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A beautiful coast line, perfect for tanning and swimming. Many celebs, and the rich and famous, have houses along the coast

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Skye walked along the sandy coast, barefoot. Small rocks pierced her feet. She loved the air. This was one of the only places where Skye didn't mind covering up her face with big sunglasses. She loves the beach. It reminded her a bit of her childhood, but she decided not to remember that.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 194 comments Mod
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Kolton decided to come to the beach, even if there could be some cameras lurking around. But the weather was nice, and there didn't seem to be anybody around. He then took off his sunglasses, his usual disguise in public and his shoes. He walked along the stretched coast, feeling the cold damp sand under his feet. Enjoying this moment of serenity.

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Skye sat down on one of the lawn chairs and put on her sunglasses. She drank her lemonade. Even though it was hot Skye enjoyed the weather. Only then she noticed there was a guy beside her. "Hello."

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"Oh hello." Kolton blanked out for a moment until he realized that the girl he's right next to is Skye Simmons. He's seen her around before at different parties and events, but has never directly talked to her. "Sorry umm...I just noticed you were there." Kolton smiled at her, and was getting nervous as she's way prettier than he thought.

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"It's fine." She laughed, and held out her hand. He was cute. She bit her lip. "Skye Simmons. You?" She knew who he was. She remembered making small talk with him at several parties but she forgot his name. She was never good with names.

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"Kolton Hale," and now when he thought about, it's been a long time since he had to introduce himself. "It's such a nice day isn't it?" Kolton didn't know what else to talk about, and he was embarrassed by himself that he had to bring up the weather.

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"It is." She laughed. "So what are you exactly doing here? Relaxing from the paps?" She smirked, playing with her hair, before releasing the back pin so her hair could fly in the wind. She settled back and looked at him, waiting for him to answer.

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