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November 1, 2014
Gesselyn Gesselyn Nov 01, 2014 07:55PM
I vowed not to read any of JM Darhower's books after reading Sempre Redemption
The ending of that book left me a mess. My friend and I were reading it around the same time so we literally had to comfort each other. My friend was so upset that she just stopped reading books for months.

I get it. Realistically people that get involved in mafias aren't suppose to have happy endings. However this is a book. Shouldn't this be our escape from reality? In Sempre Redemption, I was livid that Corrado was the one that ended up making me hate the ending of the book. However I still had love for him. I still respected him despite how the tragic scene played out. I always loved his character. That's why when I saw that his book was out (my friend warned me not to) I had to get it! This book was Corrado and Celia's story and it also showed us the love that Vincent and Maura had for each other. It's a prologue, and thats how it should of ended, as a prologue. No instead we revisit the horrible scene that played out in Sempre Redemption, and we get a depressing epilogue. I really don't understand why she felt the need to add an epilogue like that. She literally let us know the day of the death. This is the third book that I'm reading with this character. I first read (Original) Sempre in 2011. Patiently waited for the continuation that just ended up causing me nothing but pain. It really sucks when the author pulls you in and then literally rips your heart out.


Why November 1st 2014? Why couldn't it be 5…10.. years from now or EVEN BETTER leave that part unanswered. You can't sit here and say that's not realistic. It's a book! She's the creator of these stories. She seemed obsessed with Corrado as much as the fans were and now it's like nothing. Is this grief? Am I grieving over book characters? I just..I can't believe she would end it like that. If we had an ending with out an epilogue then at least we could of had hope or made up our own ending. I just hate that such wonderful stories ended up … well doesn't really matter anyway it's done. All I can do is just write down my feelings and hopefully I'll find another book that will lift up my spirit. You know what's funny? I literally had to mentally prepare myself not to be an emotional mess when she brought back Vincent moments. It's one thing to lose one character you love but both?


now, everything hurts

Yes if we could delete the last paragraph of the book it would have been perfect.

JJ Honestly screw Cora! I still haven't fully gotten over it. ...more
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I loved Simpre, Redemption and Made so very much!! I cried my eyes out at the end of each one!! I am so glad that she wrote Made, I really didnt have a very good understanding of Corrado until I read that book and Mio Dio!!! I Love him!!! I would read anything she put out about the Demarco/Moretti families! As far as I am concerned, there is no such thing as too many! I see what everyone is saying though...I was a wreck after reading Redemption and Made. I had to take a couple of days to recover, as well. Carrado's epilogue...I cant even!!!

Agreed. I still think you should make up your own ending. I myself did that, and avoid her books if it makes you this sad :/ She has a habit of killing off characters.

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I just didn't mind that last part. I erased it from my memories. That's what I did to cope. Haha. I PRETEND IT NEVER HAPPENED.

i don't feel that emotional about vincent. but the epilogue on Corrado really killed me. i'm a mess after finishing this one and hardly had the spirit to read anything else for awhile.

JJ I love Vincent
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Oh my god! I thought I am the only one who was destroyed mentally over that page! I just finished reading this book and I just wanna cry and cry! my thoughts are completely messed up... I know I can't sleep tonight... I was enjoying the book and the moment I got to that paragraph........Why did he have to die at the age of 51? I didn't even realize how he died! oooffffff..... that paragraph ruined everything! I wasn't ready for that!! The worst way to end the story!

I loved Corrado. I was torn up about him for monhs after reading this book. I still respond when i think about him. I wrote to the author about how she developed the character but got no response. I started reading other mafia books but other than Roxie Rivera's protector series which takes more of a romance/HEA approach, nothing is very good. Made seems so real to me. It touches a part of me that says that he had no choice in his choices. What he did was what he was raised to do and he felt no remorse. From his standpoint, he had a very successful life that broke my heart to pieces.

Very sad! :'(

I had a feeling something bad was going to happen in this book. :/

Yeah I wished the ending was left open too and we didn't have to know the date. It was such a bittersweet/mostly bitter ending. Hopefully in the eternal life, Carrodo and Celia will be at the same place together.

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