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Bridget Jones's Diary (Bridget Jones, #1)
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Lindsey Rey | 24 comments Mod

This discussion is for a halfway point check-in! Please only include spoilers until the end of the June diary entries (last entry Sunday 25 June).

Now that you're halfway through the book, what do you think? Are you enjoying it? Do you have an idea of what rating you are going to give it? Favorite parts so far?

Barb (Boxermommyreads) (boxermommy) I like the style of the book and enjoy it being in diary form. I don't think the main character is as endearing as I would like her to be. However, it is pretty quick paced and I enjoy some of the humor. I really do not like Daniel at all. So far, it is a strong three star unless it drastically improves.

Alli Brooks (allibrooks) | 4 comments I am really enjoying it so far. One you get past all the informalities in the writing style, it becomes a pretty fast paced and enjoyable read. I'm definitely glad I picked it up as it's very different from the books I've been reading as of late and it's just the kind of light-hearted I've been craving.

Bridget is definitely not without faults. There have been times where I've wanted to pull out my hair because you just KNOW she's going to make a bad decision or is recounting a bad decision she's already made (like the entirety of the Daniel fiasco?) I was kind of hoping he'd have at least a few redeeming qualities, especially seeing their relationship play out through Bridget's eyes, but it seemed like every time there was a Daniel heavy scene, I would just roll my eyes and hope it would be over soon (or there would be a lot of muttering to myself what a sleaze ball he is.) I suppose it all makes sense in context though. "Blinded by love" and all of that jazz. It still didn't make it any less frustrating to read about.

I'm finding it kind of hard to get a full grasp on Bridget's character. I almost feel like I don't REALLY know her all that well even though we're getting such an inside look to her life. I'm not sure if this is just an aspect of the diary format or if it was done on purpose, but it does put that little bit of distance between me and Bridget. That's not to say that there aren't times I don't find her super relatable as well.

So far, I'm enjoying it. I agree with the strong three stars, but I'm trying to reserve judgment until the end.

Lindsey Rey | 24 comments Mod
I definitely prefer to read this book in larger chunks that bits and pieces - makes it significantly easier for me to get into the writing! Really frustrated with the Daniel situation; hoping that'll be over soon. Right now it's sitting at like 3.5 stars for me.

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