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message 1: by Emily (new)

Emily VK | 2 comments Apologies if I'm not posting this in the right place. I've been curious if there is a forum (here or elsewhere) for posting questions about the historicity of plot points in (usually) Regencies. I'm sure I have a bit of an unusual interest in this, being an (American) trusts and estates lawyer, but because of that (as well as being a history major and lifelong history reader) I find myself often continuing to think about a plot point in books and wondering if it is correct, or what is behind it. My (unusual) interest is in things like inheritance laws, dower and marriage settlements, since I work on the modern day equivalents, but sometimes they concern other matters of historical plausibility. I'm not looking to quibble or nitpick (and I don't even worry about books that are clearly ahistorical) but I'd love to be able to post about something and have someone say "yes, that makes sense, and here's why" or "here's how that could have worked," or "no way, and here's why."

Would welcome any ideas. Thanks!

message 2: by Camy (new)

Camy (camytang) | 44 comments I wouldn't mind reading a forum like that but probably couldn't contribute. :P

message 3: by Emily (new)

Emily VK | 2 comments Yes that's sort of how I feel! Except that I think I might have some insight to the legal points, or might be able to figure them out. There seem to be so many places on the internet to talk about topics of interest but this one may not be there yet!

message 4: by Doreen (new)

Doreen | 3 comments I'd be interested too - maybe we should set up our own group. I've been reading Regencies for ahem a long time and have acquired a lot of useless information along the way. I'm an inveterate underliner and critic of unhistorical events and language. I've done some beta reading for writers in the genre, too.

I'm also writing my own Regency novels, so I'm going to be putting myself out there for other people to do the same to me.

message 5: by QNPoohBear (new)

QNPoohBear | 48 comments I read a lot of good blogs like Jane Austen's World, NineteenTeen and Two Nerdy Histoy Girls. I nitpick a lot of the plot points. Most of the older Regencies were written before access to the Internet made Regency history easier to research so you will undoubtedly find MANY unrealistic plot points. The whole genre as a whole is rather a fantasy anyway.

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