it's okay.||

Billie Eagan left the coffee shop down the street from her house her face buried in her novel. She was about to finish it, just a few pages more. She was so preoccupied with it because she had wanted to finish it as soon as possible and recommend it to Stella. She knew that this was not something that Stella would like but she tried as often as possible to get her to try things out.

Billie was completely oblivious of the world around her. Her mother worried about her often. She would say that she would end up a lot but obviously her mother didn't know about Stella. Stella was her friend. Probably her only true friend besides the books she read. There were two things wrong: Stella thought she was a guy, and she might have liked Stella as more than just a friend.

So, because Billie was oblivious, she hadn't noticed the barista smile at her, flirtatiously. She'd taken her hot chocolate, thanked him or her, had it been a him or a her, it didn't matter. She got out of the coffee shop and read the whole way there. She entered her building bypassing some of her neighbours, barely looking up. She entered her apartment and collapsed on the couch, taking a sip of her drink. She was glad that her apartment was just that, her apartment. Her parents had given it to her as a present as long as she kept her grades at school up, she could live on her own. She sank into the silence, reading, reading, reading.

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Melancholist | 1028 comments ((*facepalms hard* Whoops, I'm really sorry about that. I read your charrie thoroughly, don't get me wrong, but I have a friend named Billie Jean, plus it's a semi-common name for girls with the name Billie. Let me know if it happens again; I'll get it down ASAP, I promise. Oh, and nice responses for both replies :D I can't post anything right now because it's the dead of night ( I just accidentally woke up), but I shall respond to at least Rivals tomorrow.))

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Wawa ||Haha, cheers thanks. I get it, Billie Jean is a common name, but it's okay. Also, I just thought of something, since Billie is pretending to be someone else, I think she would have spelled his name as Billy not the other way, just to keep it male and not female...think about it. haha.||

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Melancholist | 1028 comments ((Ah, clever. I'll have Stella refer to Billie Eagan as Billy until Billie corrects her spelling and such.))

Stella watched the windshield wipers hypnotically go back and forth, much like it felt like she was pacing back and forth within her own body. She felt like she was going to throw up. She was not carsick; no, she was sick with worry.

Music... Stella thought feebly, and took out her iPhone 5. She gently scrolled down to her favorite artist, Marina and the Diamonds, and began to listen to “Oh No!” on low volume.

Bad idea.

It hit far too close to home for Stella. With lyrics like “Don’t do love, don’t do friends, I’m only after success,” and “I feel like I’m the worst, so I always act like I’m the best,” and “If you are not very careful, your possessions will possess you,” it was likely the foulest pep talk in the history of the solar system.

The cab driver watched in his car mirror as her facial expression got more and more sickly. “Ma’am, don’t puke your fucking chunks in this taxi, you hear?”

This inelegant comment did not help her in any shape or form, nor did the smell of stale coffee and cigarettes on his breath. Stella ended up frantically using a creaky crank to roll down the window, and hurling. This was probably the least composed thing Stella had ever done with a witness. Prior to today, she had little experience with feeling fear. Now she was finding that she was allergic to it.

Stella was ready to retreat, to call it quits. Screw it. She was an entitled bitch. She wanted to be in her mansion. She wanted to see her designer bred cat. She wanted virgin martinis, and her limo, and her money, and her comfortable yet deceptive life...until she saw a flash of yellow on a sidewalk. Even with her head still out the window, her hair flying everywhere, the rain in her face, she saw a row of yellow dandelions in-between sidewalk cracks. There was something about a natural thing being in the midst of a place that was so artificial that calmed her down. Stella was so caught up in this that she didn’t even hear Marina sing, “I’m gonna fail, I’m gonna die.” She took out her supply of “Wild Strawberry and Tangy Citrus Trident Layers” bubble gum, and popped three pieces in her mouth to get rid of the vile taste left from getting sick. Then she got her sleek black umbrella out in preparation of the rain. She was going to do this. She was scared, and her makeup was smeared, and she was excited, and she was going to do this.

Fifteen minutes later, she was tipping the cab driver with thirty dollars for unintentionally giving her a scenic route. Having just finished listening to “Eye of the Tiger”, Stella felt her original confidence had come back. IthinkcanIthinkIcanIthinkIcanIthinkIcan Stella thought erratically as she teetered in her light blue heels (view spoiler) to Billy’s designated address.

The goody-two-shoes looked at the door with a small spark of defiance for the first time. She knocked.

((Oh yeah, and you'll probably notice some reoccurring themes in both of the topics, just as my writing style, but they'll definitely still differ, don't worry.))

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Wawa Billie finished the book with sigh. For the few minutes after she sat the chewing the fingernail on her thumb. She was glad that she had finished the book, choked heavily with love and drama. She had sunk so deep into it's claws she hadn't realised she had put everything at a standstill. She looked up and around her house. Filthy. Well, it was always filthy, but particularly so today. She was a messy person but she wasn't filthy.

She stood up, still on the book high. She cleaned up her kitchen which was pretty easy since most of the dishes were in her living room. She cleaned up her room next which was equally as easy, since most of the clothes and her bed covers were in the living room. She returned to her living room and cringed. Was it really necessary to have it look any better than that? It wasn't like anyone was coming over. She could get at it later.She smiled at that conclusion and decided to make herself a sandwich. She layered it with bacon, ham, lettuce, tomatoes and crushed the slices together. She went back to the living room and turned on the telly, putting on some mundane comedy and watching it with only half her interest while she ate.

She was settling in nicely, daydreaming about the book when she heard the knock on her door. She sat up quickly, legs hitting the ground, She frowned at the door. She hadn't been expecting anyone, at all. The people who came to see her were the repairman and the landlord and even they stayed away. She stood up reluctantly in her baggy jeans, rolled up at her feet with an old faded black, no grey, t-shirt. She shook her head and decided she was just going to send the person away. Tell her or him that she was on her way out even if she didn't look like it.

She went to the door, glancing back at her untidy living room. She looked through the peephole and saw a pink dress and a blue shoes and blonde-brown hair. Her eyes widened. She thought she recognised the person standing in front of her but that wasn't possible because this person was here and the person she was thinking of was more than a few kilometres away. She put her hand on the handle and opened it slowly revealing her worst nightmare. She almost lost her sandwich right on the girl's light blue heels but managed to hold it back and smile.

"Hello," she said. "May I help you?" Billie acknowledged that she was no longer Billie. She had to be someone else for Stella. Stella who was standing there, looking pretty, in the flesh, dressed to kill and she would if she found out who Billie really was.

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Melancholist | 1028 comments As the door started inching forward slowly, Stella twiddled her umbrella, holding her breath nervously. She blinked as the house's light forced its grip on the night around her, her eyes adjusting to find that standing in the doorway was.............................not Billy?

For a moment, Stella was surprised, and then she felt surprised that she was surprised; normally, she was perceptive enough to not be caught off guard. Maybe Billy was adopted into this family, her mind raced for rationality. Or this girl could be adopted into his family. Or maybe this is his friend. Or maybe this actually is.........

Stella decided to stop thinking there. "H-hello," she stuttered awkwardly, still sort of reeling. Plus, she wasn't good at talking to people with gorgeous faces, especially without some mental preparation.

But then Stella remembered the situation and she squared her shoulders, her slightly dumbfounded look replaced with one of direct seriousness. "I am looking for someone named Billy Eagan. It's a rather long story about how I got here, but....yes, anyway, does he live around here?" Her eyes bored into the hazel-eyed brunette's, as though Stella was searching for a hidden variable that she couldn't find on her own. This moment was a math equation to her, and she was going to solve it.

Luckily for Billie though, Stella wasn't a natural at math. And she double-checked her answers before she was confident that they was right. At least...most percent of the time she did.

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Wawa Billie's eyes widened. If she had doubted it before, there was no reason to any more. She wasn't that great at acting but for today and however long this girl was going to be staying, she needed to do her greatest performance. She didn't know how long she could keep her secret from Stella. She just knew she needed to and there was nothing more rational to her in that moment.

Billie squared her shoulders and smiled widely at the girl, her eyes still wide. "Are you Stella? You have to be Stella." she said wondering where she was going with that beginning. "My brother has told me about you. Billy. that's my brother. Half brother, well, total brother since I don't like that half and half thing, but totally my relative." she stumbled, hoping that her words made sense. "He is not here right now. He went on a trip a long trip. He won't be coming back in a while." she said and glanced back.

She remembered the living room and then cringed. Turning back to Stella, she eyed the girl in her pretty dress and beautiful heels then imagined her in the living room. Things just didn't seem right. "I'm sorry, where are my manners," she opened the door a little wider. "Come in. I have to clean up though. I've been apartment sitting for him. I kind of kicked him out." she laughed nervously. "did I introduce myself? I didn't introduce myself." she stumbled on trying to come up with a name that didn't sound like 'Billie'. "I'm Bobbie," she said and immediately wanted to slap herself. Nice job on that name Billie, she thought to herself nervously.

As she waited for Stella to enter, she once again looked at her and frowned. What was she doing there anyway. Billie hadn't remembered ever telling her to come over. She would have liked to see the girl in person, but the whole situation confused her. "So, you look pretty, whaaaaat are you doing here?" she asked curiously.

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Melancholist | 1028 comments ((Note: I'm just putting Bobbie because that's what Stella semi-sees her as.
And hopefully this isn't too clunky.))

Stella, all at once, self-consciously realized how odd this situation must look to an outsider. She didn't have time to figure out what was true or false. She had to just go with it. "Oh, uh, pleased to meet you, Bobbie." Stella originally said this to be polite, but it was unintentionally true to some degree as well. On first impressions - although this girl seemed unexplainably too familiar for it to be the first time they crossed paths - Stella could not make herself dislike Bobbie, and she did not know why that was.

To buy time to collect her thoughts, she clicked into the apartment, and, hardwired to be a respectful guest, started to slide off her heels. "There is no need to clean too much," Stella said, as she looked around. The living room was messy, sure, but it was also homie and unique. It was a refreshing change from the prim and proper mansion. Stella kept these thoughts reserved to herself though and said simply, "I like that it's not too pretentious." She'd always been cautious with the amount of kindness she let show.

Stella continued to get a little organized as she closed her umbrella, and leaned it against a wall along her her suitcase. "And now, for that explanation I owe you. My family goes on a yearly trip together, but where they were headed this year didn't sound like my cup of tea." This was true. Her family was going on a cruise. Sounds fun? Not so much when you're deathly afraid of large bodies of water. Stella could of just stayed home and done nothing but..."I used my trip to come here to Mallow because I've never been to a big city like this, and thought I'd drop by and surprise Billy while I'm here." Okay, that was stretching the truth a bit. It was the other way around. Stella truly wanted to see a city, but the reason she'd chosen this city honestly was because he was here, not the other. Or supposed to be.

Stella felt unusually self-conscious in the silence, like it exposed how little she'd planned ahead. She had a lot of questions for Bobbie, but she started small for both of their sakes."...But I suppose this will be a short visit, considering he's out for a long while. Where did Billy go on a trip to?" She forced her voice to sound only curious, determined to avoid pity and seem in control. Stella was very good at hiding her feelings for appearance's sake. That is, when she felt they needed to be hidden.

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Wawa ||Okey dokey. It's cool.||

Billie listened to Stella as she went through her explanation. She remembered the girl telling her a little about a yearly trip with her family. She knew that a lot about Stella's family, the girl had held it back probably because there was a lot there she didn't want to share. Of course, Billie didn't blame her because there she was pretending to the sister of a fictitious person to his pen pal who was actually her pen pal. Who was she to judge.

When asked about her 'brother's' whereabouts, she gulped. She turned to the clothes on the couch, picking them up and trying to come up with a sane reply to the question. She couldn't say something that was obviously outside her price range or her own character. She had to say somewhere cool that made sense to go and that she had definitely been to, in case Stella decided to ask 'Billy' about it later. "South Africa. I think he went for some charity thing if I remember correctly." she said hoping that it sounded cool enough for the Billy she had made up for the girl. "I'll be right back."

Billie left the room. She went to her bedroom and dumped the clothes on the floor in a corner. That was a problem to deal with later. She took a few deep breaths and run her hands through her hair trying to calm herself down before she went back to the living room to spin more lies. Maybe you should tell her the truth, her inner voice whispered. She scoffed at this idea. The last thing she wanted was for her to lose Stella all together. So the girl would never know who he/she was in person. Was that so bad?

Billie returned to the living room. Now that the couch was cleared and Stella's shoes were off, she offered her the seat, trying not to stare at the girl's pretty little toes. Stella was cute, so cute Billie had a hard time looking at her among other things. She'd seen her in the picture but it was nothing like the real thing. The girl really knew her way around her make up but she suspected Stella looked even prettier without all that stuff. She on the other hand, didn't do so well, with or without make up but she didn't really worry about it. Where Stella was proper, Billie was messy and she noticed it from the minute she had seen Stella walk in the door. "Would you like a to sit, something to drink?" she asked the girl, flashing her her biggest smile wondering what Stella thought of her so far. "You don't have to worry, you can stay as long as you want, the trouble might be getting him on the phone but you're welcome to the guest room. I'll make it up for you and you don't have to stay at a stuffy hotel." she shrugged. Because I'm here, and I want you here

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Melancholist | 1028 comments Stella wore a solid poker face aside from a slight pinching at the eyebrows. It was sort of odd, that Billy was gone like that. Why would her close friend not tell her he was doing charity in Africa for months? That was a pretty big thing to leave out. At the same time though, she'd never met Billy. You could never know how many secrets people held inside, no matter how well you knew them. After all, if all this was true, and that was a big if, he'd never even mentioned having a sister either. Stella knew that this whole thing might be a red flag, but before she could truly process it, she got distracted because Bobbie returned from dropping off the clothes. Her presence oddly kept her present. It was hard to focus on anything else when she was there, lighting up the room and what not.

As she took a seat and sat up straight, Stella thought about the drink question for a second. She was not about to go with the British tea cliche, and opted for something that would soothe her stomach: ginger ale. Even though she felt less nervous than before, she wanted to be absolutely one-hundred-percent sure that she wouldn't throw up again, thank you very much.

After asking for it politely, she added, gesturing to Bobbie's old t-shirt and jeans, "Oh, and by the way, I like your outfit. Comfort is always a good look." The funny thing was that you could tell she was dead serious about this. Ironically, the girl that wore makeup and heels all-day-every-day tended to find everything pretty somehow. When the chains on as swing set rusted over: "I feel like it was just tinny on the surface, but underneath, like, there's ancient copper trying to get out. You know?" When a fly got in the house: "Don't kill it! It's eyes are like rubies. It must be salvaged!" .....Stella wasn't the warmest person you'd meet on first greeting for sure, but she gave honest (and unknowingly slightly weird) compliments.

Just as Stella was fretting that she was being a slave-driver and that she should help Bobbie with something like a good guest, she was surprised by her offer to let her stay there. In her history, neighbors said things like 'we love having you over' for the sake of being well-mannered, but it was hardly genuine. But here was this girl, offering her a place to stay. Stella studied her evenly in attempt to read if this was an honest offer. "That sounds lovely," she decided with carefully measured enthusiasm, continuing, "although I only wish to stay if it doesn't trouble you." She really hoped it didn't trouble her, much more than Stella anticipated or understood. "You're sure?"

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Wawa Billie was melting under the sound of Stella's voice. It was soft and melodious coupled with her British accent. She was trying not to fall on her knees as she listened to the girl speak. It was just as she imagined and the girl was just as she had pictured. Prim and proper and beautiful, sitting up like that. She stifled a soft giggle, wishing she could put her hand on the girl's back and hopefully help her to relax but touching her was not an option in the future.

She smiled at Stella's comment, reading between the lines and immediately noting the sincerity. "Thank you. And you look really beautiful..." she cleared her throat. "I mean nice, you know. Girl to girl." she laughed nervously, turned to the kitchen and rolled her eyes. girl to girl, really Billie?. She grabbed two ginger ales from the fridge and returned with them to the living room with glasses for them. "Surprisingly enough I...he has these stocked to the brim. He must love them a lot." she said handing Stella her drink. Billie loved ginger ales but her execution of her 'Bobbie' character was not flawless.

In all honesty she didn't know what was making her so nervous in front of the girl. Was it the lie or was it the girl. Maybe it was both. When you were lying to someone that you liked, it must make you nervous and uncomfortable when you're with them. It was happening now.

She sat down on the couch, visibly more relaxed than Stella but her stomach was in knots. She didn't know what to say or how to act with the girl. She was trying to act 'chill' as she folded her legs beneath her and raised her glass to the girl as if tipping her hat. She closed her eyes and leaned back. "Oh, it's not problem at all, about the staying. I've been lonely... um...since he left and well, you know, it would be fun, Like a sleep over even though I don't really know you. that could be the premise, getting to know each other." Apparently, when she was nervous, Billie spoke a lot, well this was a known fact but she hadn't spoken to anyone in a while, or blatantly lie to them, that it was making her mouth spill out more than it needed to. "If you stay..."

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Melancholist | 1028 comments "Ah, that's rather convenient. Lucky as well." She said when the ginger ale was located. Stella tried and succeeded in keeping her feet from swinging in the chair, therefore avoiding looking like a little kid. She was just a spazz undercover, really. She didn't like for people to know though. It was one thing to remain confident when you were being judged by your mask, but it was another thing entirely when you were being judged by your real face.

Stella focused intensely at not blushing when Bobbie said she was beautiful. She didn't want to drop hints that she was pansexual. What if she was one of those people who was grossed out by it, like if she was sleeping over and Bobbie always felt the need to look over her shoulder to make sure she wouldn't 'make a move on her'? This girl seemed so accepting, but Stella was paranoid about these things. She wasn't going to ruin this opportunity; no one had been willing to sit down and talk to her much since...she didn't remember when, besides with meeting Billy. "Why, thank you. Ditto."

She saw that Bobbie raised her glass and lightly did the same, taking a sip. She tried to focus on the burn of the fizz more than Bobbie's face. It was hard because her eyes were closed like that, the lighting perfect to bring out her tan skin, and she was leaning back, no, noooo! It didn't matter. It didn't matter that Bobbie was cute when she was nervous. She had to proceed with caution with this stranger, even if she didn't feel like a stranger. Plus, she had the self-discipline to focus on something else. So she did, she really did avoid staring and focused (with great difficulty) on the soda. Just me, myself, ginger ale, and-

In spite of herself, at Bobbie's words about staying, Stella clasped her hands together. She let herself smile very slightly, breaking up her chronic bitch face she accidentally wore much of the time when she was deep in thought. "Okay!" Ahhh, too excited Stella, too excited. She thought, tipping her chin up. She took another sip of ginger ale to gather herself. "I mean, I've never had a sleepover with anyone. It-it should be fun." She'd shifted to a dignified and restrained voice, but if you really looked, her eyes were brighter than before.

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Wawa Billie bit her lip as she heard Stella’s reply to her compliment. She only complimented you back, don’t crazy. The voice in her head was right. There was no need for Billie to take that compliment and completely over exaggerate its contents as something more than they were; a polite response to her own compliment. She took another large gulp of her drink to calm herself down. She loved ginger ale, that’s why she had so many of them lined up in her fridge.

She lay with her eyes closed drinking quietly waiting for Stella’s reply when the girl cried out happily causing Billie’s heart rate to rise, a little more than what was already going on. She turned wide surprised eyes at Stella noticing the gleam in her eyes and smiling to herself. “Never had a sleepover huh?” she asked with a tilted smile and a raised eyebrow. She didn’t know this about Stella. She knew the girl didn’t have lots of close friendships but at least even one of the friends she had had could have invited her to a party. It was like a rite of passage. Even Billie’s one and only sleepover, albeit a disaster, had been one of the most educating nights of her life.

Billie set her glass on the table and turned her full body around to face Stella whose enthusiasm had gotten her exited too. She looked at the pretty girl with a grin so wide; it would probably break her face open. “We are going to have the best sleepover ever. First, we’re going to get into our pyjamas. Then we’ll order a pizza or two or something else if you don’t want that.” she swallowed. She was getting nervous again. The thought of Stella in her pyjamas scared her a little. “Then we can play board games, watch a movie, eat pop corn and basically stay up till dawn.” She grinned at the girl. “Full disclosure, no one actually sleeps at a sleepover.” She laughed softly and looked at Stella waiting for her response.

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Melancholist | 1028 comments Stella weighed what Bobbie said in her mind. Normally, when she thought of sleepovers, her mind conjured black nail polish in her mascara, terrifying truth or dare, less than harmless pranks. Sleepovers translated to 'let's harass Stella!' time. Why? Because her older sister had mildly tried to sabotage her childhood by performing semi-practical jokes on her with friends when they stayed over for the night. But that was just the way the world was, wasn't it? It's what older sisters were supposed to do.

But even with Stella's colossal paranoia, this offer from Bobbie felt very different. Her smile had been too bright to be feigned, and her uncensored enthusiasm was something she had to fight to not find contagious. Sure, she sensed deceit in other ways with Bobbie, but it seemed true that the girl did not deem her presence to be two-faced or cold. What a plot twist that was!

Her jet lag was starting to be cured by the ginger ale. "Sounds swell," Stella said as she stood quietly, probably one of the last teenagers to use 'swell' on a regular basis. She hadn't done something simply for the fun of it in a while. Stella's typical philosphy: progress in life > fun in life. But this fun was progress too. 'Have a real sleepover' had been on her bucket list for years now (and yes, she is one of those lame people who has an actual bucket list she wrote and keeps with her).

She started to glide over to her suitcase, straining yet careful to not look at Bobbie too long while walking; Stella just knew she'd be unlucky and trip/face-plant if she wasn't paying attention to where she was going. It'd happened on several different occasions. "There are simply too many things to achieve in the world to merely sleep all the time, after all." She declared, as she started to unzip her suitcase and get out her pajamas. This day wasn't going as planned, but it was a possibility day, and she was determined to bring out its potential to be good.

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Wawa Swell? Billie smiled when she heard the word leave Stella’s mouth. She found it a strange word to use but quite endearing, especially in Stella’s accent. It made her stomach jump a bit and reiterated her initial thoughts; that she really liked this girl. Suddenly, the sleepover held a lot of weight. Sure, Stella had come to see ‘Billy’ but what if along the way she began to see the qualities in Bobbie that she liked about Billy. Maybe then, maybe then she would get to tell the girl the truth. She would use this sleepover to get Stella to see her for her and then tell her the truth. If not, then at least she would find out if Stella even liked girls. She wanted a yes so badly for that answer, but she would accept a no, reluctantly of course.

She watched Stella carefully as she made her way to her suitcase. As the girl manoeuvred around looking cute as hell in that dress, she tried not to check her out too much. She had to remain neutral. She was only showing Stella how fun sleepovers could be, albeit with ulterior motives but she was determined not to spook the girl by being creepy. She averted her eyes for a second as the girl brought out her pyjamas as she listened to the girl agree with her about sleeping.

She jumped to her feet. “Okay!” she said excitedly and crossed the living room to the girl’s suitcase. “I’ll help take this to where you’ll be staying but tonight we’re sleeping Billy’s room. Once we actually sleep. It’s how these things go. The bed is big enough, but I’ll sleep on the floor if you want me to.” she zipped up the girl’s bag and dragged it to the first bedroom on her right. It was technically the guest room but it rarely got used. She didn’t get many visitors here. She left the room and went back to Stella. She took the girl’s free hand and pulled her forward. “Come and see the bedroom.” She said gaily.

She took the girl to her room, or for now, Billy’s bedroom. She’d dumped the clothes thankfully in the closet and now they were just staring at an unmade bed. Her white comforter looked scary and she let go of the girl and hurriedly made it. She flapped and laid down the comforter, straightening out the sheets along the way. Apart from that her room was pretty nice. She had a metal frame bed, a large window that let in a lot of light and she had wooden floors with a plush carpet at the foot of her bed. Her colour theme was white for some reason. She turned back to Stella and smiled. "It's simple." She hoped the girl didn’t think it was too girly a room, especially for a boy.

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Melancholist | 1028 comments ((What the...? I wrote a response to this, I swear, on November 27th. Good thing I checked this. It somehow didn't get posted without my knowledge. Ah, I don't remember what I put! *shakes head at GR* I'll get it done after rivals, which may or may not be today. My break is almost over, and my relatives are going back to FL finally, so I should be back to normal soon.))

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Wawa ||Haha. It’s okay. I can deal. I’m a patient girl.||

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Melancholist | 1028 comments ((thank goodness, considering the way this is going. I'll get it done for sure tomorrow. Today I had a really long doctor appointment, and need to catch up on some homework for now. *sniffles* ))

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Melancholist | 1028 comments Stella nodded in silent appreciation of Bobbie helping her with her bag. A smile pulled at her lipsticked mouth as she worked to remain quizzical, following with her bundle of clothes. Teenage apathy had never infected Bobbie, apparently. There was something endearing about that, in a way. She didn't try too hard, just like...

Stella’s thoughts were interrupted when Bobbie took her free hand, like a couple plugs in her brain had gotten unplugged, so she couldn’t hear her thoughts. She really wished that’d stop happening. This was supposed to happen just wasn’t supposed to happen to her! Her life story could not be, ‘Once upon a time, I wasn’t rattled by anyone ever, until I met my best friend’s sibling, who actually could never be rattled in the same way because she’s likely a heterosexual female’. That’d just be unacceptable. It could not be this way, especially not with someone she just- Is she staring at me? Her thoughts interrupted, almost but not quite hopeful. She wasn’t a person that veered toward being desperate. LIKE IT’D MATTER, STELLA! Her logical conscious yelled at her back.

It did not go unnoticed that Bobbie paused before saying it was Billy's room. It also did not go unnoticed that the room wasn't entirely what she'd expect Billy's room to be like. However, she let it slide, more because it'd ruin her plan to make this a good day if she started to question things than anything else. Once she had a goal in mind, you couldn't shake Stella from it, not for all the logic in the world. It was probably the most dangerous thing about her. And the room still could fit him if she allowed herself to think so; Billy had never seemed so excessive and extravagant compared to her. Like the room, he was simple, in a good way.

“This will work perfectly fine, Bobbie.” Stella promised for the room. Standing on the plush rug, which felt profoundly more comfortable than her prior shoes, she looked at the bed, now made. “And there is no need for you to sleep on the floor, it’s quite alright.” She said sincerely because of her recent mission, Don’t-Be-An-Entitled-Bitch, plus even she found it unreasonable to kick someone out of their own bed after giving her a place to stay. It took her about five seconds to realize that might backfire though. All night, she’d be laying next to this stunning individual, and even though she could manage, it made her other mission, Don’t-Seem-Gay, that much more difficult. But she’d succeeded for years, so she could do this, right?

Yes, pft, easy as pie. I suppose I should stick with saying things straight girls would say without question. Stella strategized. "So, should we change?”

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Wawa Billie waited patiently for Stella to take in the room. She almost heaved out the loudest sigh of relief when she saw that Stella suspected nothing. The girl even appreciated the lay out and she didn’t have to sleep on the floor. All those were positive things that made Billie’s chest swell. She glanced briefly at Stella’s toes on the carpet and couldn’t help grinning. Her feet even looked cute. It wasn’t fair, not at all.

Tearing her attention away from the girl’s feet Billie smiled softly at Stella’s question. “Hmm...?” she asked at first. She wasn’t sure what she meant when... “Oh, oh! Yes. Yes. Pyjama sleepover right!” She had been so distracted she had almost forgotten. “Right. You can use the bathroom if you’d like.” She said softly. She pointed at a door opposite the foot of her bed and then walked to her chest of drawers and removed her own pyjamas. They probably weren’t as fancy as the Stella’s were. She’d bought the top and bottom at different places and somehow they had become her pyjamas. She felt suddenly embarrassed by them and she wondered if she could jet out and get a matching pair. Oh my gosh! Stop being silly. She won’t care. She doesn’t even like girls. But she’s it won’t matter. You know her, remember, you know her and she has a kind non judgemental heart.

Billie smiled lightly at Stella. “So,” she felt her eyes going to the floor and thanking her lucky stars that she couldn’t blush, she let out a soft sigh. Her heart was pounding and she wanted to get into her closet and hide. Except there was a pile of unfolded clothes there so that really wouldn’t work. “I think we’re going to have a great time!” she said with a large smile trying to sound positive. Great, make her think you’re creepy. That will solidify things

Billie shook her head gently. “Sorry, I’m being weird. I haven’t had another girl over in a while.” She shrugged. “But I’m glad you agreed to stay. It’s been a lonely few weeks,” she said. Try months, but that’s unimportant. “I just want you to have a good time while Billy is not here.” She said smiling gently. “Do you want to use the bathroom or just do it here?” she asked. “Dressing!” she added in a panic. “I mean do you want to just dress here?” oh no! She really hoped the girl had not noticed the unintentional sexual innuendo. What was this girl doing to her sensibility? If she had ever thought meeting Stella would have been that terrifying, it was actually ten times worse.

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Melancholist | 1028 comments ((Ah, another long one, I'm on a roll haha. Same deal as always, just write what comes to you. I did this one a bit quicker than usual, yay!))

Stella watched as Bobbie seemed to flit from one topic to the next. She had the weirdest wish for this girl to feel confident. She should be confident. She somehow felt like the girl deserved it. There was nothing wrong with her...well, except some suspicions about her identity that Stella harbored on the inside, which threatened everything. But psh, let's not make mountains out of molehills. It was weird for the Brit because if she was honest, she wasn't always instantly compassionate toward others.

Stella looked at her for a moment, with an expression that showed the gears were moving in her head, analyzing. Weird? Lonely? "Do not worry, we aren't all that different, you'll see." She said this matter-of-factly yet lightly, almost positively.

And spoiler alert: she noticed the innuendo. Stella had been walking over to a different part of the room to look at one of the paintings, and she almost fell down mid-step. But she was pretty sure seeing the innuendo might seem more like a pansexual move, so she reeled to try to have no reaction. Despite Bobbie's nerves, Stella only wondered for a millisecond if the girl knew she'd even used one, and if the slip up might mean something. No! I am not going down the wishful thinking road! She scolded herself. It just wouldn't be like Stella to do so. She would take it in stride.

"Sure, changing in here is no trouble." She nodded business-like, saying this as if it was something that happened to her every day. Inside her mind: Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! Okay, Stella! All you need to achieve is not being creepy, and not staring, while simultaneously appearing casual and un-tense. That's your one mission in life right now! That was sort of impossible, because Stella just wasn't casual or un-tense ever. Still, she was determine to succeed. It's not like she was sleazy. This should be simple enough...hopefully.

She almost simply dumped her pajamas on the floor, being focused, but then remembered her dignity and caution, so she knelt down properly and put them lightly on the ground. She turned away from Bobbie gently, because, well, it'd be rather odd to undress directly facing her, would it not? Stella started with the straps of her dress, sliding them off her shoulders. But then came the problem: her zipper for the back part was stuck.

Stella felt mildly like she wanted to throw something. She got cranky when there were hitches in her plans, never being best at going with the flow. Stella had only one option: she had to ask Bobby for help her unzip it. If not, she'd definitely fall down and make a fool of herself. I swear on a million lifetimes, I am not trying to manipulate the situation! Stella promised truthfully, again to her logical conscious. She rocked slightly on the balls of her feet, only turning slightly. She couldn't face her full on, because how could she know for sure if it'd seem like she was checking her out or not? How could she be sure that she wouldn't check Bobbie out by accident?

"Sorry...Can you help me get this undone? I can't reach." She explained to Bobbie fairly awkwardly, keeping the edge of internal-frusteration-at-her-lack-of-luck entirely out of her voice, because right now, she was Stella Bryant: heterosexual female.

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Wawa ||No problemo||

We aren’t all that different, you’ll see. Billie found herself lingering on this one statement as she watched the girl move around her room. She felt herself taking in a sharp breath, hoping that there was nothing accusing there that would cause her identity to be revealed but it didn’t look like she had left anything out there. She let out the breath she had been holding then went back to that statement.

Stella had told her enough. She didn’t have that many friends but surely she wasn’t in the same situation as Billie. She had money, she had her family. Billie was virtually alone with books as company. She assumed that maybe the girl was somehow happier even though her letters often said she wasn’t, Billie had always assumed it was just a way of her to show that they could relate even if the circumstances were different. In other words, she thought that Stella was pretending to be weird and lonely just so that she could relate to Billie. Well, that didn’t seem to add up. She wouldn’t have come all the way here if she would have enjoyed spending quality family time. Maybe there was no quality to this time.

Thankfully though, she noticed that Stella hadn’t paid any attention to the innuendo. It had probably passed over her head although for a moment there it seemed like she might fall. Maybe there was a loose part of the panelling on the floor. She made a mental not to check it later. Why would she expect the girl to even care? Billie was busy saying awkward things while Stella behaved composed and sure. She had probably come to the conclusion that Billie or Bobbie to her, was just a weirdo half-sister to her better more liked best friend Billy.

Speaking of Billy, they had barely spoken about him and Billie was curious to know how Stella felt about him. Maybe she liked him beyond what parameters she had set for herself. Perhaps by revealing her identity, Stella would come to see her as Billie and not Billy and...well this was all getting confusing. The point was she hoped Stella would like her personality and not her body parts.

Billie’s eyes widened when Stella agreed to change in the room. She turned away quickly, not noticing how awkwardly Stella lowered her clothes to the floor and turned away from Billie. Instead, she fixed her eyes on the door and walked over to it. Closing it was unnecessary but she did anyway just to find something to do with her hands as they had started shaking.

When the door shut, the sound of Stella’s voice floated toward her. Her heart jumped when she turned around nad found the girl kneeling on the ground and gesturing to the back of her dress. She needed a whole lot of seconds to process what was happening. She had missed the slow gentle pull of Stella’s zipper to reveal the creamy skin on her back. She had a sudden intake of sharp breath, as she tried to make a sound to answer Stella’s question. ‘Mmhmm...’ was all she managed in the end.

Billie took the necessary unsure steps towards the girl. She gulped and knelt behind Stella holding her breath, her heart beating fast and her fingers tingling. Even though she wasn’t going to touch her, she’d be so close. She took a hold of the zipper, raised it and then lowered it again, taking her time as the silence settled in the room. You’re straight, you’re straight... she chanted gently just to keep her mind in the moment and not actually where it wanted to be. When she was done, zipper open, back of the bra revealed, fingers itching to touch her, she sighed softly her breath hitting Stella’s back. She tapped the girl’s waist gently and smiled. “All done,” she said in a near whisper but probably because her throat was clogged. She cleared it and stood up and walked to the other side of the room. “Right, I’ll start getting ready too.” She started to shrug off her sweater her back to Stella and her face caked with heat.

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Melancholist | 1028 comments Stella vaguely wondered if her be-polite plan made it seem like she was trying too hard. She was taught to be something that she had to work very hard to be, so it was only natural. Her upbringing was...distant, strained, but fair. There was this suffocating silence in her home, because there was all these heavy secrets everyone in her family knew about but never mentioned, and sometimes it just made her want to- ...But it was quite alright, truly. She was also privileged, and she was allowed to do what she wanted, and she had a say in where her life went. She had choices. With all the odds in her favor, she entirely refused to mess up. The only thing she was up against was herself, and what a pathetic battle that'd be if she lost, don't you think?

Stella's eyes wandered to a stack of books in Billy's room. Well he has always been big on books. She noted with a light smile, which was sort of an understatement. She appreciated his bookish ways, even if she didn't understand them. The only thing she could relate to was that the smell of old books was so...'delightfully knowledge scented' as she might put it, but she'd never been great with words and understanding them. She was only a visual learner. Going with that subject, Stella wondered if she could piece together some of the similarities between Billy and Bobbie. She had some questions for the girl. Maybe I'll ask over pizza...?

Her plotting was cut short by the warm breath tickling her back, contrasted by just barely feeling Bobbie's fingers. She'd been really scared there for a moment. The girl had paused for such a long time that she had been starting to fear that somehow this girl knew what she trying to keep from her, and was disgusted. But now that Bobbie was helping her, she stayed as frozen as her thoughts. Focus on the feeling of your feet on the floor, focus on the feeling of your feet on the floor... Stella kept telling herself once they started moving again. She was very thankful Bobbie never had to touch her neck, because if the girl felt the rate of her pulse, she might of been in trouble. No, scratch that, she definitely would of been. A faint, "O-okay," was all she could manage after Billie told her she was done and going to get ready.

Releasing a breath that she hadn't realized she was holding, Stella continued to get undressed. Being in such close proximity, in the end, wasn't what had made her so weak in the knees. It was how gentle Bobbie had been. She listened to her light footsteps. There was something that made her feel safe around her.

And maybe that was the biggest red flag she had thus far. There was no logic to tie to that feeling, no basis, no justification. She didn't know anything about Bobbie yet, not really. And she eager to learn... Did I just think that? Me? Eager to learn? G.T.S. She thought, which was an acronym she made up that was her equivalent to to 'lol': Giggles To Self. Ah, this day is so...different. She pulled up her pajama bottoms. She was horrid at categorizing her feelings, but today especially, Stella felt like she was in overdrive. Was she wide awake or tired? Hyper or deliriously sleepy? She hoped she was the first ones. One thing was for certain: this day was far from over.

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