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Shatter Me Series: Lost Potential

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Elle I read this series earlier this year. I was curious due to the hype, I was disappointed with it due to its straying from being dystopian with romance elements to being romance with dystopian elements.

I feel the book has lost potential that would have made it a better dystopian series.

1) Adam. I thought that there was going to be a twist to his charater. I thought we were going to find out that we was a double agent or that he was actually the leader of that district, I thought that Warner was going to be pretending to be the leader so that Adam could gain Juliette's trust.

I thought that Adam choosing James over Juliette was interesting. While I thought that the decision was hard, I came to understand that he was acting more like a parent to a child that a brother.

2) Omega Point. I thought about the Hunger Games series when Omega Point was introduced. I thought that the leader of Omega Point was going to be more of a military minded man. Castle to me was a cop out to justify what happens the Omega Point,

3) Juliette's family: I thought that we were going to see her get the opportunity to confront her family, I thought that would have been an interesting element in giving her character more depth. I thought that her anger with Adam was in part some anger about her treatment from her family.

4) World Building: The world was not properly built. I would have like to read more about the mutations, re-establishment structure, who Castle was and how he really built this complex, why Castle a man who could build, house and manage a underground complex could be so stupid.

I had many questions one being how did Juliette think that taking out the leader of the Re-establishment meant that she was now the leader. Was this reestablishment structure so badly built that there were not other leaders of districts with armies of their own to fill the power vacuum?

She had amazing strength but strength is not everything. She would be taken out without anyone actually fighitng her (poison gas, poison food/water, exploding vehicles, etc)

Since the world actual reduced to a family struggle father vs son, son vs son and Juliette's fight for independence, I understood the lack of world building.

5) Adam/Warner: The relationship was interesting but I would have preferred if they were not related. I thought that James/Adam/Warner being related cut what I had hoped to being an interesting duel between Warner and Adam.

Ilana i think that i share a lot of those same thoughts with you. i feel like the basis of the story was a really good one - i truly enjoyed the series but i think that there were things that were just not delved into enough.

I think that with Adam specifically - he started off really strong - i mean you get this guy who's been playing both sides so that he could 1) keep his brother safe and 2) get Juliette out. I feel like book 1 was strong on him and book 2 was semi there but bok 3 really let us down. He was just a whiney teen at that point and i think that he could have been developed more. I think that he HAD to choose james though - there was something about that story line that really stuck with me and i think that it was the only choice.

I also personally wished that we got more of an epilogue or closure to where the story left us. I think that we all knew that Warner and Juliette would take the leadership role, but from there- we didn't get to see what the reaction was and what that meant for anyone/anything. i get that it has to be left open ended - so that we can ponder and use our imaginations, but i'm one of those readers that like to see the clear cut direction of what the author's vision was.

Elly,  the Martian I agree with both of you, but on some point I think the author just cut everything off somehow. It would have been better if she wouldn't have make everything look so easy. Juliette is very young a not really fully grown. I know she is from a different world but she's still just a teen and would a teen really want to take that responsibility at such a young age? And I think that it was far too easy for her to kill Andersson. It was far too easy... He did have a weapon against her but I got the picture of him that he would have more tricks.. not just one. I also feel like the author was somehow in a hurry at the end of the book. It ended too abrupt. It wasn't realyl a good ending. I think she wrote the first book very well, other wise I wouldn't been reading the rest of them but I feel like the second book had not too much events until the end and this book.. I liked how it started but somehow it just ruined the picture of Juliette too quickly.. I understand that people change, but it felt like she was a different person. She wasn't Juliette anymore, and I think she changed too much in such a short time. The book should have been longer and it should have included more details of the world and of some of the people, and the war should have been describes more.
But I really enjoyed this book. I shouldn't really sit here and say what I should have written or not. It was good. I did even give it a 5 star because it was very good, even the lack of details and the fact that some things went far too fast towards.
Juliette is a good person, but from being afraid of hurting people to somehow being a bloody killer is somehow annoying me. o.o

i cant make describes like you, so i just agree with you, totally with full of my heart and brain:)

i cant make describes like you, so i just agree with you, totally with full of my heart and brain:)"

I agree with everything that was said; also, I thought having cross-outs in the book was an excellent idea and that was originally what got me so excited to read it but the cliché plot just made me force myself to get through the book. Juliette was SO annoying though admittedly she got better as the series progressed.

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