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These are located just above the nightclub itself. The walls are all black, and the lights are all white unlike those downstairs. Each person gets his or her own office.


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Kyveli rolled her pencil between her teeth as she stared, lost in thought, at a paper filled with numbers. She sighed and looked up at the clock on her wall.

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Kyveli rolled her eyes as she saw Arwin walk past. She glanced back down at her paper. She removed her pencil from between her teeth and tapped the end she'd bitten on her paper. She was working on how to take the most money without the loss in profits being noticeable.

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Kye pulled her papers to her chest and glanced up at him. She hoped he hadn't seen the equations and how they were working to give her more than her share of money. "My name's Kyveli."

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Kye had, in fact, already known his name just because she was the person who was supposed to figure out everyone's salaries, so she had not seen a need to ask. "It's a bit of a mouthful."

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"Kye, or if you feel like getting flayed because you tried to imitate my siblings, it's Veli," Kye glanced up at him, not showing any outward signs of joking. She blinked.

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"When you get your paycheck," Kye answered, standing up. She continued to clutch the papers.

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"Just sparing you a headache," Kye countered, "and the knowledge that your paycheck is the lowest here." That last bit was of course a lie.

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She sat back down at her desk and got back to work, occasionally glancing up at Arwin, who had less clothes on each time she looked.

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Kye raised an eyebrow and smiled. "Well, you were between me and my friend, the clock." She rolled her eyes. "It was alright, but I think I still prefer plays."

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"Yes," Kye said with a roll of her eyes as she quirked a brow. "Now, if I may question why you did not respond to my not-so-thickly veiled insult?" She smiled.

((Do you want for him to see her papers and realize that she's taking money, or do we want that later?))

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"Well," Kye said, tilting her head back slightly to stare at the ceiling, "sucks for you." She got up, and it only took a few seconds for her to trip over her own feet. Her papers went flying acrosss the room. Kye closed her eyes and bowed her head. "I can get that!" she exclaimed, reaching down to fetch the papers.

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"You're a friend of my useless brother's," Kye tried, but her voice was shaky and her face flushed. "How much trouble do you think he should have gotten in over the years? And Sharina, our sister?" She looked at the ground and backed away from Arwin slowly.

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She took a step back from him. Her hands were trembling, and she was almost panting. "He's never been as smart as I am," Kye said. "He's a troublemaker and done more than one thing that should have had him tortured and executed publicly." She looked down and took another couple steps back.

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She took another step back. "He won't ever get caught unless you give away this secret." With that, she turned and fled the room.

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((So, should we have them meet again elsewhere?))

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((Here, maybe? But have it later their time?))

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((Mine. Will post when I get home))

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A couple hours later, Kye came back to her office. She had felt utterly embarrassed and terrified when she fled her office earlier. Now, after not having seen Arwin for hours, she returned, feeling a little safer, though her hands were still trembling.

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Kye groaned aloud when she saw Arwin and made to leave the room. After the events of earlier, she was still rather shaken. She sucked in a deep breath as she realized she had left some important things on her desk -- her favorite pen, her pocket watch, and a necklace that had been in her family for centuries.

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Kye glared. "Nothing that concerns you." She slipped the necklace into her pocket before -- she hoped -- Arwin noticed. She was less careful with the watch and pen. She clipped the pen onto her glove and tried to place the watch into a different pocket.

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Kyveli shut her eyes and took a deep breath. Cracking her eyes open, she looked down at her file of finances that she carried beneath her arm. She considered just shoving it at Arwin and running, but she decided to wait at least a moment before doing so.

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((So do I))

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"Kye," she corrected almost automatically. She grimaced. She was always worried. She didn't live in a good neighborhood, had to steal from her work to keep her siblings out of gaol, and had to try to keep her siblings in a good place. And she worried she had a mental disorder on top of that. Not worrying was out of the question for her.

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Kye shook her head and crossed her arms. "What could you even help me with?" Sure, he was a friend of her brother, but he didn't really know her. Besides, what part of her situation could he even help her with? And would she even let him get dragged into her mess?

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"I can't just drag you into my mess!" Kye protested. She furrowed her brow and took a deep breath. "I can't. Look, I'm buried up to here," here she held up a hand to her chin, "in shit." She wrinkled her nose at the curse word. She hated cursing and made a point not to do it. The only reason she did it now was that she honestly had nothing else that she could call the mess she was in. "I can't do that to anyone."

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((Okay. =( ))

"Arwin," she said, looking up at him. "My life is hell. I am barely surviving it, and I don't know for how much longer. I don't want to drag someone down with me!" Her heart clenched. She needed the help, she really did. There was not much in her life that was good, and it seemed to be on a slippery slope down. She hated the idea of ruining someone else with her. She hated that she couldn't do this on her own. She nearly did say that she needed the help, but in the end, it was a mixture of her own pride and her own need to be noble that stopped her.

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"Just tea for me, thanks," Kyveli said with a sigh. "I don't drink alcohol." She smiled faintly as she made an attempt to pull her scattered nerves together. She knew that her levels of stress were not good for her and that her jitteriness would likely get her to reveal something she'd rather keep secret someday.

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"Alright, no harm in that, I suppose," Kye agreed with a shrug. She did not, however, take his hand. Whether she simply failed to notice or if she just felt uncomfortable taking his hand was anyone's guess, but she straightened the gloves she was to cover up the tattoos on her hands.

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Kye shrugged. "I suppose not. What tea is this?" She attempted a small smile, but even that somehow managed to look stressed. After a moment's hesitation, she followed him.

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"You're not sure if you hope that?" she asked, taking note of how the second sentence sounded a lot more like an inquiry than a sentence. "And yes, I do like green tea. It has good flavor." She rolled her eyes at him.

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Kyveli nodded. She had a love for precision that often blinded her to what people actually meant. "I do, thanks," she replied, smiling slightly. She took a sip from the tea and found it rather calming -- she always had.

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She closed her eyes as she took another sip. She could feel some of the tension in her nerves dissolving as she drank. It was a truly wonderful feeling for someone whose stress levels were dangerously high on a nearly constant basis.

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Kye shrugged. "Not much to tell really." That was, of course, a lie, but she wasn't known for giving away her secrets easily. Besides, she wasn't about to reveal her fears to someone she did not know well.

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