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These are the inns, and they are not usually considered particularly safe or of much quality. There are rooms above the common areas. Slaves are kept separate from the citizens.


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Jasper nodded and led Xavier to one of her favorites. Of course, to get the alcohol, she had to get in another long argument with the owner. She did not have to pay as much this time, and this time, she got more. She took a swig and looked at Xavier. "You want some?"

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Xavier shook his head refusing the alcohol. He looked around the tavern and at the people inside. He didn't understand how Jasper wasn't drunk or at least tipsy. She had already finished two bottles of alcohol that he had saw, lord knows how Mish she had really drank.

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"Suit yourself. More for me," Jasper said,taking a large sip of her drink. She held up her drink as if in a toast. "Go get water," she instructed, flaring her nostrils. "Now."

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Xavier stood up and mimiced her mockingly as he walked away, his back to her. When he returned he had a glad of water. "Now what's this for? " he asked her.

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"We're going to play a game, and you're participating," Jasper declared. She took another swig of her drink. Apparently, the alcohol was making her more bossy than usual, and she was definitely tipsy.

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"What's the game? " hew asked containing his questions to a minimum. He watched her, he consisted taking away her alcohol, but that probably wouldn't end up very well.

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Jasper narrowed her eyes at him when she saw him eyeing her drink. "Mine." She made a shooing motion. "Never Have I Ever; Flip, Sip, or Strip; Quarters. Which one?" She grinned. "We could go to another time and get people to join us, and I'd get a lot more alcohol and shit."

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"Uhh, dude you have to relize i was only 19 when this all happened. I have no idea what any of those are. And I'm not taking your stupid alcohol." He told her glaring at her.

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"That's why you're getting water," Jasper said, raising her eyebrows in what could easily be called an 'are you kidding me?' look.

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He shook his head and looked at her. "So teach me how to play. " he demanded her. He smiled slightly as he rearguard his glad next to hers. He took a quick glance around the tavern looking to see if there would be any violence that may occur. He returned his gaze to Jasper and her drink.

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"Which game?" Jasper asked, quirking a brow. "And are we staying here or going into the future?" She finished her drink. "Either way, I'm getting another, so think in my absence, kay?"

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"Okay whatever." he said as he thought it over. He decided to play the Never have I, although he usualy refered to it as I have never... Although that didn't really matter. He decided that they should go to the future.

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Jasper agreed, and then she told him the location and appearance of the future bar she wanted to go to.

((I'll create the thread tomorrow))

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He nodded and waited for her to leave the time era. He wanted to make sure she left before she forgot what she was doing.

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((Sorry for taking so long! Lost inspiration for the group and was struggling to figure out how to do the locations in a way that made since. So I've finally made the topic now -- Proxima Bar (5063) I'll post there either tomorrow morning or tonight.))

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