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Trust and alcohol
Stell Okafor Stell Nov 02, 2014 08:21AM
Do you think Solomon Northup was capture due to trust or alcoholism?

I think he was naive to trust them,but I think they convinced him they were his friend to the point that they didn't give them any reason to distrust them. And drinking and eating was what alot of things people did and most of the time have some type of wine or spirits with dinner. I think they possibly put something in his drink to make him sick as well.

I believe it was a combination of both. In regards to trust, he was born as a free man and had assimilated into society as such. Thus, when he was approached by Brown and Hamilton, Solomon assumed the men were interested in his talents. This appealed to Solomon, as he had already been thinking about earning money for the family. So here's the trust issue, I believe. It was also an enticement.

Brown and Hamilton made Solomon well fed and intoxicated, which of course meant lack of judgment and awareness. Nothing could convey this more in the film when he falls ill and is put to bed, only to awaken the next morning in shackles.

If I remember correctly, was something not slipped into his drink? I vaguely remember he had only had a drink or a couple before he started to feel weak.

In any case, these men befriended him and took advantage of the situation. He had no reason not to trust them as he had been traveling with them for a few days and nothing bad had happened to him during that time. He never felt a need to be suspicious of them.

I think trust. The fact that he willingly went to a slave state regardless of having free papers on him or not was really naive especially with men he didnt know. he was going to get kidnapped alcohol just made it easier

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