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Take a step into old Hollywood when entering Tru. It is very 1950s-esque There is a secret underground lounge where only the true VIPs may enter

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 194 comments Mod
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Ebony entered Tru Hollywood with the flash of photographers at her back. The scarlet red dress she wore accented her curves and her silky red hair. She made her way straight for the bar, tired after a day of photographs and interviews. All she really wanted to do was relax.

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"Hello" she greeted the female beside her. Olivia herself had come here to chill after her photoshoot. She wore a beautiful white cross front l, knee length and cut by the thigh. She smiled politely.

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*cross front, knee length

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Ebony sighed and turned to face the other girl. Once she showed her face, the girl would guaranteed recognize her. After the movie she had been in last year, things had skyrocketed with her career. Which was nice, but made it difficult to do anything.

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She recognized her. "Don't worry, I'm not some photographer or journalist. just a model." Olivia had watched Ebony's movie before. She flipped her hair back. "Olivia Lillison." She stuck her hand out

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Ebony shook her hand, "nice to meet you. And I'm glad you're not, there were plenty of those at the door, and every other place I go" she said, her tone displaying her clear disdane.

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Olivia laughed. "You have to deal with it. It's the side effects of fame, darling." She felt bad for Ebony. The thing with fame is being able to deal with the public, the photographers, and the interviews.

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Ben was outside in the chaos, he didn't want to be out here though. He went inside, leaving his camera out in his car. He hated his job today. But loved it sometimes.
He sat down next to a red head and smiled lightly.

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Ebony smirked at the model, "Honey, I've been dealing with this since I was three. Not a moment of rest inbetween." She ordered three shots of Svedka from the bar, and then smiled at the guy next to them

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He smiled back and ordered beer, he needed a break from his job. But this wasn't a job you quit, ever. And with Logan as his boss. God he'd never escape. "Hi, I'm Ben. Ebony, right?" He asked, knowing who she was. Who didn't?
But he hoped she wasn't like Jessica...

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((no you are welcome to stay and all three of us can chat!))

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Olivia nodded at the boy next to Ebony. She never really liked boys. She ordered a club soda

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"Surprise,surprise. You know my name," Ebony said sarcastically, looking over at Olivia with a frown. "What do you want? Because everyone wants something" ahe sighed

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"Not everyone." She muttered under her breath. Some people wanted nothing, but they didn't get that. She smiled when the bartender gave her the drink.

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Ebony gently patted Olivias shoulder, "didnt mean you," she whispered back, "mean the guy next to us who was Def outside a few minutes ago." she glanced over at the guy

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"I know." She chuckled. "Sorry, was talking to myself." She shrugged. "I do that a lot." She smiled.

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"Yea, so I was outside, But I'm not anymore." He shrugged. Stereotypes, "I don't want anything from you." He enfisied you.

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Ebony rolled her eyes. "You cant change the fact that youre one of the paps, whether or not you have your camera." she frowned. She had a nasty history with paparazzi posting incriminating photos

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"Well I hate my job, and am stuck in it. I'd rather write and take pictures who are willing to then this."
And I put away my camera to not have this happen. Logan was gonna kill him.

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Ebony sighed and gave Olivia a look, before doing one of her shots and setting the glass back on the counter with a loud clink. "Then why dontbyou try to find a Real journalism job?" she asked

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"Because my best friend is my boss. He sighed, everyone would just hate him for his job, not even knowing him.
"And I already made a mistake of turning him away. It's worth having him around."
At least my parents don't know who I am.

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Olivia watched them quietly, not saying anything. "I think he's pap." She muttered to Ebony. Aloud, she smiled politely at the journalist.

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"You are very much correct," Ebony replied to her with a sigh. "They're everywhere, aren't they?" She took another one of her shots before pulling out her phone

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Ben sighed, and drank.
"So I am, your living in Hollywood.
Rather be on my side of the camera."
And I don't push my family away for being themselves, I actually liked living there. Until they decided being friends with Logan meant I was a paparazzi. I wasn't then. But going to find Logan made me become this. And Jessica.

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((Your turn))

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Olivia estimated how much she could drink without getting drunk and ordered a martini. "They're like ants." She giggled aloud when she got a literal imagination of ants holding cameras.

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Ebony smiled and gently placed a hand on her shoulder, "Not too much,hun, don't want to be plastered all over the tabloids, in more ways than one"

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"It's fine, I did the maths." She smiled appreciatevly at Ebony. She turned to the pap. "So aren't you supposed to run after actors instead of relaxing? "

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"I don't really care. Logan can suck it." He muttered, he should just get up and leave. But he drank more, might as well finish then leave.

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((Denver's turn))

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Ebony rolled her eyes, tipping her head back and doing her last shot, licking her lips afterwards. "Our Pap seems to be talking to himself," She said to Olivia

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Olivia chuckled. "Too stressed, I supposed." She giggled, ordering a glass of water to make sure she doesn't get drunk.

((I won't be on for 2-3 weeks so you guys continue and i'll drop in when I can!))

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"My name isn't 'pap' Ebony, and yes it's hard not to know your name in the real world, most challenging less my side of the screen. Sorry that you're so famous I don't have to ask you you're name. I was trying to nice asking rather then just staying I know who you are." He snapped

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Ebony rolled her eyes, "I'm not the least bit surprised you know my name. And please, there really is no need to be rude." She turned to Olivia, "Yes, stress will do that unfortunately"

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Ben went silent amd hisphond rang. He knew it was Logan and answered as he stood up. "What do you want this time Logan?" He sighed.
"Ben, Jessica is here."
"Yea I know she has a premiere tonight." He didnt like that he brought up his ex girlfriend all the time. "No, she's in our living room, she wants to see you."
Ben froze speachless.
"Ben.. you okay?"
"Im gonna lie and say I'm great , I'll be there soon. I need to psy first . "
He hung up and paid the bartender.

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