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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Hey! :)

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Isis | 6033 comments Hello haha

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Oh, I didn't see this! Sorry x What kind of RP are you up for?

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Isis | 6033 comments I'm up for anything at all

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments I have some ideas. They are mostly MxF but we can certainly change it to FxF :)

Idea one: (We can change this into FxF. May I please be Muse A?)

Boy A and Girl A are rich kids. They have everything they have always wanted due to their very well known parents. The pair have grown up in the spotlight and could never hide from it. And growing up, is already hard enough to do. Coming in and out of rehab due to paparazzi and the pressure of being perfect at just the ripe age of their early teen years, they found each other and were insperable. They hung out together, being each others dates to their parents events or dinners, Instagraming picturs of fun and late night visits and secret Island get awaysn which sent the media world into a frenzy. But all they could get out of the two was, 'People are saying that? God, no! She/He is my best friend.' And they really were. But, if you have ever caught them in just the right moment, you'd see a connection so strong, it seems impossible to be even experiencing it. And at the end of the night, in their own privacy, they find peace within each other.

So why aren't they together? If they are so made for each other, why aren't they together?

Simply because, Girl A... has a problem... An addiction. A disloyal and sex addiction. Which she has struggled with for a while. And Boy A? Well, Boy A has always been the perfect one in their relationship. But he has never had a stable girlfriend or a girl, who he could fall in love with..

That is, until Girl A's big twenty first birthday party, where she gets extremely wasted and while trying to get Girl A out of the crowded club fulled with fans, wanna-be's and paparazzi, Boy A meets Girl B and receives generous help from her. And it feels to him, as if he could fall in love with her, as he is what he thinks he wants and needs. But what will Girl A think of all of it when she wakes up from her drunken rage? Will she realize that maybe Boy A wasn't ever hers to keep? Does Boy A really want Girl B or the idea of wanting Girl B?

Idea two: (We can do this one FxF. May I please be Muse B?)

Growing up, always been having to struggle to find friends and not having plans for his last summer before he goes to College for Law School, Boy A decides to become a camp counselor at a summer camp. Being very smart and having a good recommendation letter, the camp accepts him to be a counselor. Excited to just get lost in new friendships and summer fun, Boy A arrives early for the summer camp. Or that's what he thinks as it seems that another counselor had beaten him to it. Already impressed, Boy A and Girl A, who is also another camp counselor, hit it off very well. And both hope to see each other often but as the whole camp flows in, their complicated schedule and the fact of Girl A staying on the other side of camp, Girl A and Boy A don't have time for any more bonding.

Until, all the other young camp counselor decide to go out for a fun night, Girl A and Boy A see each other and the connection is restored. And to keep it alive and wanting to have a breather, Girl A and Boy A along with their friends, arrange to meet up after lights out, every night, as summer, was theirs too.

But was this just a summer fling for Girl A? If not, how would they keep contact, considering the fact that Girl A still has one more year to go before College and Boy A's college and home, is far from Girl A? How will they do it?

Idea three: (This one is for FxF. I be Muse B?)

Unsure of what to do with their life at the age of nineteen, Muse A decides to join the military, thinking it would make things clearer for them as they leave their loved ones and a heartbroken lover behind. Muse A passes the training course and is sent into joining the militray. Muse A develops a strong friendship with some troops and without realizing how hard this job could be, Muse A loses their best friend in battle. Unable to cope with grief and becoming very distant, Muse A is sent back home where everyone welcomes them with open arms, especially Muse A's lover, Muse B.

The couple re-unite in a heated night of love and passion and as they both live together, in a high of love, Muse A starts to feel better... Until he starts becoming confused with reality and remeberance of the battle field. As the nightmares consumes them, Muse A becomes different. More gaurded. Violent.

Will Muse B be able to help or will their love become toxic?

Idea four: (For FxM but we can do it FxF. May I please be Muse B?)

Being a lost cause, with hidden brains but no ambition, Muse A joins the military. And everything seems fine as he develops a deep friendship and gains a best friend over three years. Until his best friend dies. Right in front of him. Feeling guilty and grief beyond belief, Muse A is sent home. Welcomed by everyone, being called a hero, Muse A's heart feels lighter. But not better.

Until he meets a girl he knew from before they left. A girl rivetting and interesting A girl they have always wanted. But the only problem, is that Muse B, the girl, despises Muse A for they had wronged her terribly in the past...

Wanting to make things right, Muse A goes out of their way to gain a friendship from Muse B but things become difficult as Muse A becomes confused between reality and terrible memories.

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Isis | 6033 comments I love Idea three! Like, LOVE, it.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Haha, thanks! :) Where would you like us to start? x

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Isis | 6033 comments Hmmmm, should we make characters?

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Sure! But I prefer short forums. That okay? :)

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Oh, may I be Muse B?

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Isis | 6033 comments That's totally fine with me. Yup!

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments (They are 21+ :))

Name: Luna Ivy Cresta
Age: Twenty One
Occupation: Used to works at an IHOP resteruant but after a strange encounter with a man who changed everything for her, now works as a model.

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Isis | 6033 comments Are they out as lesbians? Or is this more of a secret thing? Just curious.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Hmm, What do you want? I don't mind either way. :)

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Isis | 6033 comments I'm going to go with open about it I think.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Okiedokes :)

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Isis | 6033 comments Name: Zoe Reyaz
Age: 22
Occupation: Was in the marines, but she had a bit of mental breakdown and was sent home.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Sorry I just left. Want to start? Should I or you? :)

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Isis | 6033 comments I think I'll let you start. Wherever you want.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Okiedokes :)

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments "I think I see her!" Pause. "No wait, that girl is just wearing a camouflage cap... Sorry." Zoe's mother, Grace, had been doing this for the past hour since it was announced that Zoe's flight had landed. Luna knew that they were all excited to see Zoe,as was she, but announcing that every other girl who came out of the arrival section, was getting a little old and making Luna feel a little more anxious... What if she had gotten on the wrong plane? Or the plane had... crashed.

Feeling nauseous, Luna quietly excused herself from where Grace and Anthony, Zoe's father, were standing, to the bathroom.

And as soon as she reached the toilet, she broke down into a fit of tears. She knew she should be happy... And she was. Ecstatic, even. But she couldn't help but feel nervousness wash over her body, making her feel flustered. What if Zoe didn't love her anymore? If she had found someone else to take comfort in? She knew that Zoe was faithful but with so much pain around you, love can only push so far.

Wiping at her face and washing it then re-applying her small amount of make-up, because Zoe hated when she did wear make up, Luna steadied herself. This was about Zoe. Zoe coming home, safe. She let a shaky breath escape her lips as she walked back to the arrival gates, awaiting for her true love to come.

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Isis | 6033 comments Zoe was wringing her cap in her hands as she walked off the play and out into the busy airport. It had been a long time since she had seen this many people at once, this many people who weren't trying to kill her anyway. It was awkward and she was beyond nervous. Not to mention, her only family hadn't been able to make it to pick her up. That left her with Luna and Luna's family.

She was utterly terrified something would go wrong. She had a whole vision in her head and she wanted it to go perfectly, but there was a small chance it would. She was already lost and confused. Her baggage was taking forever to come around on the belt. She was beginning to think it was lost, it wasn't, but she still had time to freak out about it before it came around.

She had already been off of the plain for an hour at this point and she was no closer to finding Luna. She was confused in the airport with all of the people. There were millions of families waiting for their airliner riders to arrive to them, she just couldn't find the one she was looking for. On top of that she was terrified Luna wouldn't even recognize her, or wouldn't want her back once she saw her. She had shorter hair than when she had left and she was much more, well, muscular.

And then, she saw her. Her heart stopped in her chest and she could no longer take in air. Luna. Her Luna. Her beautiful, perfect Luna was standing ten feet in front of her and they were making direct eye contact. Tears pricked at her eyes and a smile came to her lips.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments (FUCK. Sorry for my language, but I just wrote this whole nice reply and then my laptop restarts on its on. Shoot. Me. In. The. Face. :( I'm replying now. :))

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Isis | 6033 comments ((No that's alright. I will be cussing myself throughout this. Sometimes there are no other words. I'll reply once after you and then I'm off to bed. It's 5 am here haha.))

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments After another long while of waiting, Luna started to get tired and bored. She figured feeling fatigue was better than feeling sad and worried. She didn't want Zoe to come home to a train wreck of nerves. Luna was on, what seemed like her hundredth coffee break. She slowly stood from the waiting benches and almost on her way, her clear sea green eyes catch familiar beautiful, loving, chocolate-y dark hazel eyes.

Zoe eyes. Her Zoe. Her first and only, love. The one girl that changed her life completely, showing her that there was more to love than what the movies give. That there was a whole other universe when you were with the one, whom you love.

Luna slowly, very slowly walked towards Zoe, taking small steps, taking in the beauty that was her only true love. She had changed... Cut her hair and became more... stronger looking. It made Luna smile slightly, looks never being a problem for Zoe as she was always beautiful. Just like her soul...

Luna's small staggering steps became a fast walk then she bolted, the track star she was, in High School showing then she threw herself into Zoe's arms, wrapping her legs around her waist and arms clinging onto her girlfriend, tears running down her cheeks fast.

"Z-Zoe..." Luna croaked, her voice full of pain and happiness, the fact of Zoe being safe sending her onto another level. Luna held her Zoe close, stuffing her face into the crook of Zoe's neck, staining her uniform slightly. Zoe is here. Zoe is safe.

"I love you... I love you god damn much! I love you..." She whispered, her words almost muffled and strange as hiccups formed from crying so much. She hiccuped slightly which then caused her to giggle along with her body shaking from nerves. And she felt herself fall in love with her, all over again. She welcomed the feeling with open arms.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments (Holy shit, really? It's like 2:30pm here! :))

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Isis | 6033 comments Zoe laughed and cried at the same time when Luna launched herself into her arms. She caught her, as always, and she pun her around in a circle. "Luna," she whispered in response to her own name. She used one hand to wipe at her tears and then she laughed again. "I love you too. I missed you."

She held the girl in her arms for quite some time just taking in the familiarity of her body. It felt so good to have her back in her arms. Even in her fatigues she could feel the warmth radiating off of her. She could have stayed like that forever, the girl in her arms, her cap forgotten on the floor where she had dropped it to catch Luna.

Her moved up to entwine in Luna's hair. It was soft and it smelled just like she had remembered. She couldn't wait anymore. She her head to the side and caught Luna's lips in an awkward kiss. She laughed when she pulled back. "I have to set you down so I can do that better," she informed her before setting her back on the ground.

Once she was safely back on her feet Zoe grabbed up her face and kissed her deeply. It was their first real kiss in...almost three years. The thought of it made Zoe pull back and break into tears all over again. "Oh god," she whispered, "I missed you so much!" She was practically sobbing at this point, not something she usually did.

She reached out and just stroked Luna's cheeks, ignoring her own tears to wipe away the makeup on Luna's face. "Were you this pretty when I left?" she asked, sniffling. "You look amazing. I've missed you so much. I'm sorry I'm crying, and rambling. I've been freaking out all day over this and you're're Luna and you're perfect. Really, were you always this gorgeous? Can I kiss you again? Why am I asking?" She leaned in and gave her a hard kiss.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments (I have to go :/ I'll reply later on :) Sleep well and Good morning! Lol :))

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Luna was quite surprised at the amount of affection that Zoe was pouring out. She knew that Zoe would have missed her but she just thought that she would be the one to miss her more. Luna giggled softly at her girlfriend, loving how adorable it was with the way she was so, all over the place. She loved it. She loved her. And their kiss... Oh god, she hasn't kissed anyone in three years. She hasn't kissed her gorgeous girlfriend for three whole years.

Luna couldn't contain herself, blushing crazily as Zoe praised her but she didn't really think she was all that pretty. Apparently, she was the most beautfiul woman in New York, according to Vogue. She still couldn't believe she hadn't told Zoe about her unexpected modelling career. But that was later. She savored the moment their lips were on each other as they kissed hungrily and passionately, Luna's hands gripping at Zoe's uniform, holding her closer. Tears ran down both their cheeks as they pressed their lips against each others.

"Were you always this ugly? Gosh, Zo." Luna mumbled playfully as that's how they were. Always making fun and playing around with each other. They were young. They were in love.

"Baby, you look fantastic. You really do. I love your hair! I love your body! I love you. I love you so damn much, Zoe. I really fucking do." She whispered against her lips, wanting nothing more than to just embrace her forever.

"Hey, we know you two are grown up but watch your mouth, Luna." Grace said in a warning tone, raising a brow.

"Can you two just stop for two seconds? I missed Zoe too!" Grace said and when the couple slowly broke apart, Luna felt a small ache, feeling as if her love is being taken away again but once they were done with their hug, Luna rushed into her baby's arms, holding her close, holding her protectively and smiling wide.

"You two make me feel like I didn't even get married!" Anthony said playfully and they laughed. Luna couldn't wait to show Zoe what she had done with their place. She had gotten it when Zoe left and had been nervous as Zoe was not there to chose the apartment.

"Let's get you two home?"

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Isis | 6033 comments Zoe couldn't stop grinning. Her tears had finally stopped and all she could do was smile and keep her arm tight around Luna. She was disappointed to have to let the girl go even for the few seconds to hug Grace, but it was alright as soon as her girlfriend was right back where she belonged. Then she was rolling her eyes as Anthony spoke.

"I haven't seen this gorgeous girl right here in three years," Zoe laughed. "I think it's ok for us to be a little mushy in the airport. Don't you?"

She loved Luna's parents. They had always been so supportive of their relationship even before Zoe had come out to her own parents, which was a mistake. Luna's parents had accepted her with open arms and had always been there, like no for instance, to pick her up from the airport. Zoe's own parents had had a very different reaction to their relationship, kicking Zoe out of the house. They had made contact with her a total of three times while she was overseas, to wish her a happy birthday each time. They didn't necessarily push her out of the family anymore, but they definitely still weren't supportive.

She looked at Luna and smiled, happier than she had been in a very long time. The pictures from Luna hadn't done her justice. Their letters and video chats hadn't been enough. Now that they were back together, she couldn't even think of every leaving again. She wouldn't. It was too hard.

"Lets go home," she whispered to Luna, her eyes trained on her adoringly with every word she spoke. "I need to hear everything about you. I need to look at you..."

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Luna giggled, pressing her nose against Zoe's and rubbing against it lightly as they walked out of the airport, people giving them the googly eyes and some.. disgusted. She didn't care. She never has and never will.

"You are looking at me, dumb ass." Luna said in a playful tone as she really could never stay serious. Maybe that's why Zoe loved her. Because Zoe had grown up in a strict world and ever since they've met, she brings a little extra fun. But Zoe has also taught her how to mature. How to love. She's so grateful for her.

She got the silly and playful trait from her parents because her parents were... special. Well, basically hippies. They believed in free and joyful love. They believed in being able to be who you want without feeling bad about it. Luna was so happy that they had accepted Zoe just like their own.

Luna had come in a different car because she knew that if she went with er parents, they'd go out for drinks and Luna wanted nothing more to have her Zoe at home. Cook for her. Show her how well she has gotten at that as she was terrible.

"Um, We're gonna go with my car. We promise to have Sunday lunch with you guys... Please?"

Grace rolled her eyes, sticking her hand at her daughter, walking off the other direction to where their Volkswagen van was parked.

"Okay! I need to make my husband feel married again.." Grace said playfully which made Luna cringe and want to vomit. She hated when her mom acted... young. It was funny, but not when she got sexual.

"See you Sunday.." Anthony muttered excitedly, running after his wife and giving her butt a squeeze as they got to their car.

Luna chuckled, shaking her head and opened Zoe's car that she had gotten on her eighteenth birthday from her parents. That was the last thing she received from her parents and that saddened Luna. She had felt her mother would have liked her if she ignored the lesbian thing.

"I kept your baby in shape." Luna said with a smile, pointing to the New Class Mercedes and opening the boot, taking the biggest bag of Zoe's but almost falling over before steadying herself and dropping the bag back on the ground,

"Do you have a fucking body in here?" She exclaimed but instantly regretted it...

"I'm sorry. Bad joke." She said quickly, blushing slightly and packing lighter bags into the car.

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Isis | 6033 comments Zoe's cheeks flared at the joke and she shook her head rapidly back and forth. At first, she thought it was a real question and she was about to panic that Luna thought such things of her now. Then she said it was a joke and she calmed down a little, letting out a shaky laugh. "No," she said at last, "Just a lot of military gear. The stuff isn't light." But after she said it she swung the bag into the car like it weighed nothing at all.

Before Luna could turn and get into the car to drive Zoe grabbed her arm and pulled her close once more. "I'm glad you too care of my care," she whispered, "But more than that I'm glad you took care of you. I missed you so much and I was so worried that things would have changed between us, or that you would have changed. But you're just a gorgeous and happy and silly as when I left. I love you. I can never thank you enough for waiting for me all of these years. I'll spend my whole life making it up to you. I promise."

After giving her speech she leaned in slowly and planted a kiss to Luna's lips. It was slow, gentle, full of love. She knew they were probably getting some serious looks, but she didn't care. Luna was the only perfect thing in her life and she would kiss her in public if she wanted to. And she did. She had always been a fan of showing Luna off.

"Now, lets get home," Zoe laughed as she pulled back from the kiss. "I'm seeing you right now, but not enough of you. You should have just come to pick me up naked." She elbowed her girlfriend playfully then swung around to the passenger side of the car and got in.

She took in a deep breath of the car. It smelled just like she remembered it had. A little more Luna now, but that wasn't remotely a bad thing. She ran her fingers over the dash board and sighed happily. She was home.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments (I'll reply in a while :))

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Luna was left in a small high from her words and kiss and stayed outside of the car for a little while before getting in and smiling like an idiot. She started the car and put the seat belt on, always worried about safety when it came to cars. Of course she wasn't full on hippy like her parents but she was very... earthly. And if it were u to her, she'd make everyone walk barefoot. It could save the earth, money and maybe change the fact that America is the number one country in the world for obesity.

"Oh baby, you don't think i tried? So, I was wearing a big coat, nothing at all underneath and my mom saw me and rolled her eyes then told me to go inside and put clothes on!" Luna said playfully and laughed as she started down the road, turning on the radio, setting a nice vibe.

"But don't worry, your sex deprived head. Something good is going to happen. And when it does, you won't know what hit you." She said in a soft, seductive tone then giggled softly, shaking her head slightly.

"I really hope you like the apartment. The agent said we could change if you didn't like it but that was 2 years and 3 weeks ago... I wonder if the offer still stands." The brunette said with a laugh, reaching over and pulling the seat belt into Zoe's hands for her to put it on. She just got home. Back to her. She didn't want t lose her all over again because of one stupid mistake.

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Isis | 6033 comments Zoe burst out into giggles at the very idea of Luna coming into the airport dressed in nothing but a long coat. It sounded like a joke, but knowing Luna, it was probably a true story. She would probably never know, and she didn't much care, she just laughed until she couldn't laugh anymore.

She wiped tears from the corners of her eyes, from all the laughing, and then smiled. "I'm going to love the apartment, I promise," she said, "As long as you're there, that is. I'm so excited to see what you've done with you. It's probably beautiful, like you." She tried to image it and could not. She had never had an apartment and she had never seen any part of her own, upon her request. She wanted this to be a surprise.

"What about you though?" Zoe suddenly asked. "You know what I've been doing but I feel like I've missed about a million years of your life. Are you still working at IHOP?" She had no idea how far off she was. Luna had never told her about her modeling career.

She took the seat belt when it was handed to her. She forgot they even really had such things. Most of the vehicles she was used to now didn't have seat belts because they were made to be gotten out of quickly. It was so different there.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments "You never missed a million years of my life! I was sending you letters and porn and all that kind of sweet stuff!" Luna joked but knew this was true. Her letters did contain of what her week was like, keeping it as interesting as possible but she never told her about her career or how hard it was to fall asleep, have a nightmare and not have the only one who can make them go away, be miles away. Her heart ached at the thought.

"Um, No, I don't. We'll talk about that later, I pinky promise. Right now, I want to welcome you, tour new home..." She trailed off as she turned the ignition off and quickly stepped out of the car when she unbuckled, rushing to Zoe's side and opening the door for her, giggling with excitement.

"It looks shitty outside but I think it gets better!" She exclaimed, taking her hand into Zoe's and pulling her close as they walked into the apartment building with her key.

"Luna! Is that.."

"Yes! I'll introduce you to her later, I promise!"

"Okay! You better keep the noises down. Damn, you are so loud with that sex toy of yours. Can't imagine what you are like with her, I mean-"

"Shut up!" Luna screamed back at her friend Daisy, who lived on an upper level.

"That was Daisy. Don't mind her. She's a little crazy." Luna said with a smile then felt a wave of nerves rush over her as the came to a stop at apartment A23. Luna bit down on her lip lightly, clutching at Zoe's hand.

"Welcome h-home.." She whispered, opening the door to reveal their ancient yet stylish looking apartment, with blue balloons that had Zoe's face on them and the print of the words, 'I missed you!'
( , The bedroom: )

"I know, it's a little... Artsy. But that's because of mom and I promise I will take down weird paintings and stuff... It's a little too bright too.." Luna said self consciously, blushing slightly and watching Zoe take in the apartment.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments (I will most likely reply in an hour or so. I'm studying for Geography but that isn't hard so maybe in 45 minutes. :))

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Isis | 6033 comments Zoe shook her head and put a hand over Luna's mouth. "Shhhh," she giggled, "It's perfect. You chose perfectly. I like the weird art and I could use some brightness right now. Ok? Stop acting like I don't love everything you choose." She removed her hand and replaced it with her lips, kissing Luna deeply, but still slow.

When she pulled back she grinned. "You've been playing with your toys huh?" She winked at the girl playfully, holding back more giggles. She had never felt so giggly in her entire life and she wasn't sure how she felt about it. Pretty good, a little crazy.

"Nice choice of balloons, but the way. Nice looking girl on there. But, it think it's time you give me the grand tour. We can stare more at those balloons later." She took Luna's hand and allowed herself to be dragged around the whole apartment. It was perfect, though she had a hard time focusing. She kept thinking about Luna playing with her toys, Luna naked, Luna's pictures, which were in her bag safely tucked away. She would keep them, even now that she had the real thing.

When they finally got to their bedroom she had a hard time not just tackling Luna onto the bed and having her right there. She wanted Luna to be the first one to make any kind of serious move. She was desperate, but she could wait a little longer until Luna was comfortable.

((sounds good))

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments (I will send you a PM. My reply is a little steamy, I guess :))

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments - The next morning -

Luna had woken up much earlier than Zoe, which was different from what it used to be like because Luna was always a night girl. Nocturnal, as her friends would describe her. And plus, Zoe had came back from a whole 3 years of waking up very early. Much earlier than 7am, she was sure. So Luna let her rest. And it was an oppurtunity to make her breakfast and maybe she would talk about what she missed... Her modelling agency, gave her a week off because her girlfriend had come back from the marines. It was amazing what people would give you for a sad love story. Her boss offered a while month off but, Luna liked her job. She thought it was a little... objective at first. Women selling their bodies to the media. But, it's nothing like that to her. Hopefully, Zoe would understand because before, they had both laughed at all too skinny models in magazines.

Luna had slipped out of bed, slipped her underwear back on and wore Zoe's button up camouflage uniform long sleeve shirt. Luna tied her hair up in a bun and after about an hour, she was done, making Zoe's favorite breakfast, which was eggs, waffles, bacon and syrup drizzled on the bacon a little. She and Zoe were both cookers of the house but sometimes it could be difficult with Luna being vegan and Zoe not, so it was hard for Luna to make her food. But like always, she found a grocery store that sells all organic and healthy, non-perserved meats.

"Baby?" Luna whispered softly against Zoe's lips, giving them a small kiss before pulling back, "It's 8. Do you wanna get up? I made breakfast for you downstairs." She said softly, sitting on the edge of the bed and rubbing Zoe's leg softly then reached up and brushed hair out of her eyes.

"If you still want to sleep, that's okay. I'll put it in the fridge and when you wanna wake up, I'll heat it up?" She said, pressing a soft kiss to her sleepy forehead and then lips and then sitting back, waiting for her reply.

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Isis | 6033 comments Zoe practically jumped out of her skin after a few minutes, sitting up and bed and scrambling out of it in a panic. She was late. She was going to have to run and...No. She was home and she wasn't late. She sat slowly back down and looked at her girlfriend, breathing rather hard. "Sorry, I thought..." she shook her head before running a hand up through her short hair. "It's ok. I'm better. I'm up."

She turned a shaky smile to Luna, but it soon solidified into a real smile. "You look much better in that than I do," she told her before leaning forward and giving her a long, slow kiss. "Did I hear something about breakfast? That's so sweet."

She pulled Luna onto her lap, giving her a tight squeeze and planting a million tiny kisses all over her neck and face. "My sweet girlfriend, I love you," she giggled, "Now lets go eat that breakfast before it gets cold."

She stood up, carrying Luna in her arms bridal style. She carried her all the way to the kitchen then set her on the counter. "Ohhhh, my favorite," she said seeing the food. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was practically watering. She hadn't had any good food, real food, since she left. "Oh god I love you." She pulled Luna into a hard kiss, only pulling back to grab her food.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Luna couldn't help but laugh blissfully as she was set on the table, watching Zoe take her food and sit in the small table sitting, swinging her legs as she lay her head on one of the cupboards,

"I love you even more." She said, biting down onto her lip, coming off of the counter, getting a bowl of muesli, dried banana slices and a carton of soy milk before sitting down, across from Zoe. As Zoe ate, she silently watched her as curiousity rose in her... Luna had read about marines who came back and had, Post Traumatic Disorder, and only hoped that Zoe didn't suffer. She pushed away those thoughts, taking a bite from her cereal.

"Does it taste good? I was scared I put too much salt for the eggs." She said, licking her lip as milk ran down her chin slightly. She wiped it and giggled softly, feeling a little embarrassed.

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Isis | 6033 comments "Mmmmmm, so good," Zoe moaned out between bites. Those were the only words she could manage. She was too busy enjoying the food and shoving it into her mouth. However, when she was about half way through she had to pause and take a breather so she didn't get sick.

"This is amazing. You're amazing. My damn. The salt is so perfect," Zoe told her. "I cannot tell you how much I missed salt. Almost as much as I missed you, lets say." She quickly leaned over and licked excess milk from Luna's chin before giggling. "Yummy."

She then sat back and just smiled. "I want to hear about how you've been, my Luna. My beautiful moon, I want to know everything that has happened with you. You mentioned a new job. What is it? Does it pay well? Are you happy with it?"

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Luna couldn't help but laugh slightly at how, romantic Zoe was being. She couldn't help but lean over and give Zoe a sweet kiss in return for the chin lick. Why not? She kissed her nose and forehead then sat back down again. But her smile was a little less enthusiastic when her job was mentioned.

"I'm really glad you liked it baby." She said softly with a soft smile, playing her hands nervously. That was one habit she couldn't over come. Like biting her nails as well, which Zoe hated. It was funny to see Zoe squirm when she bit her nails.

"Um, well.." She started, not knowing how to continue, "Uh... You know, I worked at IHOP? Yeah... So one day I was like, busting tables and this really fussy woman came in and kept complaining about things and wouldn't stop looking at her phone as if she were the most important woman on earth!" Luna stated, shaking her head slightly but calmed down as she knew that her boss was just having a bad day. "I simply told her that she was as equal and should treat other people with respect and gave her this whole speech. She... looked up and her face registered disgust then, pure... bliss. It was weird." Luna said, playing her hands even more, tempted to bite at her nails.

"She told me she was going to make me the most... the most beautiful woman in the world. Like, Marilyn Monroe beautiful." She whispered and chuckled to herself,

"I thought this lady was fucking nuts. But she gave me her car and said I should call her. Before you left, I wanted to make sure you came home to a really nice apartment... One that we could, maybe even have kids and s-stuff... So I called her. And, 2 months later, I'm flying places and in Vogue... I'm a model, Zo." Luna whispered, feeling a little ashamed.

"But, I promise, it's much different to what we thought it was. These women.. Modelling, is much different to what we think. It has more meaning than just being eye candy for clothes... Plus, the pay is really good and I needed the money. For us. I didn't want to be a waitress anymore.."

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Isis | 6033 comments Zoe didn't know what to feel about what was being told to her. Her girlfriend had been a waitress and now apparently she was a famous model. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, just trying to process. She didn't know whether to be happy, upset, jealous, sad, or all of the above. All her emotions were mixing and she was no longer hungry in the least.

She slowly opened back up her eyes and let out a shaky sigh. "My girlfriend is a model. I don't know what to say...I always knew you were gorgeous enough for that, but, I mean, we used to spend time just making fun of those girls. And, you kind of just are eye candy. Maybe you don't feel like it but there are millions of people staring at your picture and fantasizing about you right now. I can't help but feel...grossed that. And, why did you tell me? This is kind of a huge deal."

She was shaking slightly so she had to grip the table to steady herself. "You obviously like it though, so I won't ask you to stop. I won't be comfortable with it, ever, but I won't ask you to stop doing something you enjoy. You let me live my sick dream, now I suppose it is my turn. I just...wish you would have asked me. Or something...."

She could feel the tears pricking at her eyes now. "I discussed with you when I wanted to join the marines. I discussed with you for months. I'm happy for you and I'm glad we have a place, but I feel a little hurt. I know that's stupid but..." She swiped at her eyes before looking down at her toes.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Luna felt terrible. Beyond, terrible. But worst of all? She even felt a little angered. Yes, angry. But for what? She had no damn right to be! It was Zoe's time to be angry. Then why was she mad? Why was she angry at her girlfriend, who had very fair points.

'You, are not eye candy.'

A voice whispered to her. That's it? She was angry because Zoe had called her career a big jack off agency for people? Well yeah. That made sense. Modelling, was a hard job. More harder than it looked or seemed.

"I'm sorry, Zoe. I couldn't... I just, I couldn't tell you. I didn't want you to be upset a week before you joined the marines. And, I know, if either one of us wants to do something that makes us happy, we do it but we tell each other. I'm sorry I broke that. I really am... But what I do? God, Zo. It's more than what we think." She whispered, shaking her head and looking up, a small tone of irritation and frustration mixed with shame and sadness coated her voice.

"It makes you see things in a different light. It makes you see that there really is, beauty in everyone. I know, beauty all there is to life, but feeling good about yourself, is beauty. How can you not enjoy life when you don't feel good about yourself? This could help me. Help us. I could maybe become part of the World Health Organisation and do something incredible. Modelling is not only for looking pretty. Sure, your goal is to look appealing but really? It's more about empowering other women to love themselves. And I don't know, I know I shouldn't be getting angry or anything but I am!" Luna said, her voice raising and standing up from the table. She breathed heavily then sighed, defeated, shaking her head and taking her cereal bowl to the sink.

"I'm... I'm sorry, Zo. I'm sorry I didn't tell you and that I seem different. I'm really, sorry. But this will be good for me. It will be good for us. I know you don't see it that way, but you have to trust me." She whispered as she was near the sink then walked towards the stairs,

"I'm gonna take a shower quick..." She mumbled, pushing her hair behind her ears slightly, the camouflage top feeling a little heavy on her now.

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Isis | 6033 comments Zoe burst into tears. Everything had changed and now she was getting yelled at. She couldn't handle it...

She got up from the table and ran straight out the front door, in pajamas and bare feet. She was hurt that Luna had made such a huge decision on her own. She was hurt that Luna didn't seem to understand at all what she was feeling. She was hurt that it seemed Luna no longer needed her and pretended everything was for 'us'. She was hurt.

She ran out of the apartment building all together and sat down outside, leaning against the wall and pulling her knees up to herself. She felt betrayed as well as hurt and she didn't know how to deal with it. She had said her honest feelings and she had been put down for it. She wanted to throw up.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments (Do you wanna maybe bring another girl in? To create drama? The girl could find Zoe crying, offer to make her feel better and take her to a resturaunt or something, Luna comes outside looking for Zoe, doesn't find her and waits for her to get home? The other girl will become just a good friend of Zoe's? I could be the girl? :))

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Isis | 6033 comments ((Sure! Though I don't want it to ruin anything between Zoe and Luna. They need to patch it up so Luna can help Zoe through other things.))

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments (Yeah of course! They're really cute anyways. I don't wanna ruin them either! So should we do the idea or instead have Luna come find her? :))

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