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Archer and Daemon Bromance.

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Freya Haha these 2 were hilarious:D how Daemon was always about protecting Dee was really cute and seeing him being Daemon...hmm((: :3
Oh and when Daemon caught Archer reading Kat's mind :'D

Freya Yeah ur right:D Haha:'D

AbigailDenyse01 they were great 2gether.--- usually when a new guy is introduced 2 the plot and he has the potential to interrupt the romance between the 2 main characters. I totally didn't feel that w/ him.( I felt it w/ that demon named blake. I felt it as soon as he said- hi I'm blake. and I also felt this feeling that hate was a soft way of putting it.

AbigailDenyse01 I second your vote! EVERYTHING IS BLAKES FAULT! that lying SOB!

when kat said she felt bad about killing him I was like- bitch please, I wouldn't give two shhh...craps about his death I would probably throw a party! " BLAKES DEAD!!! COME CELEBRATE!!!"

Mimi Johnson No Daemon and Hunter,now that would be an awesome bromance ,but it was funny when Archer read Daemons mind,Daemon was talking about "why did Archer have to huge Katy"

AbigailDenyse01 I thought it was super funny when in the epilogue archer is like " guess who I talked 2... no, not Justin beiber and I am not in love with him. what the hell?"

ya I got a real good laugh out of that one.

Freya Everytime they are around each other with Katy and Archer reads someones minds is funny:DD

AbigailDenyse01 true story

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