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Ken (kensamcampo) Hi!

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We gonna use my idea?

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Ken (kensamcampo) sure, might as well copy, paste it here so we don't forget

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ok. 1 sec

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Ken (kensamcampo) k

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a rp were a group of people are sent to a island for vacation, and so on. one plays doubels and one tripels (I will)

dosent have to be advanced, so it can be 1 liners.
3 girls and 2 boys. all adults in early 20s.

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Ken (kensamcampo) I am okay with early twenties and which are you the triples or double?

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u do 2 girls.

Ill do 1 girl, 2 gys

Start charries. ill have mine in about 10 minuets

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Ken (kensamcampo) I do mine in about the same time, if not more or less. As for the format okay with doing:


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Girl A
[ Name ] Haylle Stul
[ Age ] 23
[ Apperance ] Tall, skinny and long blond hair.
[ Likes ] Boys, Bars, Night clubs
[ Dislikes ] Libarys, School (Collage) and espically other weomen
[ Other ] Party girl

Guy A
[ Name ] Marcos O.
[ Age ] 22
[ Apperance ] Tall, skinny and a little tan with black hair
[ Likes ] Computers, Techonegly, Girls and vidio games
[ Dislikes ] The flirty girls, Exciting places.
[ Other ] The nerdy guy

Guy B
[ Name ] Ryan W.
[ Age ] 21
[ Apperance ] Tall, muscular and tan.
[ Likes ] Girls, beaches, woking out
[ Dislikes ] Nerds, Techonogly
[ Other ] The douchbag

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Ken (kensamcampo) Name: Margarita Ortiz Sanchez "Rita"
Age: 22
Appearance: Short (5'1"), Skinny, athletic and long red hair
Likes: Boys, Late night parties (not as much as a party girl would), Cheerleading, Night Clubs (not as much as a party girl would), school (College), and libraries
Dislikes: Bars (her mother's mother was an alcoholic), nerds, and geeks
Carlos Sanchez Tapia (Paternal First Cousin, Senior in High School)
Rosella "Rosie" Ortiz Sanchez (Younger Sister)
Ellen Sanchez Hernandez (Mother)
Eugenio Ortiz Quintilla (Father)
Enrique Sanchez Hernandez (Paternal Uncle)
Claudia Quintanilla Tapia (Paternal Aunt by marriage)
Other: The Cheerleader, Girl B. Waits for the guy to make the first move, but will ask a guy to a school event. Doesn't care if she gets a boyfriend or not. She loves football and guys who are tall and know what they are doing. Margarita doesn't like horny girls, she doesn't really have an opinion on horny guys.
Name: Rosella Ortiz Sanchez "Rosie"
Age: 21
Appearance: Short (4'9"), Skinny, athletic and has short red hair
Likes: Nerds, going to Parties (but not as much as a Party Girl would) , beaches, Videogames, boys, Swimming and computers
Dislikes: bars (her mother's mother was an alcoholic), flirty guys, school (College), homework, and forests
Carlos (Paternal First Cousin, Senior in High School)
Margarita (Older Sister)
Claudia (Paternal Aunt by marriage)
Enrique (Paternal Uncle)
Eugenio (Father)
Ellen (Mother)
Other: The Swimmer, Girl C. Would never flirt with other girls and does not flirt with guys, but especially not guys who have girlfriends. Tends to wait for guys to make the first move. had a boyfriend but he didn't come on the vacation, but was dating him because of peer pressure. broke up with her boyfriend over a text and is now single. She doesn't care who takes what spot, she also loves football and spends most of her time taking pictures.

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Whos your main character?

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Ken (kensamcampo) Girl B. Wbu?

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Guy A

How advanced r u?

One liners or paragraphs?

message 15: by Ken (new)

Ken (kensamcampo) I do anything and everything, I have been rping for 3 years.

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i like to do fast and easy 1 liners. IS that okay?

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Ken (kensamcampo) That's ok, I get tired of typing large paragraphs at times anyway.

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ok. You wanna start, or should i?

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(Just the bigining. you can keep yours simple)

they were all in the big van, pulling up to the boat. Haylee had her hand on rayns crotch. "You know i like big boys. marcos looked at them. he rolled his eyes, taking his iphone. out. he saw 2 other people board the boat.

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(to late)

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Ken (kensamcampo) Margarita ignored Haylee's comment. Rosella ignored the comment and rolled her eyes at Haylee. The two sisters didn't say much.

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marcos sat down. he felt small. he sighed. He thought this was a 1 peson vacation. He didnt read every detail.

Haylee giggled "Maybe we can share a hut tonight" ryan nodded, and grabbed her boob, cuasing her to giggle

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Ken (kensamcampo) "Does she ever stop talking?" Margarita asked softly, to no one in particular. Rosella took out her iphone 6 and snapped pictures of the lake, not pointing it at any people and careful not to drop the iphone 6 in the lake.

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The boat shook a little,as they went over a wave. marocs stood up, as haylee kept talking. he put in his ear buds. they saw the island about 5 minuets later.

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Ken (kensamcampo) Margarita looked at the island, not listening to Haylee's comments. Rosella put her iphone 6 away in her bag. The two sisters looked at the island and then at the other people.

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marcos stood up. he was the tallest. haylee and ryan got their stuff, leaving. marcos and the 2 other girls were left there. marcos grabbed his back pack.

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Ken (kensamcampo) Margarita and Rosella grabbed their things and got off before the other guy. The two sisters had not decided if one would share a hut with a guy or not, let alone a girl who talks a lot and a guy who seemed to say nothing back to the girl but then again they would rather share a hut together and leave the others to their stuff.

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(There are 3 huts)

marcos sighed, walking into the forest. there were 3 huts. he looked at eveyone. haylee and ryan already called one. that left the 3 other people. marcos looked at them. He didnt know what to do. Share, or no?

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Ken (kensamcampo) (Should've specified that earlier)
Margarita said nothing. She was watching what her sister was doing.
"We could could share if you want" Rosella said to the other guy, then added, "I don't mind what you pick. I could end up sharing with my sister leaving either you or her to have a hut to them self. I Also don't mind if I have a hut to myself."

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(Sorry :( )

"Im fine with what ever" he said. He didnt care. Heck. He looked at her. She was cute. Very cute "We can share" he smiled at her.

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Ken (kensamcampo) Margarita put her stuff in the last hut, not even thinking about what was really going on right now.
"That's settled. We can have the one next to the first one, leaving the last one for my sister. She seems to not like the other girl hear. It isn't because of the talking though. Oh and don't even think of trying anything, I have a boyfriend, but he didn't come on this trip and besides, if you do try something I won't mind to be honest because I only started dating my boyfriend because of peer pressure. By the way, I don't think we ever said our names. I'm Rosella, but you may call me Rosie." Rosella said. She didn't really care what went on anyways, she would rather have a nerdy boyfriend or even a nerdy friend by the end of this trip. She didn't care at all, she would rather have something interesting happen than nothing happen.

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"Okay. im marcos. and dont worry. its not like m flirty anyway. im what you call... well... bad with weomen. so yeah"

So much for that...

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Ken (kensamcampo) Margarita sat in her hut, looking at some old pictures of her, her sister, and their cousin Carlos, while Rosella chatted with a guy.
"I'd be okay with having a friend whose bad with women, it would be a change from most of my friends. By the way, I swim a lot and my sister, Margarita is a cheerleader. What's with the other two? Are they like boyfriend-girlfriend or something?" Rosella said. She picked up her things and opened the second hut, putting her stuff in a place in the hut where it wouldn't be tripped on.

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"No. Their just horney" he followed after her. he looked at it, then saw the sleeping situation. 1 bed. there was also a couch "Ill take the couch" he said, putting his backpack on it. he took his laptop case out, and opened it, trying to connect to the wi-fi. He smiled, seeing there was free wi-fi. he connected.

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Ken (kensamcampo) Margarita got on the wifi and changed her profile picture to one of her and her sister.
Rosella said nothing for a while.
"I'm okay with that...." She responded as she took out her phone and texted her boyfriend that she couldn't take being with him anymore. She explained that she had only began dating him because of peer pressure. She finally wrote: We are done! And then she deleted his number from her phone and all pictures of her and him. She then changed her profile picture on Facebook to one of her, her cousin, and her sister. She then changed her facebook relationship status to single. That should teach my friends not to peer pressure me into dating someone... She thought to herself. I wonder what is going on with Carlos Margarita thought to herself, she hadn't texted her cousin or talked to him on facebook in a long time. The sisters waited to see what would happen.

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marcos looked at her, then went back to his game. It was a simple game... one called GTA V. he smiled, robbing a bank. he put his beats on

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Ken (kensamcampo) Margarita texted her cousin Carlos. Margarita was surprised that he was already a senior in high school, time really seemed to be flying by fast.
Rosella looked at Marcos, "It's hard to explain. I don't like breaking up with people over texts but lately let's just say things haven't been the same as they were with me and my boyfriend plus it was my friends idea for me to date him and I don't normally do things under peer pressure. So to teach my friends a little lesson about not doing that again I decided to break up with my boyfriend." Rosella put her phone away in her backpack and then went through her backpack and took out her pink laptop, she went on the wifi with her laptop and began playing Skyrim.

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he sighed. hes only dated 1 girl. they truely did love each other, but she died in a car crash. he paused his game "Ill be right back" he left the hut. he walked to the shore line, sitting on the edge. he took his shoes off, and let the water rinse his feet. he just store at the never ending horizon.

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Ken (kensamcampo) Margarita continued texting her cousin.
Rosella nodded and waited for him to come back, she played Skyrim on her laptop.

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he sat there for half a hour, just sitting there. he didnt know what to do any more. he came here to kill himself in privacy, but that wouldnt work. 4 other people were there. he sighed, felling the gun in his pocket. It was a all american .357 revolver. Small size.

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Ken (kensamcampo) Rosie continued playing Skyrim on her laptop while she waited for him to come back. In the third hut, Rita was texting her cousin.

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he sighed, as it got to get dark. he made his way back to the gut. he opened the door "Hey" he said.

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Ken (kensamcampo) "Hey. Sorry about earlier, it's just....my friends can be idiots at times." Rosie said, then added, "Maybe we should have dinner, before it gets too late in the night" In the last hut, Rita was preparing dinner for herself.

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"Shure" he sighed, looking for anything. he just got some crackers, snacking on them. he didnt want anything to do with any one here. then the gun fell out of his pocket.

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Ken (kensamcampo) "You might want to put that thing away, so we don't step on it." Rosie said, noticing the gun. She went through her backpack and found a TV dinner, warming that up for herself. Rita finished eating her dinner and then went to sleep in the third hut.

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he sighed, putting it in his backpack. he then went to sleep on the couch

a few hours later, she felt something move on her.

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Ken (kensamcampo) ((which her cause I have two girls))

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Ken (kensamcampo) (ok)

Rosie woke up, looking around the room, she didn't know what was going on. She didn't mind what was going on.
During that time, a noise was going on somewhere outside in the woods. Rita heard the noise from her hut and woke up.

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a crash was herd, as a racoon hissed at her.

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