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Jamesg For my Good Reads book I chose to read Bobby Orr My Story. Bobby Orr is my favorite character in the autobiography for many reasons. One reason why Bobby Orr is my favorite character is because there aren’t many characters in the novel and because I relate with him. I relate with him because we both are hockey players and grew up in a small town that loves hockey. We also both had the same dream growing up to play in the Nation Hockey League.
In the autobiography, Bobby Orr My Story, it starts with Bobby Orr when he is younger living in a town called Parry Sound and how he played hockey there until he turned 14. When Bobby Orr turned 14 he was signed with the Bruins. The Bruins assigned him to play for one of their minor teams called the Oshawa Generals. Bobby Orr played on the Generals for four years, then he got to play on the Boston Bruins. Bobby Orr played on the Boston Bruins from 1966-1976. For the next two years Bobby Orr played on the Chicago Black Hawks.
I would definitely recommend this book to a friend if they like sports or Boston legends. I would not recommend this to anyone if you don’t like sports. I would recommend this book because even if you don’t like hockey the way I do, you still get to know how one of the greatest hockey players got to become one of the greatest hockey players.

Patricia Loved Bobby Orr, My Story. It felt like a conversation with Bobby. It's obvious he is not a writer and it didn't matter. Very readable and down-home like. So glad I bought it!

Bonnie Matthews I totally agree with both of you! I got so excited when I saw that Bobby Orr wrote an autography, I had to get it! I dont normally buy hardcover books because of the cost, but this time I never thought twice. I read it and gave it to my sister. I loved reading it, it was like sitting down and talking to him. I just highly highly recommend it. I love Bobby Orr!!!

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