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Here announcements will be posted by mods.

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Here is the group set a thousand years in this world's future:


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All basic RP-able locations have been created. New locations may be requested on that topic.

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[Update on the rules]

I have added that no god-modding is permitted in this roleplay in reaction to what has occurred in the East Wing Corridors. Watching the thread and hearing from others (who shall remain anonymous), I have seen this to be a problem. If you want to do anything that causes damage lasting more than a couple minutes to another person's character, please ask the person first and respect his or her opinion.

So, examples of actions not allowed without explicit permission:

{1} crushing someone's hand
{2} impenetrable binding spells
{3} character killing
{4} throwing a character across the room


Major plot twists, such as a character going and murdering a bunch of people or attacking the Kingdom and the King or attacking the Ten, are not permitted without the express permission of the moderators.

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I’m sorry.

That’s the first thing I need to say. I can’t roleplay anymore. I honestly just can’t. I would like to start by saying that I’ve always been the type to throw myself into something, get obsessed with it, and let it take over my life. That’s what I’ve done with roleplay. But like everything else I’ve done it with, I just snapped back. For about a month now, I’ve felt my interest waning — not because of anything you’ve done. You’ve done nothing wrong. Hell, you’ve been awesome, and I couldn’t have asked for better people to roleplay with. No one could have stopped this. It’s the cycle of my being.

So I am sorry.

I am sorry that I can’t roleplay anymore. I just can’t do it anymore. I feel stressed doing this. I feel like butter spread across too much bread. And I just am not very interested in roleplaying period. So I need to stop.

Roleplaying when I’m not into it is fair to no one. It’s not fair that you’re roleplaying with someone who doesn’t want to be roleplaying, and it’s not good for me to be doing this when it stresses me out and I would rather by writing or reading or just spending time with my family.

So this is where I leave you.

On Friday, December the 26th, I will be deleting my GoodReads account, and these last posts I have written are my last. So I say it again:

I’m sorry.

Please don’t hate me.

If you wish to keep in contact with me, please, please PM me so we can figure out a way to keep in touch whether it be email or some other means.

With thanks to all of you for being so great and supportive,
Elvina “Elf” Drake

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I reserve the rights to what I have created in this roleplay -- the plot and the locations. The name Devon Cem Voclain also belongs to me. Thank you. All other characters and ideas may be reused elsewhere. My characters are free to be claimed.

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