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Tulle Death Do Us Part (A Vintage Magic Mystery, #6)
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Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 524 comments Mod
This is for the discussion of Tulle Death Do Us Part by Annette Blair.

Hilary (A Wytch's Book Review) (knyttwytch) Excellent! This is a good reason to re-read the series :D

Hilary (A Wytch's Book Review) (knyttwytch) Okay I just finished my re-read (they are are nice easy, yet wonderful read), and I think they are on my *re-read the series every year* list!

I love Mad and her not quite swearing, I love the descriptions of the clothes (although I couldn't get my head around what the main dress would actually look like), I finally went and found a picture of Dolly's dress (Goddess I wish I had the figure! and the money to wear something like that!)

message 4: by Jamie (last edited Nov 25, 2014 06:57PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 524 comments Mod
I've been waiting for my book for almost a month. My library seems to have lost it while transferring the book to my local branch. Hopefully it will turn up soon!

Hilary (A Wytch's Book Review) (knyttwytch) That's annoying! It makes me glad I bought the set on Kindle, as I say this is a re-read without a doubt

Hilary (A Wytch's Book Review) (knyttwytch) Have you managed to track down the book yet?

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Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 524 comments Mod
Hilary wrote: "Have you managed to track down the book yet?"

They have no clue where it is :( I would buy the whole set but I don't want to buy each book individually (I have no clue why I feel this way) and there is no box set. I don't want to just get the last one so I will wait. Even though I have a kindle, if I buy a book I like to get it in book form, and only read free books on the kindle. Feel free to go ahead and discuss the book! I will join later.

Hilary (A Wytch's Book Review) (knyttwytch) oh Gucci! not good! (hmm how much would all of them cost on Kindle in the US?)

Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 524 comments Mod
I am finally getting this from my library! So ready to read this!

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Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 524 comments Mod
I finished! While I'm sad the series is over this book helped ease the pain. First the good parts. I'm glad the story was wrapped up in a nice little bow at the end. In a series like this that's exactly what I want. I love all the talk about vintage clothes and the quotes at the begining of each chapter. Now to the bad. I felt like this book talk about things that happened in past books WAY too much. I understand books in a series need to be able to act as individuals sometimes but a little back story at the begining and a few sentences when someone/thing is introduced is enough. Also, most of the scenarios were cliche as well as the things characters said. The mystery part was odd, Nick was basically nonexistent and I felt like the shop was forced into the story. Maddie seemed to skip work all the time :) Sometimes I had to sit the book down, yell "come on" and then continue reading while shaking my head. This book seemed all over the place, confusing (at times) and way unrealistic (even in Madeira's world). The fun seemed to be taken out of it. I was glad Weirner and Madeira got together but it was like a bad chic flick and not as fun as it used to be. Things were told to us and not discribed as much. Example: Nick says move on, I tell Werner, we kiss, I say I need to get new underwear, I spend the night, Werner ask my dad if he has permission to love me, let's solve a case. Hince, I'm ready to move on. Sorry if I'm to harsh but if this was the first book in the series I would not have continued. That aside there really were good parts.

P.S. This may not be the last one in the series. Does anyone know for sure?

Hilary (A Wytch's Book Review) (knyttwytch) I think it may be the last book, as you say all the loose ends were tied up, and she was talking about running for mayor and letting her Intern run the shop!

Jamie  (jaymers8413) | 524 comments Mod
Hilary wrote: "I think it may be the last book, as you say all the loose ends were tied up, and she was talking about running for mayor and letting her Intern run the shop!"

True. That was another random thing in the book.

Victoria Moore | 71 comments I just finished "Tulle Death Do Us Part" and I absolutely loved it. I love the way Mad dresses in total vintage and owns a vintage clothing shop. I envy her special psychometric powers. I'd kill to have those, even for just a day. I can't wait to read the other books in the series. Good choice for the book group.

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