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message 1: by Crystal (last edited Nov 01, 2014 10:47PM) (new)

Crystal Vaagen (crystalvaagen) As we wrap up the year, it's gone by rather quickly, I'd like to know how many or what type of children's books have influenced you/your family/your classroom this year. What topic has been popular? As the author of the "Robbie Zero, Super Girl Hero" series, an anti-bullying series, I realize that social issues are important. But I'm wondering, besides my book, what are kids/parents reading?

message 2: by MaryAnn (new)

MaryAnn Diorio (drmaryann) | 1 comments Hello Everyone,

I am a children's author and avid reader of children's books. Thank you for this discussion group. I am looking forward to learning from you.


MaryAnn Diorio, PhD, MFA
Children's Author

message 3: by Paulette (new)

Paulette Harper (pauletteharper) | 1 comments Hello everyone,

I'm a childrens author. I'm looking forward to networking with you.

Paulette Harper
author of children, Christian fiction
and non-fiction books.

message 4: by Taneeka (new)

Taneeka Bourgeois-daSilva | 8 comments Hello everyone,

The three books that have influenced my classroom the most this year are: The House on Mango Street, Of Mice and Men and A Raisin in the Sun.

Taneeka Bourgeois-daSilva
Author of Broccoli Chronicles

Cheryl has hopes her life will calm down soonish (cherylllr) | 6447 comments Mod
How old are your students? Those aren't children's books, despite the fact that some mature teens are reading them.

Crystal, since nobody is answering your original query and this thread is turning into a mess, feel free to delete it. You might have better luck in the official Authors Group, or in a group more specifically welcoming of authors.

message 6: by Taneeka (new)

Taneeka Bourgeois-daSilva | 8 comments They are 16 to 18. Theses are approved books for high school students in many school districts.

message 7: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Vaagen (crystalvaagen) Thank you Cheryl, but I think I'll keep this thread. I have hope and there is no hurry to answer.

message 8: by Crystal (last edited Nov 09, 2014 08:43AM) (new)

Crystal Vaagen (crystalvaagen) Taneeka, the last two books I recall reading in school myself. Those are great books.

Cheryl has hopes her life will calm down soonish (cherylllr) | 6447 comments Mod
Taneeka, that's fine. It's just that this is a children's group, not YA. And Crystal was asking about *new* books, in the original post, not classic adult reads that are being used in the schools.

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