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Paparazzi: To be a Pap is quite a bit of work. You have to be able to predict where your stars will be at all times, and know the best, or worst, angle at which to snap a photograph.

Actors: Of course, Hollywood, LA, Beverly Hills, all are filled with tons of actors, whether they be already famous, just starting out, or attempting to climb the ranks.

Managers: Managers always have their hands full. They almost all have multiple clients, and their goals are to get as many jobs for their clients as possible, no matter the cost.

Starlets: Starlets are our stars of the stage. Musically gifted. Whether it be vocally, instrumentally, or both. Also contain our performers, dancers, and other talents

Publicists: Publicists have to work well with Managers, or shit will hit the fan. Publicists are in charge of getting their clients on TV, into the press, getting Paparazzi there to snap the most convenient photographs.

Models: Models, while not as widely known by name, are almost always recognized by their face. Models live a busy life, trying to find new events and shoots on a weekly basis

Movie directors are a dime a dozen in our lovely city. But can you pick the diamonds out? Only if you're lucky.

Producers: Producers work hand-in-hand with directors to make the best movie yet, and to find the best cast for the roles.

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can i make a manager who works for Pure talent management and publicity

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Could you add models?

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Morgan Models are already on the list :P

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Oh, pppfftt brain fart.

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