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Isis | 6033 comments Alrighty, whatcha wanna do?

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Isis | 6033 comments Sure! Unless you prefer something else?

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Isis | 6033 comments Hahaha nope, none at all at the moment.

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Isis | 6033 comments I love it.

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Isis | 6033 comments Yes you can

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Isis | 6033 comments Name: Nia
Age: 22
Appearance: Short black pixie cut hair, dark brown eyes, multiples tattoos, short, very thin
Personality: Honest, opinionated, head strong, loving, protective
Other: She's a tattoo artist and she's in love with her best friend, despite the fact that her friend is planning to marry a man.

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Isis | 6033 comments Oh, first, do we want to make her fiance too?

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Isis | 6033 comments Nia knocked on her door, loud and unrelentingly. She had to tell her best friend the good new before anyone else. She knew she should have just called her, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. She had gone straight to her house and started pounding on the door. She hoped that Roland wasn't going to be there, but it was quite possible she was, and she would have to deal wit that then. For now, she just had her mind on Lydia, and telling Lydia the good news.

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Isis | 6033 comments ((Sorry! It never notifies me that you respond!))

Nia was practically jumping up and down. "Oh my gosh! I got the cover! They're going to shoot me for the cover of the magazine!" She had been being interviewed for some time for a little magazine all about tattoos and tattoo artists. They had talked to her about taking some pictures and she had said yes. What they did not tell her, was that they were going to put her picture right on the cover. When she had heard she had just about exploded with happiness. And now, she was telling her friend and hoping for the same reaction.

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Isis | 6033 comments Nia felt her heart breaking in her chest. She wanted to burst into tears, or scream, but she did neither. She forced a smile despite the tears welling in her eyes. "Congratulations," she said, softly. It was difficult to get out.
She had no idea what else to say. Her own news seemed absolutely idiotic. She wished she hadn't gone all the way there just to tell her.

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Isis | 6033 comments Nia only nodded her head, unable to speak for the time being. She didn't want to say something stupid to give herself away, or upset Lydia. She just wanted her to be happy, and if only her fiance could do that, Nia would just have to get over it.
"I'm happy that he makes you happy," Nia finally said in a very soft voice. "I should go and let you spend some time with you. They're going to be reshooting me tomorrow for the cover, naked, anyway and I've got to go get my nerves up."

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Isis | 6033 comments ((Sure if you would like))

Nia shook her head. "I don't want to stay here while you're out with him. I'll go home and then maybe we'll celebrate a little bit later. You can just come to my place instead." She tried to wiggle out from under Lydia's bottom but she was a little bit too heavy.
"I promise you can still wear that perfect outfit you're thinking of because I know you'll look stunning. But, I wanna meet at my place. Sound ok?"

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Isis | 6033 comments Nia waved lightly and gave her friend the best smile she could. "See you in a bit." She walked out the door and down to her car. She drove home feeling more lost and broken than she had in her entire life.
Lydia was going to get married and she didn't stand a chance. She hadn't stood one before, but at least then there are been hope. Now there was none.

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Isis | 6033 comments Nia sucked in breath and her eyes went a little wide. "Oh my. You look amazing!" She took hold of Lydia before gently spinning her in a slow circle. She nodded her head. "It's no wonder he wouldn't let you wear this out. You look much too sexy for your own good. I would have to go naked to get even half as many looks as you're going to get tonight."
She bit her lower lip, in a much better mood since Lydia arrived early, and looking like that.
"Ok, now you come help me pick something sexy to wear. We're going to look fantastic tonight." She pulled Lydia toward her bedroom and her closet.

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Isis | 6033 comments ((Sorry, I always have trouble getting notified about responses.))

Nia bit her lip hard when she heart Lydia's words, but she decided to let it go. She hadn't meant it. Never would Lydia be all over her in any situation. However, the outfit picked was just perfect. She put it on and then she showed her friend. "So, what do you think? Do I look good enough to be your date tonight?" She was only teasing, though she really wished that she was not.
"Alright, lets go. I need something to drink and I need it right now." She walked out of the house and to the cars. "Taking yours or mine?"

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