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Jim Goforth | 67 comments Mod
The most hard-core, profane, gory, explicit short stories available. each carries a message and some of those messages are unpleasant and terrifying. RFC is a collection of stories that other presses refused because of their shocking content, but each is a solid, well written piece that deserves a home. Demons, Evil people, sea monsters,the unknown: there is something here to offend the most hardened reader. Featuring: Essel Scott Pratt, Alex S Johnson, Mathias Jansson, Dr. Reverend Lance Carbuncle,Toneye Eyenot, Lisa Dabrowski, Mark Woods,
Jeremy Maddux, Amanda Lyons, Kerry G.S Lipp Matthew Arkham, Jason Hughes,
Christopher Ropes, Susan Simone, Michael Fisher, Jim Goforth, Todd Misura, Stuart Keane, Dona Fox, (Editor's Choice) Kevin J MacLeod

Warning: Explicit sex, Gore, Violence,Depravity. Over 21 please.

This collection of extreme horror tales features my piece 'There Goes the Neighbourhood' alongside a host of other stories from wonderful authors which run the gamut from gruesome, to bizarre, to thought-provoking and the darkly humorous.
Available here http://smarturl.it/RejectedForContent

We're all looking for reviews to see what folks think of it, so anybody who has read it already, feel free to slap up some reviews.

Lisa Sandberg (lisasandberg) | 16 comments Looking forward to reading this one. :)

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Jim Goforth | 67 comments Mod
Lisa wrote: "Looking forward to reading this one. :)"

Rejected For Content 2 will be along shortly as well.

Lisa Sandberg (lisasandberg) | 16 comments Awesome!

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Jim Goforth | 67 comments Mod
With the aberrant, the erotic, the grotesque and the horrifying, occasionally all rolled into one, Rejected For Content 2 continues relentlessly down the path blazed by its predecessor, Splattergore.
These are tales deemed too hardcore or too outrageous for other publishers to consider; pieces both confronting and affronting, with strong messages woven through the tapestry of that often shocking content.

Featuring: Christopher Ropes, Mark Tompkins, Essel Scott Pratt, Kevin J. Macleod, Dona Fox, Christine Morgan, Michael Fisher, Michael Noe, Toneye Eyenot, Amanda M. Lyons, Mark Woods, Bryan Nickelberry, Magenta Nero, Matthew R. Davis, Roy C. Booth & Axel Kohagen, Stuart Keane, Alex S. Johnson and Jim Goforth.

Warning: Strong violence, explicit sex, coarse language, blood and gore.

This is my editorial debut and also features my tale 'Infernus Park Cannibals' as well as many stories from some who appeared in the first book and several new faces too.
Available here http://smarturl.it/RFC2

We all welcome reviews for both volumes; good, bad and ugly.

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Jim Goforth | 67 comments Mod
Rejected For Content 3: Vicious Vengeance

From the shocking to the surreal, the poignant to the repugnant, the erotic to the extreme, Rejected For Content 3 delves into the darkest corners of human hearts and minds. The stories contained within have been rejected from other presses on the grounds of content; tales to shock and frighten, unnerve and disgust, with many disturbed souls driven by vicious vengeance. Featuring Toneye Eyenot, K. Trap Jones, Essel Pratt, Dani Brown, AJ Waters, Lisa Dabrowski, Matthew Weber, Andrew Bell, Jay Helmstutler, Edward Kenyon, Matthew Cash, Victoria Vassilious, Ian McClellan, Ash Hartwell, Stephen Kozeniewski, Roy C. Booth, Axel Kohagen, Brent Lorentson, Gregg Zimmerman, Michelle Garza, Melissa Lason, Catfish McDaris and Amanda M. Lyons.

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Jim Goforth | 67 comments Mod
Rejected For Content 4: Highway to Hell

Some roads lead to fame and fortune. Some roads lead to safety and sanctuary. Some roads lead to misery and suffering. Some roads lead nowhere. And some roads lead straight to hell.

Come along for the ride if you dare, as Rejected for Content 4 takes you down roads with only one true destination awaiting at the end. Ride actual roads with damaged, deranged souls, and travel along the highways of the mind where psychosis, darkness, and the depths of brutality and perversion dwell.

These stories have all been rejected for content: these stories will all take you on the highway to hell. It's a long way down.

Featuring K. Trap Jones, Eric LaRocca, Essel Pratt, T.S. Woolard, Amanda M. Lyons, Brian Glossup, Kindra Sowder, John Ledger, Jonathan Edward Ondrashek, James Longmore, S. A. Mckernan, David Owain Hughes, Rebecca Kolodziej, Michael Fisher, Rebecca Pate, Peter Oliver Wonder, Josh Davis, Roma Gray, Lyndon D. Johnson, G. Zimmerman, Mark Woods, William Bradley, Jay Helmstutler, and Toneye Eyenot.

Warning: Strong violence, explicit sex, coarse language, blood, and gore.

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Jim Goforth | 67 comments Mod
Rejected For Content 5: Sanitarium is currently open for submissions until the end of October. If you fancy having a crack at getting something in the bloodstained pages of this relentless series, drop me a line.

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