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Corvus | 35 comments Name: Ashe Shenrodja
Aliases: A

Age: 16
Date of Birth: 3rd of Suns Dawn

Gender: Non-Binary(Female)
Sexuality: Aromantic

Affiliation: Whiterun
Rank: Thief

Race: Breton
Abilities/Powers: Resist Magic along with basic magic knowledge (flames) and she can conjure a very unstable flame atronarch.


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Description: Ashe has long, black hair and bright blue eyes. She has pale skin and freckles. Lots of freckles. She is roughly 5'3 and barley sizes up to any nords in skyrim. She is quiet, but not shy. She will kill you if it means getting money to last her the next day on the streets of the Whiterun.

Personality: Ashe has an ISTP personality type. She usually makes plan "in the moment" rather than planning ahead for something. She is quiet and speaks in a very soft, friendly voice but if you get her angry her voice immediately turns into the sound of all the twigs in the world snapping at once. Although she seems friendly she is always on the lookout for any hostile moves towards her.
Likes and Strengths: Being alone, the dark. She is an amazing climber and swimmer. She is also an amazing pick pocket.
Dislikes and Weaknesses: She hates when people steal from her (ironic right?) she doesnt like being out in the open. She is horrible with using swords, even short swords, along with maces and axes.

History: (This is just a glimpse into why she is homeless. Hope its enough) Ashe sat quietly in her mothers lap in one of the many alleyways of Whiterun. Snow, as usual, was falling on their heads and around them to the stone path. Her mother kissed her head and sighed, "Honey, give me on last big hug. I might be gone for a while okay? I have to go speak with the guards..." She whispered into Ashe's ear. "You be careful, now, okay?" Her mother murmured. Ashe turned around in her lap and pointed her small sapphire eyes into her mothers deep grey ones, "I wanna come with you!" She said with a wide, innocent smile. "Oh, honey, this is adult stuff. You can't come." Her mother sighed. Ashe stood up and nodded, "Yes, mama. I will wait here for you." Ashe said with a solemn nod. "Okay, sweetie." She said with a small laugh as she stood up, "You do that." She nodded. Ashe jumped forward and embrace her mothers hips in a deadlock hug. "Bye, mama." She whispered into her hip. "I will get foods to eat for when you come home." Her mother nodded and knelt down, kissing her cheek. "I promise I will come home soon." She lied. "Gotta bolt." She murmured as she stood up and left the alley. Ashe watched her leave and waited quietly. She waited quietly for ten years. Until she was sixteen. Then, news reached her that her mother had died in the dungeons of Whiterun. Ashe knew there was nothing she could do about it, just like a lot of things in her life, so she shrugged it into the recesses of her memory and carried on.

Ashe chose the path of thievery for two very different reasons. The first reason being, the only knowledge she has of anything is stealing to live and stealing to provide for herself and the younger generation. She never went to school nor did she ever receive any education from her mother. The second reason is that she could not possibly imagine making the trek to Riften simply to put herself into, from what she heard, an abusive orphanage.
Place of Birth: Whiterun
Relationships: Mother: Dead
Father: Unknown
No Siblings

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