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Moderators will post announcements here.

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Hey people! We have about seven members, I believe :(

I would love it if you guys like, invited your friends or something!


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I really apologize for my...ah, not working on the group. yeah. i haven't even got the face claim list down o_o Whoops. Whatever.

yeah, mei is busy with Spanish homework and school homework and with trying to figure out what the hell i'm doing in math, so yeah. School is horrible @_@

but i'll get my shit together once i get this buttload of schoolwork done, so no need to worry ;)

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Said Meiyu two days ago.

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Okay guys I know i haven't done much for this group in the past week but it's the weekend really soon so i'll get stuff done.

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Damn I suck. I guess i'll be accepting a mod or two to help me Meh.

I'll probably start making RP threads o_o II'll figure it out ._.

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As you all know, i'm the shittiest mod ever. I don't give excuses. I haven't been active in this group, 'nuff said. So, i am going to put out a moderator application, if anyone wants to help this already dead group...or nah. I feel really bad ._.

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