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Kim (kimreadsthings) | 9 comments Mod
This is where thoughts and feelings on The Invasion go.

Natalie Well I thought that from these series that these books had already thrown us into an adventure of a lifetime. At the very beginning, the main characters have their lives turned upside down when they realized that their world was never how they though it was.

They meet a dying alien named Elfangor who warns them of another alien species that have infested some humans and plan to take over mankind called Yeerks. They control humans by entering into your brain, reading your memories and controlling you based on your memories. That's a very really scary discovery. So already, you have drama, suspense, and not to mention a horrible murder scene of an alien in front of a bunch of high schoolers.

I also like the fact that not everyone reacted the same way. Some kids immediately accepted their role as protectors of Earth from the Yeerks while some of them were hesitant with logical reasoning.

I though it was awesome.

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