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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Hey! :)

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essïe | 1053 comments Haii! So, charries?

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Yup! Can we just have Name, Age and Appearance? I don't usually like forms because I like things to be revealed within the RP. That okay?

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essïe | 1053 comments Of course. Give me a sec

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Whoa, those are loong seconds. Lol, jk! I fell asleep, sorry.

I'll start with my charrie. Do you remember the plotline?

Name: Grace Ivy Jones
Age: Seventeen
Appearance: Grace has auburn wavy thick hair that falls all the way down to her hips and compliments her pale skin and slightly oval sea green musky eyes and her light pink plump lips. She's not very tall but not short at all. She has an average height and a nicely shaped hour glass frame but not perfect one.

I was too lazy to look for a picture, sorry haha :)

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Essie? :)

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essïe | 1053 comments Sorry! I was a little busy. And yes, can you put the plot line back up? Also, I'll make my charrie in a little while, i'm a little occupied

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essïe | 1053 comments •Name• Bellamy James Lockwood
•Age• 17

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments It's alright :) I'll put the plotline up in a sec x

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Anyone? I would like to do detailed MxF and be the female please :) 

"And as our eyes met, she had this look in her eyes, as if she hearing her mother scold her, for entertaining such an idea. And I felt like sin."

In a small town, where everyone has grown up with eah other and everyone knows each other, Boy A moves in and is the talk of the town. But none of the talk is good because of the rumors regarding to his movement to the town. In the first sunday of being in the town, he attends the local church and a certain brunette girl catches his eye. But as soon as their eyes meet, it felt as if he or she weren't allowed to do that. And that was due to the girl being the Head Pastor's daughter.

Being a boy and not really having many friends, Boy A attempts to bee friends with Girl A. And even though Girl A tries to push him away but he just keeps coming back till they become friends. And he slowly opens her up and shows her how fun life could be. And surprisingly, she shows him how to become a better person but with staying true to hinself. But it won't be easy for he has bad habits and trust issues to overcome.

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essïe | 1053 comments Wonderful ! Can you start? ^.^

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Of course! How long are you on for? I'm on for a ling while but repkies might eb just a little slow since I am on mobile. :)

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments "But do I have to go to church today, mama?" The six year old Grace Jones asked her mother, Sophia Jones as she tugged sunday dress which irritated her skin. The small girl had her hair pinned back but with all the fussing she had done as they walked to the car, strands of hair fell inti her small precious face. She had been going to church all her life and and on one Sunday, she just wanted to stay in.

"Grace! That is enough!" Her mother snapped as they sat in the car. It was her, her mother and her older brother Wes, quiet as always for he knew that if he talked, he would be scolded as well.

"We all have to go to church, every Sunday. No excuses now. Or someone is going to get a good spanking afterwards. Now be quiet and be happy."

And ever since she hasn't uttered those same words of not going to church. Now sixteen, with her hair pinned back as usual, sitting in her normal seat, on their way to the local church. She knew she was far too old to gain a spanking from her mother but she didn't want to test the waters again. So as always, she put a sweet smile, greeting all the church goers who knew her, pretending as if church were the only place she wanted to be.

Grace wasn't wearing her best dress as it was a normal light blue dress that reached her knees, tight at the top and flowing down the rest of the way, a lace bow tied around her small waist. But she wished she wore something better as she locked eyes with what seemed the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. He had a lock of brown curls on his head and a musky green blue eyes that complimented the small scowl on his perfect shaped lips. She knew all the boys in town, only because they all went to the same school but she had never witnessed this face. Grace smiled slightly in amusement at his expression, knowing the feeling of attending to church when you didn't want to. And then his eyes caught hers. And her smile vanished. She stared at him, feeling caught off guard and quickly turned her gaze elsewhere as it felt... Wrong to look at him. She could hear her mother scolding her for even thinking about something like being friends with that boy. Feeling embarrassed, she entered the church, quickly walking down the isle and sitting in the front, where the Pastors family sat, as usual and watched her father talking to another Pastor, most probably about the service that.

Unconsciously, Grace fanned herself, still feeling the heat in her cheeks from looking at that boy just a few moments ago.

(Sorry for such a long post. Yours doesn't have to be that long or anything xx)

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essïe | 1053 comments It wasn't't all that long ago that Bellamy had packed up his bags and jumped into his no good truck, heading to no where in particular. The only reason why Bell was in this crappy town was because he didn't have anywhere else to go. As soon as he got to his uncle's house he made him get ready. Not giving him a chance to unpack or even explore a bit. "Why do I have to go?" He growled. "Because, boy, today is God's day, and I ain't planning on leaving you here all alone. Especially, by what I know now." Bellamy looked away, annoyed by the man already. This should be fun.

"Bell, sugar! Oh it's so good to see you!" His uncle's latest play toy walked in, hugging him, pressing her breast against his chest with such force, suffocating really. "I've heard so much about you! Not all well, but I'm sure we'll become the best of friends." She beamed. Bellamy simply nodded, disgusted. She was so fake. The way her cheeks lifted proved too much plastic surgery, her big tits were too perky, and her blonde dead hair was all too thin and straight. Her face was even splatterd in makeup. "Now, go on, you only got 5 minutes, use them wisely." The fake lady smiled and walked towards the door, not before turning around for a second, her eyes lit up. "Oh, the names Georgia."

Bellamy settled with a white button up, black jeans, and some boots. When he got to this ol' holy place he couldn't help but feel so annoyed. Annoyed that he had to be here. And not just the church in particular. Bell was waiting for his uncle when he felt a stare burn into him. When he turned around his eyes landed on beautiful sea green eyes. He tilted his head slightly, examining the staring girl. She was beautiful. He couldn't help but smirk when he saw her blush and look away. This should be interesting. Bell had thought to himself. He smiled and walked into the church, taking a seat.

((Actually, This will be my last one for right now. It's already late over here and I got school ·~·¡ It sucks! Lol and it's totally fine! It makes it more fun and interesting ^.^))

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essïe | 1053 comments ((Sorry if it kind of sucked, I'm just really sleepy. I'll be much better tomorrow c: ))

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments "Drive safe, and thank you all for coming." Pastor Jones' voice boomed through the steeple church as he indicated the end of the service and Grace regained attention again. Like always. She would come to chuch, almost fall asleep wait for the 'thank you for coming' and act like she was listening the whole time. But, instead of focusing on not to fall asleep, her mind kept drifting towards those blue sea green eyes and their owner. She knew she shouldn't be thinking about boys during a church service and she isn't the type to do such a thing but she couldn't really help it. There was sometbing about him.

Grace stood slowly, straightening the creases in her dress, ready to leave but would have to wait for a while as her mother made conversation with the other pastors families.

"Grace! Come meet Mr. Lockwood's nephew. He's the boy who just moved into town..." Sophia, her mother said suddenly, snapping the girl out of her daze. Grace nodded, following her mother out of the building, greeting a few people on their way out.

"This is Mr. Lockwood," Sophia introduced them and she put on athe biggest sweetest smile on her face, shaking his hand respectively, "And his... partner, Georgia or Georgie..." Her mother said with slight disgust but had a fake smile plasteted on her face. Grace shook her hand as equally respectful as she deserved it after that tone her mother gave her.

"And this, is his nephew. Bellamy."

And Grace's hand kind of tensed as her skin touched Bellamy's. Not because she nervous. But because she had this weird, overwhelming feeling. And it felt... nice. Her hand slowly relaxed in his and they continued to shake hands. "Hi." She breathed out slowly, a small smile on her lips. But the feeling was quickly taken away as her mouth pulled Grace's hand from Bellamy's grip, holding her hand as if it was a caring gseture but it seemed as if she didn't want Grace to be holding his hand.

"Well! We better go! We'll be late for our sunday dinner. I hope to see you all next Sunday!" Sophia said hastily and quickly then walked away from the Lockwood's.

"What in the heck was that, Grace? You held his hand as if you didn't wanna let go!" Sophia exclaimed as they got into the car, buckling her seat.

Grace sat quietly, sighing, trying to keep her anger at bay. Her mother was always telling her to stop being so boring and go out and find a nice boy and the second she makes what felt like a connection, she gets yelled at.

"Hey dad. How was the service?" Grace asked with a smile, trying to ignore her mother as her father got into the car.

"Service was..." And Grace zoned off from there, answering eith ocassional yes' and no's while they drove home, watching the town pass by as usual, going back into her own world. She just wanted to get out of this place.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments (Have a good day at school xx)

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essïe | 1053 comments Bellamy couldn't help but savor the touch of her soft hands. He was had kissed it lightly and said hello but her mother was such a..cock blocker. "Grace." Bellamy whispers to himself. Beautiful.

"Taking liking to the pastors daughter, boy?" His uncle had asked, his voice clearly amused. "You must be down right stupid if you think anything's ever going to happen there. I'm pretty sure her daddy knows what you did and men like him ain't always welcoming to people like you."

People like me? Bellamy had thought to himself. "Yeah, no body likes a murderer, Bell." Georgia beamed in,a big smile plasters on her fake face. Bellamy looked away, his face pained, "I'm not a murderer." He mutterd, yet wanting to strangle the women right there. "Shut up, woman." Bells uncle hissed. She pouted but looked away. His uncle looked through the drivers mirror and smiled with what real teeth he had left. "If you weren't a murderer your daddy would still be here, right? Am I right?" Bell clenched his jaw, "Shut up. It was an accident and you know that, you heartless bastard." He mumbled. His uncle stopped the car in the middle of the road and turned towards Bell with hatred in his eyes. "What did you call me?" When Bell didn't say anything his uncle snapped. "Come on, boy. You think you're tough? You are, ain't ya? Say it again!" He demanded. Bell turned towards the old man with a hard stare. "Are you deaf? I called you a heartless bastard." Bellamy growled then looked away, "Guess your age is really catching up to you." He mumbled.


"That's it." His uncle jumped out of the car and opened the back door, throwing Bellamy out. "You think you're funny, James?" He yelled, using Bells middle name. His fathers name. "Come on, tough guy! Fight back!" He snarled. Bellamy couldn't', the man was old and would die if he hit him in the right spot. But that didn't' stop him. "Fine. More fun for me."

His uncle jumped on top of him and threw ridiculously hard punches for an old man. Bell began to bleed but still he didn't fight back. "Come on! Fight back!" Bell coughed up blood and rolled over to his side. His uncle growled and stood up, kicking him in the ribs. "Stupid, kid. Just like your daddy." Bellamy attempted at getting up but he couldn't do anything more but fumble there and taste his own blood.

When Bell heard the footsteps and the car zoom away he couldn't' help but scream out in frustration. Asshole. "I'm not a murderer." He weezed out, his voice horse. Then everything went black.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Even though most families had supper at around 8 or later, The Jones' always had supper straight after a Sunday service and it was always so... boring. She enjoyed it when she was younger because she had gotten to see her family and they were always busy with her father working and building the church and being mayor of the town and her mother always... trying to act as of she were this busy mother who managed life well and that took up all of her time, with being head of voluntary work. Although her brother, Wes, was always there, with him now in College, far from here, she saw no one. And she got over eating to see her parents at Sunday dinner because they didn't really care. Just fought, a whole lot. About everything.

By the time they had finished dinner, her mother was cleaning the table when the argument started. Another accusation of her father cheating. Grace sighed deeply, picking up the plates her mother had sat back down onto the table in frustration as she heatedly screamed at her father.
As she set the plates in the sink, she felt something wet stain her chest as she was wearing a more simpler dress that had a sweetheart neck-line and her thick hair in a high ponytail. And then another drop. What the hell? She wiped at her cheeks and realized she was crying. She stared at her wet hand and broke down quietly into a fit of tears.

If they fought so much, why were they still together? Why did the have kids? Why was she there? The auburn haired girl breathed out heavily, needing to get out of the house as she heard screams and shouts being tossed back and forth. Thank heavens they lived on a farm because if people knew what went on in this house, there would be talk like no tomorrow.

Grace grabbed her father's car keys in anger, walking through to the front door and slamming the door loudly after hearing,


Grace sped down the highway, not sure where she was really going and it was stared to get dark but not really. The sky was a dark, depressing blue and she didn't really know if she was hallucinating but... Was that a body on the road? She slowly pulled over to the curb, tears still running down her face, her cheeks puffy and lips a little more plump from all the crying. She wiped at her face, running across the road barefoot, kneeling down next to the limp body..

"Are you alright sir?" Grace asked, worry full in her voice. She shook the guy softly and saw his face. "Bell...amy. Bellamy! Oh my god, Bellamy are you alright? Can you hear me?" She said loudly, trying to wake him. She shook his body a little more and seeing how beaten he was made her choke up. "Bellamy, P-Please... Can you hear me?" She asked frantically then decided on trying to pick him up, breathing out through her mouth harshly. The closest hospital was three hours and she knew she could do much more in 3 hours to make him better than drive all that way. She had to take him to her place.

Even though Grace was quite small and kind of thin, she certainly was strong and after a while, she got Bellamy into the passengers seat of her fathers car, buckling him in. She quickly rushed to her side and ripped at her dress, taking the material and as soon as she started the car, she held the material to his nose, pressing it there while driving, hair falling out of her ponytail wildly now.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments (I will not be on for quite sone time because I'm in boarding school and the wifi is currently having a lot of problems plus, I'm going through exams so yeah. But as soon as the wifi is fixed and I have spare time, I will reply! :))

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essïe | 1053 comments A light flashed behind Bellamys eyes. A memory? Yes.

Bellamy walked into his "sweet" home once again, and his father was already by his side. "It's your fault she's dead! She's dead and I have no one, you dick!" His father grabbed the desk lamp and through it at Bellamys back. Bellamy grunted and fell down, wincing in pain but refusing to fight back. "I have no one! You're just a reminder of what I don't have." He said, his eyes wide with craziness. "I'm going to finish what I started. You."

Bellamys dad grabbed the kitchen knife and came at Bell, a angerd yell in the air. Bells eyes widend and he went into motion, jumping to the side. "Are you mad?!" He yelled, refurring to his fathers craziness. "Dad, please! Please, don't!" He screamed. He didn't listen and came for another throw. He tackled Bellamy to the floor and attempted at stabbing him but Bellamy held his hand out. "Please, dad. Don't do this. I don't want to die." He sobbed. But he was already gone. The man yelled out and aimed right at his sons chest..

Bellamy woke with a gasp, his forhead wet with sweat. He breathed deeply and tried to remember where he was. He looked around, his vision hazy. He wasn't outside anymore and looked to the side. He raised an eyebrow. Was his mind playing ticks on him? Only one way to find out.

"Grace?" He whisperd.

((Sorry it was a bit short I've been a bit busy but here ya go, love ^.^ ))

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments (That's alright. How've you been? :))

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments (Haven't had time to reply! Had physics and bio exam AND I AM ON THE FUCKING ROOF BECAUSE THAT WAS THE LAST TIME I WILL EVER RIGHT A SCIENCE EXAM! :D I will most probably be on more often now! I'm replying :))

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments (Sorry for my language :))

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Grace had wondered when Bellamy would wake up... Whether she was too late and whoever had hurt him so badly, won. She sighed deeply, sitting on a been bag chair, watching the beaten and bruised boy humbly sleep. She had managed to stop the bleeding from his nose then arrive him, sneak him into the house because she knew her father had taken off to the church, when he was mad and her mother would go complain to her friends and be a... cry baby. She never went into situations head first. Maybe that;s where Grace gets her cowardly senses from.

Grace had gone out, heated up a plate of left over spaghetti and came back. When Bellamy woke, she was placing the spaghetti on her side table.

"Oh... You're up. H-Hi... I was about to wave this over your nose to hopefully wake you up..." Grace said playfully, her attempt of lightening the situation. She set the food on the side table and slowly walked over to him, bringing her wheeled chair to the edge of the bed where he was situated.

"Are you feeling a little better? You were... um, groaning in your sleep when you tried to turn...Not that I was watching you..." Grace said quickly but regretted it, "I mean, I was watching you, otherwise I'd be a terrible nurse but like, I wasn't watching, watching you, you know? I wasn't like, stalking." Grace said in a rush, her cheeks heating up as she spoke.

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essïe | 1053 comments Bellamy couldn't help but be a little dissapointed that he didn't wake up by the side of the road. That means someone saw him beat up and bruised. Wonderful.

Bellamy woke up to a white ceiling and squinted his eyes, blinded by the light. The first thing he heard was a soft voice that countinue to ramble on about watching him sleep. Bellamy wanted to snap and insist that the person shut up but before he could, he saw who it was.

Bell watched her with an amused smile and hung an arm over his eyes. He attempted at a chuckle but ended up coughing softly. Bell groaned, "You're not very good at this are you?" He mumbled. "A simple, "Are you okay?" Would have sufficed." He suggested with a small smile. He noticed her nervousness and couldn't help but be intrested in her even more.

Bellamy looked around and when he relized where he was he raised an eyebrow, "Coming on to me already, princess?" He joked, clearing his throat. His body felt weak and he wanted to throw up and run around at the same time. Bell pinched the bridge of his nose and squeezed his eyes shut, annoyed by the pain.

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essïe | 1053 comments (( totally okay! I'm kinda a bad mouth but I noticed alot of people don't curse here so I'm very catious. And eh, I'm still alive so that's always good. How about you?))

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Grace laughed softly, involuntarily rolling her eyes but kind of regretted it afterward. Was that rude? She didn't know. Boys were like another species, to her. She didn't isolate herself from them since they were always asking her out, annoying her with questions like, 'So do you think you'll turn bad for me?'. But she did talk to some kind boys. Boys that were... harmful. Bellamy, seemed like one of those boys that were always annoying her. Except, she could... tolerate him.

"Oh please, where was I supposed to put you? You whimpered like a baby girl so I figured maybe putting you in a girl's room would somehow help the baby." Grace said with mock jest, a small shy smile playing at her lips. She chuckled softly, pushing her thick but controllable auburn hair behind her ears, playing with the hem of her dress.

"But are you really okay? You're looking a little... sick." She said, slowly standing up. She offered a kind smile before going to her bathroom, getting an emergency puke bucket. It even said so, with a label on the bucket.

"Do want to eat? Or drink some water?"

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments (I've been good! I have a french exam tomorrow and i am kinda sorta shitting bricks, lol :))

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essïe | 1053 comments Bellamy raised an eyebrow, surprised by her change of attitude. He liked it. He chuckled softly, very much amused by her joke. "Well, how sweet of you." He replied sarcastically.

Bellamy was a little shocked by the girl. She was so small, and delicate looking. If he even hugged her he'd be afraid that he'd break her. He smiled softly as she made a small movement, sticking her hair behind her ear. She looked cute when she did that. So..innocent. He quickly looked away.

Bellamy pinched his brows together as he stared at the bucket. "Puke bucket? Well, that's comforting." He mumbled. He attempted at shaking his head, every part of his body sore. "Eh, don't worry about me, princess. I'll live." He said, trying to get comfortable in her bed. He looked round her room and asked, "So, why'd you bring me here? Won't daddy get mad?" He asked, remembering what his uncle said about the man earlier. Her dad probably hated Bellamy. He couldn't help but wonder if she knew. Probably not.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Grace's smile faulted, as it became less, enthusiastic about the mention of her father getting mad that he was brought to her room. Would he get mad? Her dad, always seemed like the more rational parent. Like he did remember what it was like to be a teenager and understood most things. It would be her mother, who would blow her top.

But Grace, always hating pity or even the thought of it, smiled, not wanting any. "Why does it matter to you? Are you scared?" She said in a sincere tone but her face was hiding playfulness. She had never really talked to a boy like this before and it was refreshing. To have an amusing conversation. Not a perverted or boring one.

"You looked... like you were dying. I know, I don't know you, but I was, really scared. And the nearest hospital, is 3 hours away. So I brought you here... My parents are, um, out." She said softly, playing with her dress again then held her hands together, trying to rid of the stupid habit.

"Are you hungry, or anything?" She asked, talking too much. She wanted to apologize but knew how stupid and girl-like that was. Instead, she kept quiet again and avoided eye contact with him, as her cheeks slowly turned a slight shade of pink. She knew something about having a boy up in her room was, wrong. But, where else could she go? She needed to make sure he was okay.

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essïe | 1053 comments Bellamy thought about her questions and answers. And she sure had a lot. She definitely didn't know. Still, her dad might. So he answered honestly.

"First of all, hell yeah I'm scared. The last thing I need is for the Towns pastor to hate me. I ain't planning on going to hell or anything like that." He explained. "2nd of all, if I looked so bad you shouldn't have brought me to your home. I could be an axe murderer. He exclaimed with certainty. "And third, I'm not hungry, darling. I'm okay." He said reassuringly.

Bellamy attempted at sitting up but groaned, sliding back down with a thump. He frowned, "Do I look as pretty as I feel?" He asked jokingly, smiling slightly.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Grace laughed softly, shaking her head with sarcasm, "No way. You're much prettier." She said and shrugged, smiling. She had never laughed so much. Sure, that was a bit of a sad thought but she didn't care. She liked Bellamy and hoped he wouldn't be one of the boys who use you then leave. Not that she would let him, but the fact that boys tried, frustrated and hurt her.

"Did you just call me darling?" She mumbled under her breath, raising a brow, a shy smile on her lips and the pinkness in her cheeks became a soft red. She cleared her throat and rolled her eyes, covering up.

"Are you from like, a 60's film or something? Like, where is your jelled back hair and comb?" She mumbled, shaking her head, smirking. She got up from her spot, seeing he was trying to sit up. She reached under him, supporting his back and helping him get into a sitting position. She quickly got some pillows to make him feel more comfortable. The poor guy.

"Who did this to you?" She whispered, not really talking to him, feeling tears well up in her eyes. But she blinked them back, knowing it was stupid to cry over a boy she didn't really know. But still.

After a huff, she slipped her arm away from him and pushed her hair back that was falling in her face, "You sittin' alright?" She asked softly, taking the puke bucket and putting it near the side of the bed he was on.

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essïe | 1053 comments Bellamy couldn't help but notice how close she was. She was just adjusting his pillows but their faces were inches apart. He could smell the sweet scent coming off of her and a few strands of hair tickled his cheek. He looked at her with soft eyes. "It's better if you don't know." He said simply.

His uncle was a horrible man, but snitching wouldn't't do Bellamy any good.
And as much as Bellamy wanted the old man dead, he was still his uncle. And if he was dead, Bellamy would have to go to a foster care or something. No need for that. And besides, he couldn't leave now.

He was very grateful for Graces help but he needed to get out of here. But how? He wasn't exactly in the greatest condition.

It wasn't too long ago that Bellamy finally decided that the next time his uncle did hit him, he would fight back. But then, he also remembered that the last time he did..his father died.
Bellamy squeezed his eyes shut, trying to shake the memory away. He wanted to think of something else. So, he looked back up.

Grace was truly beautiful. You could tell that any man would stop in his tracks for her.
But Bellamy didn't think she knew that. Without thinking, Bellamy grabbed a few strands of her hair between his fingers, softly grazing her cheek as he slid them behind her ear.
He looked into her beautiful green eyes with softness. "Thank you." He said, not answering her last question exactly but telling her what she really needed to hear.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Grace let a small gasp of surprise escape her lips helplessly, her eyes fluttering closed then back open as a shiver ran through her body at his touch. Her fingers were so soft, against her skin. It was such a surprise. She bit down onto her bottom lip, turning away from Bellamy and walking back to her wheely chair, nodding.

"S'alright.." She said softly, sitting on her chair and fiddling with her fingers, feeling a little nervous. Sure, she had kissed a boy. And obviously, when she did, he held her. But that felt like nothing, compared to Bellamy brushing her hair away. She wondered what she would feel, if he actually touched the skin on her bare waist. And already, she knew he was trouble and should stay away from him for she could feel the temptation of curiousity taking over her.

"I mean, now you owe me. You know, for saving your life. I'm kind of like, a hero." Grace said with humor in her voice, which trembled slightly. Get it together Grace. Get it, together.

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essïe | 1053 comments Bellamy watched her with curiosity. Confused at why she pulled away. As he watched her fidgit with her fingers he smiled softly. She was nervous. And honestly, that made him all that more intrigued.

He tilted his head slightly at her. Hero? He smirked, looking at her with seductive eyes. "I'll give you whatever you want, Princess." He said. "Ask, and it's yours." Bellamy couldn't help but let his eyes drop to her lips. He wonderd how soft they would feel and fought every urge not to kiss her right there.
But the real question was, did she want him to? He rememberd what his uncle said earlier and was a tad bit more hesitant.

Maybe it was bad that he wanted her. He was dangerous, he knew that. But he was selfish too. And he wanted her. He wanted Grace.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments "Oh really? Whatever I want?" Grace asked softly with a hint of a smile playing at her lips as she tried to be serious, a perfect arched brow raised at him. She shook her head, acting disappointed in him as she clicked her tongue.

"Bellamy... Stupid, stupid, Bellamy. Be careful with words. And girls from here. You promise somethin' like that and you could end up in jail. Just because of a silly promise." She said shaking her head, a little sass to her but with her fidgeting with her fingers, it was hard to really get all that playful attitude from her.

Stop it. Stop acting, lose. Your mother would never ever, approve. Stop it, Grace.

She suddenly felt ashamed. As if, she had to go wash her mouth with soap. Like she would go to hell for this. She heated up again. Those eyes. The feeling she was getting in the pit of her stomach... She pressed her legs close and hard together. He certainly, was trouble.

"You should... get some sleep. Tomorrow is the first day or school. I'm guessing that'll be your first day? Unless, you don't go to school because you know, you look a little... old." Grace said with a straight face but afterward, couldn't help but laugh, covering her mouth slightly.

"Okay, I didn't really mean that. I was just being, cruel. I'm sorry." She said sweetly and shyly, tucking hair that had fallen from her ear and into her face when she had laughed.

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essïe | 1053 comments Bellamy groaned at her mention of school. He layed back down and put a pillow over his head. School. Seriously? It was a waste really, how about..He didn't go?

How about..both of them didn't?

Bellamy poked an eye out and grinned, a small dimple showing. "I got an idea." He beamed. Throwing the pillow to the side Bellamy smirked at Grace.
"How about..we don't. Both of us." He exclaimed.

Before she could protest he rushed on, "Just one day, princess and you'll be back in that wonderful hell you call school." He said, assuring her in his own way.

Bellamy looked at her with hopeful eyes, "From what I saw, you're not one to let loose.'s good to every once in a while. Almost healthy." He said matter of factly.
He knew she was going to be ify about it so he looked at her with his eyes no girl was able to say no to before. "Come on, Grace. For me." His voice was husky but sweet. A day out with Grace was all to intriguing.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments That dimple. Those eyes. For him.

For him?

Grace felt something in the pit of her stomach grow. Different from earlier. More like... nervousness. Anxiety. Or, excitement? Which rarely happened for her, so that's why she got the two confused. She had just met this boy, and already she was thinking differently? She wasn't sure whether that was a good thing or a very bad thing.

"Bellamy, I..." She trailed off, not very sure of her answer. What did she want?

"But, you're injured. Where would we go? I can't carry you, Queen Bellamy. No offense, but you're a lil' heavy, you know?" She said softly, trying to change the subject but hopefully it didn't sound like a no. But she knew it should. Ugh!

"You're confusing m-me." She stammered, rubbing at her temple softly, looking down at the patterns of her dress.

"I... I can't miss school. I never have. But I want to... But I know, I shouldn't. And, you shouldn't either, Bell." She mumbled, fidgeting with her fingers again.

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essïe | 1053 comments Bellamy eyes widens a bit at the sound of his old nickname. The soft sound. The one his mother use to call him. It never sounded right when people called him that an he'd usually snap. It was her nickname. Hers. But it sounded right when Grace said it too. It sounded sweet and..comforting.

Shaking his head, Bellamy squeezed his eyes shut and sat up. He had to prove he was okay. It'd be over by tomorrow. Right? Bellamy cringed and grabbed hold of the bed bars. His head spun but it slowly started to fade.
Bellamy offered her a lazy smile.
"See, still breathing."

Bellamy looked at her with soft eyes. She was so lost. She didn't..take control. This was her prison, and Bellamy finally realized that.

Bellamy stood up and staggerd to her chair, squatting down in from of her, he looked at her with soft eyes.
He traced his finger across her jawline then tilted her chin up. "It's okay, Grace. I'll deal. And I'll take care of you too." He said, reassuring her. "One day never hurts." He said warmly.
" doesn't either." She needed to see what was out there, and Bellamy wanted to be the one to show her.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Grace couldn't help but gasp lightly at the touch of his finger, her eyes fluttering closed for a second as she held her breath then look up into his eyes as a shaky breath escaped. She nodded slowly at his words, her hand gripping a the hem of her dress slightly, swallowing hard. Why was she getting so worked up? It was just his finger. And, it was just one day of school?

It was him. His words. She knew he most probably said things like this to other girls but deep down, she felt something tell her, just do it.

She then chuckled, letting go of her dress and covering her very red face. "If we get in trouble, Bellamy, I am going to kil-... hurt-.... I'll do something, to you." She stammered through her hands, shaking her head and smiling slightly then moving her hands away from her face.

They sat in silence as Grace nervously played with the hem of her dress, trying to break a lose thread, her hair falling into her face in the process. She slowly looked up and smiled slightly at Bellamy,

"Do you... um, Do you want to stay here for the night or should I drop you back at home?" She asked softly, not wanting to chase him away but her parents would be back soon and most likely scold her for running off earlier on. And she didn't want Bellamy to get into any trouble. Rumors were going around anyways and she didn't want her mom to have a reason to believe the rumors. Of course, Grace didn't believe them. She had a tendancy of seeing the good, even in the baddest people.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments (Sorry for the late reply! I fell asleep :))

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essïe | 1053 comments Bellamy smiled, satisfied.

"Wonderful. Meet me by the Redwood bridge tomorrow at 9." He beamed. Bellamy knew that what he was doing was bad but he couldn't seem to find a fuck to give.
School never mattered, and knowing Grace she must have good grades, so surely there'd be no difference. He liked that she was a good girl. Made his role more..entertaining. He loved all her reactions.

"Don't worry, Princess. I'll keep you safe." He said warmly, reassuring her.

Bellamy honestly didn't know what there was to get in trouble from. Getting caught? He doubted that. But..She was the pastors daughter, that made her pretty famous around here right? Then..there was Bellamy.

Guess there was a slight possibility of getting caught. This looked like a gossip town.

Bellamy hesitated at her question.
He could, but then..He couldn't. Bellamy officially made it a goal to try and not get her father to hate him. Or her mother for that fact.
nd, this would definitely not help his case.

Bell stood up, ruffling her hair playfully.
"As amazing as that sounds, I'll have to pass on that one, darlin'." He said sadly. "I mean, the thought of spooning with you is just wonderful." He teased, a smirk playing along his lips.
Another thing Bellamy liked, teasing her. Although, his dimple didn't show.
Those little guys only came out when he was really smiling.

"But, that wouldn't exactly get me on your dad's good side, would it." It wasn't a question.

Bellamy smiled at her with soft eyes then leaned down, making direct eye contact with her.
There faces were inches apart and he could feel the air she exhaled. "Thanks, Grace." He whispered.
Bellamy closed his eyes, then placed a soft kiss on her forehead.
After letting his lips stay there for a couple seconds more he pulled away then grabbed a piece of her stray hair and placed it begin her ear.
"Don't let something so simple hide something so beautiful." He said warmly, referring to her gourgeous features. Staring into her eyes for a couple more seconds he pulled away then walked out of her room, closing the door softly behind him.

When Bellamy got home he went straight to his room. The walk was only a couple blocks and he wanted time to think.
He lay on his bed, a small smile playing across his lips. Gently he placed a finger to his lips, remembering earlier.
He was satisfied with what he did. Happy even.
With a sigh he turned off the light then dozed off, seeking a deamless sleep.

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essïe | 1053 comments ((Sorry! It was a bit long >·<))

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments (That's alright! Long replies are my fave! x)

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Grace was left along in her room, quietness and tension filling the air. What did that mean? Was this all an act? Maybe, he wanted to get inside of her pants. Of course. I mean, what teenage guy, brushes hair out of your face and says such things? She has only met two kinds of males species. The shy but boring ones and the attractive but rude ones. There was no winning in this town for a girl like Grace. Sure, she wanted a boyfriend and all, but wanted the right one. Not one out of desperation...

But did Bellamy really want her? Was he playing some game? After a long thoughtful shower and slipping into her pajamas, Grace slipped into her bed covers, lying on the side Bellamy had laid on.

'I mean, the thought of just spooning you, is wonderful.' The charming words rang in her head. She blushed slight and even though she knew that Bellamy was trouble, she couldn't help but smile as she fell asleep, secretly eager for the next day.

- Next Morning -

Grace had been up since 5:30 in the morning, staring into space in her dark room, contemplating on whether she should really skip school or not. She wasn't an A student, but always tried her best. And kind of enjoyed being in the atmosphere of school and her friends. But she had never done something, out of the blue. She had never been... unpredictable. And that saddened her.

By 8:30, she was already late for school as Mitchell House High required people to be in class by 8:15. And she was getting ready to meet Bellamy, as she wasn't in her school uniform, as Monday and Friday were uniform days but instead in a black shirt and overall shorts ( ), and normal white vans with her thick and long auburn hair in a high ponytail and no make up. She had wanted to put some on, but it wasn't a date and she never really liked make up, although she felt she had to.

She quietly crept downstairs, took the car keys and walked outside, to see that none of her parents were back. Which was weird, because usually, her father would be back by this time and her parents would have made up. That fight, must have seriously gone bitter, when she left. Her heart tugged to go to school, just to make her parents happy, but, she never really did anything, for herself. Driven by determination, she got into the car and smiled as she drove to Redwood Bridge.

And that's when she saw him, and her heart pounded so hard and loud, she was sure he could hear it over the rolling water underneath the bridge. She locked the car and slowly walked over to him, a nervous smile on her lips as she came closer. She almost tripped on her way over to him, on a huge rock and felt her cheeks heat up. She straightened and avoided eye contact as they stood face to face on the bridge. Then, she muttered a small hi and couldn't help but laugh slightly at her little accident, shaking her head.

"Sorry I'm late. I was going to ditch you but... I thought, he tried so hard. It was, cute. Let me give him a chance." Grace said teasingly, biting her lip to supress laughter.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments :)

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essïe | 1053 comments ((Sorry, baby love. I've been out a few days but I'm back. I'll post in a little. c:))

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essïe | 1053 comments Bellamy was almost late. As excited as he was his body still ached and he still yearned for sleep.

With a groan Bellamy had gotten up and settled with some black jeans, black converse, and a all black pullover. The only colored thing was his green yes.
That was another bad habit Bell had.
He wore alot of black.

When Bellamy read the clock he nearly tripped over his own aching bones as he ran to the car.
8:55. Bellamy cursed under his breath for he knew he couldn't exactly use his uncle's car. In a panic Bellamy jumped on his dads old motorcycle that was hidden in the garage.

It was rusty but it worked. Something Bellamy had to take a look at. He dully noted that to himself.

When Bellamy got to the bridge he couldn't help but chuckle when he got there just on time.
And as soon as he planted his two feet on that bridge she pulled up.

Bellamy smiled at her tiny figure. She looked so small and fragile, he wanted to pull her into his arms and keep her there forever. Bellamy shook his head, stupid.

He laughed as she stumbled on her way over, "Aren't you clumsy." He frowned at her last comment and shrugged it off, "How sweet of you." He said, sarcasm in his voice. With a sigh Bellamy started to walk backwards. Towards the woods.

"You ready?" He beamed, a wicked smile playing across his lips. He hadn't exactly told her where they were going and wasn't planning on it either. It was a surprise.

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T. (palefection) | 878 comments Grace knew better. She knew that she shouldn't be skipping school and certainly not for a boy, who by the way, was all beat up and hurt yesterday. Why? Who knows what he got in trouble for? Who knows what Bellamy is capable of? Grace lingered, biting on the inside of her bottom lip nervously, her eyes looking across the place to see if the coast was clear but also, to stall. She let out a shaky breath and looked into his eyes and immediately started walking to him, "Ready." She mumbled as they were side by side and disappeared into the woods.

They walked in silence, Grace too nervous to even talk, her eyes cast down and staring at the grass that crunched under her sneekers.

"How do I know you're not some pyhsicotic rapist? Or a new boy, looking for some not so easy ass?" Grace mumbled, trying to make a point, but her face heating up in the process, embarrassed of the word she had used. Seriously? She mumbled a small sorry under her breath, knowing she should stop before hearing his answer but following him instead.

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