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Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 194 comments Mod
I will be selecting two others to help me moderate this group. If you are interested, please fill out the form below:

How active are you?:
Have you been a mod before? If yes, of how many groups?:
Example of roleplay:

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Zwink ; Sometimes known as Ni-tekr or Zwinkypie
I prefer not to tell, however I'm currently in college.
How active are you?:
I'm generally on every day, however there are some times things that come up that take me away from goodreads for a while, like a day or two, maybe a week. I'm trying to get better and giving a heads up when I'll be gone, and for how long. There are also times that I find I'm not motivated enough to reply to roleplay, but I'll still be online and able to help out with mod stuff.
Have you been a mod before? If yes, of how many groups?:
Yes I have, currently in 6 groups, however I've been mod to countless before starting up this account.
I'm currently in Eastern Standard Time (Georgia, USA).
Example of roleplay:
Miranda could see her breath in front of her as she walked forward, boots crunching on the snow beneath her feet. The chill of winter was seeping through her thick coat, but she didn't really mind. Fingers numb, she wiggled them around in her pockets, then brought them out briefly to try and warm them with her breath. Everything was silent aside from her footsteps. Crunch, crunch, crunch. It was a steady rhythm, and she loved it. The winter was her favorite season, with the white covering everything as far as her eyes could see. She was so wrapped up in her own thoughts and walking that she didn't notice when someone was trying to back out of their driveway. The squeaking of the breaks broke her from her spell and when she looked, she was but a mere inch from the bumper of the car. The driver got out with a concerned look on his face, and she began to apologize immediately. "I'm so sorry sir, I didn't see you backing out. I must of scared you to death," she bit her lip. He probably thought she was crazy, almost getting hit by a guy backing out of his driveway. Her body was starting to feel the chill against due to the lack of movement, but she didn't much care. She was just waiting to hear what kind of obscenities this man would yell at her. Her timid and shy nature naturally brought that out in people for some reason. There she goes again, thinking of other things. She really was a daydreamer and that's what got her nearly ran over. God, she felt stupid.

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Morgan [Name] Kelly

[Age] 16

[Activity Level/Timezone] I'm on just about every day, and live in the Eastern US TimeZone

[Past Experience] On this Account I have been MOD in around 6-8 groups. Some have gone innactive due to lack of members, but a few I'm currently MOD in are: Heat , ๖ۣۜWση∂єяℓαη∂「ᶳᵉᵐᶤ⁻ᵃᵈᵛᵃᶰᶜᵉᵈ ʳᵒˡᵉᵖˡᵃʸ」 As well as {Camp Half-Blood}

[Why do you want to be a MOD?] I'd like to be a MOD, 'cause I love getting involved in more things, and helping to advance plot, as well as helping people out with any questions they may have. I'm also rather organized and will keep others from over-spamming. Finally I like the idea of this RP ^-^ I'd been previously thinking of making one similar, but due to school I was unsure how much time I'd have to create everything. But this already seems well organized and I'd love to help out with things :)!

[Roleplay Example]
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Name: Tinath Zaeba
Age: I prefer not to say due to security reasons
How active are you?: VERY active!
Have you been a mod before? If yes, of how many groups?: I'm a mod of, like, a few dozen groups and only a few (like 2 or 1) is dead. I manage to be active in each!
Timezone: Bangladesh

Example of roleplay:

Olivia closed her eyes. She felt weak and vulnerable, but if she didn't do this, everything she loves, everyone she loves, will die. She rolled back her shoulders, and concentrated on the lightbox ahead of her.

I'm an actress. This is what I do. What I have to do. She thought. Just then, a voice called out one word she never liked hearing:

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Carson | 5 comments Name: Blackwolf
How active are you?: I am always on.
Have you been a mod before? If yes, of how many groups?: Yes I have been a moderator of many groups. I also have been a member of Goodreads for about 6 years and have deleted my account once or twice so I do not know exactly how many groups I am a moderator in right now. I also do not plan on going anywhere any time soon.
Timezone: Mountain US Time Zone
Example of roleplay:

Dominic sighed as he limped across the battlefield. He looked around seeing the bloody bodies the crying men. The pain in the faces of his comrades and his enemies. The war was over.” I’m free..” He whispered and looked down at his bloody uniform. He slid his hand through his blond hair as he limped over to his best friend.” Issac we are free..”Dominic whispered happily looking at his friend.

“Dom..We are never free..”Issac spat out loudly and drew his gun.” There is only one way to be free in this godforsaken world.” He drew his pistol to his temple. He took a deep breath as he fired off his gun taking his own life.

“No!!!”Dominic sunk to his knees as he held his friends limp body in his arms.” Oh Issac why..” Dominic felt his tears slide down his face. He looked up seeing an old soldier walking toward him.

“Son..He is free now..” The old man said softly placing his hand on Dominic’s shoulder.”Free..”The old man sighed with longing.

“Sir...No one is free..”Dominic growled letting Issac’s body slump to the ground.”No one will ever be free..even where Issac will be going now.” Dominic slid off his jacket and tossed it onto the ground as he limped away from the bloody field.

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