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A bright and flirty place where stars are known to have lunch and dinner

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David could already tell from the way people looked at him as he was seated that he was not a typical costumer, at least, not looks wise. Either way, it didn't bother him as long as he was served and treated with respect, which generally he was. He wasn't that different, with the smile on his face and casual demeanor. He held the menu open, looking upon it with true contemplation. He had just gotten back from a trip to France, and he couldn't wait to sink his teeth into something full of fat and American. After ordering something called a "Flaming Bacon Burger", which he assumed was just a hamburger, with bacon and jalapeños in it, he sipped at his Dr. Pepper, eyes scanning the place.

((Good enough Sora?))

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Dave was given his food pretty quickly, and started with his fries, munching on them as he people watched. A girl caught his attention, her bright orange hair being part of the reason, but the people occasionally recognizing her and admiring her being the other. Ah, Los Angeles, you never know what you run in to. He turned back to his food, finally taking a bite of his burger. It was just the right amount of spice and American that he'd needed, although he knew he wouldn't finish the entire plate. Maybe his fries. Close enough to hear the girl's order, he couldn't help but find her request for jalapeños to be amusing, and he even gave a light chuckle. Unusual people were his favorite kinds of people.

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About half-way through his burger, he stopped eating that and continued snacking on his fries. He noticed how actually really tasty the desert the girl ordered looked. His inner debate on whether or not he could stomach something so sweet went on for only a minute before deciding that he probably couldn't, considering he was starting to get full from the food he'd already ate. He'd just stick to his Dr. Pepper, burger, and fries. He pulled out his phone and seemingly on cue, it went off, and he answered. It was his manager, and Dave really didn't want to talk to him all that much, so he listened more than he spoke. All it was was a reminder of the things he had planned this week, now that he was back in Cali.

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(( XD Okay, no rush! ))

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David had been through a great deal of silly occurrences and accidents, but never in his life had he been so caught off guard as something cold and wet met with his face. He was cut off mid-sentence and he wasn't even sure what to do for a good five seconds. He heard a clatter and a giggle, and glancing around, he found it was no other than the girl with the bright orange hair from earlier. So she was the culprit. "I'm gonna have to call you back," he spoke to his manager, trying and failing not to grin. The ice cream was starting to slide its way down his face, luckily avoiding his eyes. He just couldn't be angry. It was obviously an accident, and to be honest, if he was witness to such a thing, he wouldn't even hesitate to laugh. So that's what he did. He let out a light chuckle, calling out to the girl to get her attention. He reached for a napkin, but not before taking a finger and wiping at the ice cream, sticking the sweet in his mouth. It wasn't so bad after all, although he couldn't eat too much of the rich cold dessert. Then he started to wipe at the wet streaks of melted ice cream making their way down to his chin, catching the droplets before the got to his clothes. "You know, generally an apology comes right after that kind of thing. Or maybe it wasn't an accident at all?" he teasingly asked the girl.

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