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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 151 comments Hello!

What genres do you prefer to do? I can try to come up with some ideas based off your preferences.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Hi :D

So, like you said, I don't like to do strictly romance either, but I do like it to still be in there, you know? Also, I normally do doubles so that things are fair, and also, I personally like having four total characters as opposed to two, but we can do either way if you don't like doubles.

As for specific genres, I like sci-fi/dystopian, fantasy, historical, and I'll also do modern times as long the plot is interesting... honestly I'll do anything except strictly romance, and I also don't care for supernatural...

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 151 comments Yes, I always love a romance plot interlaced with the actual plot, as long as it's not, like, the main main plot. I'm perfectly fine with doubles. I personally think that doubles makes everything fair, too.

I love doing dystopian and fantasy role-plays. :)

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Okay, so which one should we do? I personally prefer dystopian over fantasy, but you can pick :D

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 151 comments Dystopian? :)

Do you want an original plot or do you want to do one based off a dystopian book or movie like The Hunger Games or Divergent? I'm fine with either, but I would like to do an original one.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Yeah, I would prefer an original one too! So, I guess now we need a basic idea for one...hmmm...any ideas?

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 151 comments Maybe... um... an asteroid or an alien invasion wiped most of the earth's population and now there's only a relatively small community living?

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 151 comments Oh--I have this story idea that I wanted to write, but I can turn it into a role-play plot if you want:

The environment's collapsing. Quicker than anyone thought. Centuries of ignorance and unhealthy human activities has finally taken its toll on us—the humans of Earth. Lakes, rivers, oceans are drying up—we're running out of water. Poisonous and unhealthy gases fill the atmosphere—we're running out of oxygen. The Earth is no longer abundant for growing crops or raising animals—we're running out of food. Earth is changing quickly, and there's nothing we can do. The government is claiming all authority over the United States, same for the other countries of the world. They closed our borders, and are extreme with their punishments to trespassers—who are rare. There's nothing much we can do except hope that Mother Nature will be kind on us. But we all know that's not going to happen. The government tells us it's fine, that they have a large—but limited—supply of food and water, and that we would pull through the “hardships”, as they described. But we all know that supply is going to run out soon. Millions of people to feed throughout the entire nation; millions of people to care for. Children, women, men... There's even rumors the other countries are killing off their useless population—elders, other members of the older population—to limit the need for resources. Our own government speaks of slaughtering the sick to prevent possible epidemics or to lessen the amount of care and medication they would need to provide. Even if they don't have the courage to do this, other disasters have already claimed the lives of our population—large, unnatural earthquakes, holes opening up in the ground, volcanoes, sinkholes... The government says that we'll get through all of this, that this isn't unusual, that we'll be alive in the end. They say it's just Earth and Mother Nature fooling around. But we all know that isn't true. There is a day when all humans are gone, vanished from the surface of the Earth. No one left to be remembered... but we all thought that that would be very late in the future. That's not true. The truth is, we're killing ourselves, and we're killing ourselves now. All of this is because of us. This is the end. Oblivion—the inevitable. This is the story of how we all die.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Yeah! I like that :) So, what happens then? Like what's the conflict?

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 151 comments For the alien invasion/asteroid thing?

Well, maybe if the alien invasion wiped most of the earth out, then... Maybe the aliens or whatever are inhabiting the earth and the people alive are trying to take back the earth even though it's hopeless?

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Well yes, I like the alien invasion one, but I like the other one better :) I meant, what is the conflict within the conflict going to be of that makes any sense. Like... we know what is going on in the world, but what with our characters specifically is going to happen?

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 151 comments Oh, I thought you were talking about the alien invasion, not the environment collapse.

Well... I... don't know... XD I made that plot a long time ago, but I had so many other stories going on at once that I didn't have time to think about that one specifically... so I don't know.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Okay, well, we should probably decide which one we actually want to do for sure first XD It honesty doesn't matter to me.

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 151 comments Maybe the alien invasion idea? It's not as well thought out as the environment collapse one, but at least there's a conflict/problem in there. It'll take a while to think of a role the characters in the environment collapse would play.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Yeah, I agree :)

So, what if we were each one human and one alien then or do you want to be all humans for this?

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 151 comments The aliens would be the enemy because they took over the earth...? We could have ones that help the humans, though.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Yeah, I knew that they'd be enemies, but I thought that it would be cool to have some characters from the antagonists point of view. Nevermind, they can all be humans, it might work better that way :)

So, time to make characters then? Do you have a specific format that you use for them? And we are each one guy and one girl.

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 151 comments Oh.

I don't have a specific format for my 1x1 characters, but I usually only do their name, age, and appearance. I try not to spend time on them because they would develop over the course of the roleplay.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Yep! Same! I hate writing long characters! Okay, so, do you want to make yours first and then I'll make mine?

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 151 comments Could you make yours first?

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Sorry, I stink at coding pictures, so I just put links to their appearances. Also, I had no idea what age you wanted them to be, so we can always change it if you wanted them to be younger/older.

Name: Marina Lockhart
Age: 19
Appearance: http://pinterest.com/pin/538883911636...

Name: Chase Coleman
Age. 18
Appearance: http://pinterest.com/pin/502221795919...

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 151 comments Name: Camille Delacour
Age: 17
Appearance: http://www.thetvaddict.com/wp-content...

Name: Cameron Smith
Age: 18

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Cool :D So, since it was your idea, would you like to start things off? I have no idea where to...

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 151 comments Sorry! Um..... We can start with... er, maybe Camille is discussing how matters are worsening outside of the borders the people built to one of your characters?

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Sounds good :) You can go ahead and start that then. Maybe she is talking to Chase, and maybe they are friends and all, and then Marina shows up at their little town and none of them know her because she's been on the run trying to find a place to be safe from the aliens? And then Cameron... well he's your character so you can decide what happens to him XD

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 151 comments Okay :)

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 151 comments
"Chase!" Camille half whispered, half shouted for Chase to come over to her bunk bed, where she was sitting cross-legged. Her brown hair was in a messy side braid and she wore the same clothing issued to everyone in the cabins--a plain gray shirt with loose-fitting pants of the same color. Her shoes stood in a neat pile next to her bed, stained with mud and rain from outside. Things were getting worse. Everyone was getting relocated and new borders were being built due to the increasing amount of alien activity. The cabins weren't split between women and men anymore, and they both lived in the same cabin now. Which was why Chase was in Camille's cabin. There wasn't much room in the cabins, but it was enough to live in. There wasn't any other place that they could stay, anyway. 5000 people was an awful lot of people to care for and the only place they could stay was in the border.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Chase was laying on his bed, throwing a ball up at the ceiling and catching it when it came back down. "If you're going to update me on the terrible state that we're all in, I don't want to hear it," he muttered, sick of people being so hung up on the fact that they were most likely all going to die within the next year or so. He hated being stuck in this teeny little cabin with a bunch of people who were mostly strangers, but he didn't really have any other choice. Chase also knew that he didn't have much choice in whether or not he went to Camille when she called him. The last thing he needed was for her to be mad at him. Catching the ball one last time he got out of his bed and sat down next to her on her own. "What?" he asked.

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 151 comments

Camille rolled her large, emerald green eyes for a few seconds before saying: "I know you don't care about the... less than pleasant situation we're in...." her voice went down to a soft whisper as she saw that a few other people in the cabin was turning their heads curiously towards her. It wasn't her fault, but she tended to be a little... loud, sometimes. "But you know, I heard that the last scouting group sent out last week is dead. The entire group," her tone turned dead serious. Scouting groups were a randomly selected group of 40 or so men (sometimes women) to go out and scavenge as many useful things or supplies as they can. It was how the small civilization of only 5000 survived for so long after the alien invasions. The expeditions weren't always safe, but the chosen people had no choice: They had to, anyway, or they would be dead. Usually, there are no casualties--or a few like one or two--on these scouting trips, except for this one when all 47 men were killed. "And alien activity around the borders have increased. Some of the guards reported a break in the border walls, and they found one of those... aliens trying to get through the wall." The word alien felt strange on Camille's tongue since she had addressed the as "things" for the past couple weeks. "They're rebuilding the borders, and that's the reason why. They're not telling us because they don't need us to panic..." Camille's voice faltered slightly when she said the next few words: "They think that we're not going to survive this."

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight Chase felt a sinking feeling in his stomach when she said that each and every member of the group had been killed, or at least that's what she thought. He wondered where she was getting this information from, since she wasn't an government official or anything, but he decided not to bother asking and simply trust her. "It isn't like we just sent those people out into the wilderness," he said after a silence, "They were armed...if those things slaughtered every one of them...." He stopped his sentence, simply thinking about how many aliens there must have been to wipe out so many people. They had to be getting more powerful, and that truly scared Chase, even though he'd never admit it if he was asked. He sighed, trying to forget about what she'd just told him. "We all know that we're going to die Camille," he said after another long silence, "I guess we just all anticipate that we'll survive longer than we actually do..." He stood up from the bed, not wanting to talk about this anymore. Instead, he wanted to see firsthand if she was right. "Come on. I'm going out to look at the rebuilding that they are doing," he told her, gesturing for her to come.

((Hello :D So, I was thinking that Marina would show up when they go outside, since she was going I be the one person who survived from that group. So, how is Cameron fitting into this?))

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 151 comments ((Maybe Cameron encounters two or three aliens trying to break into the border and runs to warn everyone a few minutes after Marina shows up?))

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 151 comments
Camille bit the inside of her mouth in disappointment. She was expecting Chase to at least have a conversation with her about all of these events. But nope. Although she had to admit that talking about their future wasn't exactly a subject that everyone liked to discuss. And she could tell that Chase was a bit skeptical about her sources. But it's not like any of her information had been wrong in the past. She was almost always right with everything. "One second!" she said to Chase, reaching for her standard-issued gray jacket and pulling it on quickly, partially messing up her braided hair. It would be chilly outside. At least to her--she wasn't used to coldness and used to live in the hot state of California before... well, before everything.

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ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight ((It's okay, it happens sometimes :) ))

Chase didn't even bother with his jacket, not minding the cold. He'd grown up in Chicago, he could take the cold pretty well. Besides, he was on a mission now. He had to see for himself if Camille was right, and he was going to do that by witnessing for himself the rebuilding of the wall. He hasn't thought that the all needed rebuilding, but then again, he spent most of his time indoors, hiding from the world. Chase was kind of depressed all of the time, and who could blame him? Living in a world like this where death is inevitable did that to a person over time. Sure enough, he saw the workers feverishly working on rebuilding the wall and his eyes widened. "You're right. They think that those things are going to come and attack us, just like they did to the scouting group," he said. Suddenly, he saw something, a person, running very fast towards the city, if you could even call it a city anymore. "Do you see that?" he asked Camille, pointing to the figure, "I think it's a women...."

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Camille shivered as a cold air blasted straight into her face, turning her cheeks to a bright pink. She rubbed her shoulders and zipped her jacket up as another wind whipped into her. Of course, it didn't bother Chase because he used to live in a city that was cold all the time. On the other hand, her old life consisted of beaches, sunshine, and pools. She was overwhelmed with nostalgia at this thought. She missed her old home and her friends and her family and everything so much. There was no way she would ever get them back, though. They were all gone. Forever. For all she knew, California could have been knocked off the map forever. There was no telling what the aliens did. She pushed these thoughts away and focused on the present. "I told you," she said, rolling her eyes again. "When am I ever wrong?" She barely had any time to say anything else when Chase pointed out a woman running rapidly towards them. Her eyes widened in fear even though she knew it wasn't an alien.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight "What is she doing out there? She's going to et herself killed!" Chase exclaimed, amazed that someone could be so stupid to ever leave the city if they weren't assigned to do so. He watched as the women got closer and closer, seeing now that she couldn't be much older than him. Probably only a year, making her around nineteen. She had on the standard grey clothing from their city, so he knew that she much have come from there originally. Chase also saw that she had a large gun strapped across her chest that she was holding as she ran. "She must be insane..." he said, thinking aloud.

Marina ran as fast as she could, knowing that she had to get back to the town before the aliens found her. They'd killed everyone else in her group, but she'd fought them off and saved herself. She had been the only women in the entire group of men, picked because of her superior skills with weapons. She hasn't been trained before the invasion, her skills had just come naturally. After what seemed like forever, she made it to the city and she jumped, quickly scaling the wall and climbing down into the ground on the other side. She saw two people looking at her, a guy and a girl and she looked back at them, breathing heavily to catch her breath after running so long.

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 151 comments


Camille gasped at the sight of the woman--who looked to be around nineteen or maybe twenty. She was young and she originated in the city, judging from her clothing and her weapons. She glanced over at Chase to see how he was reacting, but he was still staring at the running woman. Finally, the woman reached the borders, a look of panic across her face. Was... was something chasing her? Fear dawned on Camille when she realized that the woman was wearing a special uniform. There weren't many differences between special uniforms and the standard uniforms, and you couldn't tell the difference unless you were close. The special uniforms were issued to scouters, or the people sent on the mission scouts. Not possible. The last scouting group was the one that got wiped out and all the other ones had returned after the news of what happened to the slaughtered group. There weren't any people missing from the other scouting groups either. Did this mean... No, Camille refused to believe it. This couldn't be true. She glanced over at Chase again to see how he was processing all this. Surely, by now he would've seen that the woman was wearing the scouts uniform.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight { Marina }

She looked between the two people, knowing that she should probably say something to explain herself, since they'd both just seen her running for her life and then scaling the fence, but no words came to mind. Everything she'd seen and done in the past few days made thinking of something to say rather difficult. Finally, she said, "I' m the last one. All of the men were killed by hostile alien forces." She just assumed that they noticed her scouting uniform, and didn't even think to expand on what she said, for she thought that it was quite clear. "I need to speak with someone in charge, now," she said, her voice firm. Even thought she'd seen terrible and violent things occur to those men, she pushed those thoughts and those faces and those screams from her mind, knowing that if she didn't, they would destroy her and that was the last thing that she wanted to happen. Marina was strong and she refused to break. Most times she pushed back her emotions to the point where she forgot that she even had them.

{ Chase }

He couldn't believe everything that he was seeing and hearing. This women had obviously been a part of the group of scouts who had all been supposedly murdered by aliens, which meant that she must have fought them all off single handledly in order to save herself. Chase looked at the large gun that she was carrying and knew that she must have been through so much, watching everyone around her die, then running for her life to get back here without being killed herself. She didn't even seem fazed, even though watch she had done should have been impossible to accomplish, and even if that didn't faze her, seeing so much death should. But nope. She wanted to talk to an official right away, she didn't want to take a moment for herself. Chase wondered who this women was and how she could possibly be this strong. "I think that the city's officials are all in a meeting now," he told her, not bothering on asking if she was okay or if she needed anything because it was clear that she wasn't wanting pity.

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 151 comments ((Would you like me to bring Cameron in?))

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{ Camille }

Camille glanced from Chase to the woman who claimed to be from the last scouting party--the one that was completely wiped out. She noticed the woman's uniform for a while, but she never considered the possibility that she was in the last scouting party. Her mind skimmed over that idea for a flitting moment, but she didn't give it much thought. It made no sense. The scouting group was completely obliterated, so the woman couldn't possibly be from it. Camille didn't even recall a woman being sent on the last party. She nodded slowly as the woman tried to explain what happened to her and tried to act sympathetic even though Chase showed no pity. It seemed polite to do so, even if the woman didn't welcome it. She obviously was a very strong woman to fight off all the aliens by herself. "The officials are in a meeting," Camille said after trying to find her voice. "They're meeting about the rebuilding of the borders... and the increase of alien activity."


{ Cameron }

Cameron leaped across the dead brown grass, towards the city. He didn't want to look behind him; he was too afraid that he would come face to face with one of those... things again. He couldn't waste time either--he had to warn the city officials and the rest of the city's population. At least then, they would some advantage against the aliens. They might not be able to fight them off, but they would at least know the aliens were coming.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight {Marina}

She sighed, not exactly happy with that answer. She needed to alert someone in charge of what had happened, not just random citizens. "Alright well..." she started to say, then winced, feeling a sharp pain in her side. During the fighting she'd been shot, but hadn't ever had a chance to treat it because she hadn't had proper materials with her. Marina gently put her hand over the spot that was injured, even though she knew that it wouldn't stop the pain that came and went in waves. "Alright, well, I guess I'll just have to wait until they finish then," she said, trying again. Her face showed no sign that she was in pain because she was able to hide it well, but if one were to look into her eyes hard enough, they'd see pain clearly there.


He frowned when she winced suddenly and held her side. Clearly she was injured, but for some reason didn't seem to care about it too much. "You're sure you're alright?" he asked her, even though he knew that she would probably insist that she was perfectly fine, or that it was nothing when it clearly wasn't. Chase wasn't the kind of person to instruct her to go and get medical treatment though. He never instructed anyone to do anything. Chase wasn't exactly the leader type and thought that most of the time people should be able to fend for themselves.

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{ Camille }

Camille noticed the woman's injury immediately and reached forward to assist her in some way, but it turned a little awkward when the woman seemed to draw back. "I can treat you, but you have to speak with the council directly afterwards." I averted my gaze to the ground and said in a quieter tone: "You'll have to tell them what happened with the scouting group. They're going to need to know everything, okay?" I stared at her after building up enough courage to look directly in her eyes. Truth was, Camille was absolutely terrified for some unknown reason. She was terrified of the woman... and something else she couldn't quite place. Camille sighed after a few seconds of thinking and looked at the woman again, as if expecting an answer. She thought that it would be better if the woman let her help her. If she took her to the infirmary, it would take ages for her to get help. There were more patients there than medical helpers and there were only so many patients that one person could help. And there were many people with injuries that were ten times more serious than the woman's. Also, if the woman told them her story, they would immediately bring her to the council, regardless of her health.


{ Cameron }

"Run! Run!" A frantic screaming brought Camille's attention towards Cameron, the boy who was running rapidly towards the city. "They're coming!" At first, his words were a bit incoherent due to the loud, whipping winds, but his words grew clearer as he neared the new borders. "They broke through the original borders!" Cameron repeated the same phrases over and over as loud as he can, ignoring the burning in his lungs and throat. He barely had any time to stop and breathe, and using his oxygen up for screaming didn't help the cause very much. But he didn't have much of a choice. He hoped that the people near the new borders would hear him--they had to hear him, or else they would die. They shouldn't be confused, either. They all knew what he was referring to when he said they. There was only one other "they" left on planet earth. Cameron knew that the city had been preparing for this day for a long time, but they would never have anticipated it to come so soon: The day the aliens invaded the last living human city on earth.

ϻαđίѕσи ~ I'm gonna be free, and I'm gonna be fine, but maybe not tonight {Marina}

She was about to except her offer for help, even though Marina really hated being so needy. She knew though that she had to get the bullet out of her shoulder somehow before the wound for infected, and sadly she couldn't treat herself. But, before she could speak, she heard someone yelling and then she saw a guy running towards them, yelling that the they were going to be under attack. Marina cursed under her breath, knowing that the aliens had probably followed her here. She'd put all of human civilization at risk, and now she knew that it was her job to help save it. Holding her gun close to her, she looked at the girl who had offered to help her. "Never mind my injury, we have to defend the city, or all of humanity could come to an end because of me," she said, great guilt in her eyes, "Find yourselves a weapon or go and alert the government leaders, anything that you can do that is helpful." She then took off running towards Cameron, ignoring the pain in her shoulder, wanting to know exactly what was happening.


He simply watched and listened, unable to get a word in as he was given orders and the women ran off to meet the man who was alerting everyone of an attack. Unable to think of a better idea, Chase looked at Camille and muttered, "Better do what she says, it seems like the best option." In truth, he was terrified of this attack, and wanted to get something to protect himself so that he hopefully came out of it alive, even though in the back of his mind he knew that it was very unlikely. If the aliens really were planning to attack, they clearly meant to kill.

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 151 comments ((Writing a reply now xD))

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