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Kostya's release date

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message 1: by Dionne (new)

Dionne Crowl Does anyone have any idea when it should release? Have not heard a peep out of Roxie Rivera about this in a while.

McGee Magoo New post on her website. It's not encouraging!!!

On August 17th she responded to a post on her facebook page from a fan with this:

"Yes, I'm just finishing up Kostya with some final tweaks. Alexei will come after Kostya and then Danny and then Ten."

If she was just polishing it up at the end of August, she shouldn't have some stupid, vague "will be out before the end of the year" answer.

I can sympathize with the Ellora's Cave debacle, but really, August 17th until now, November 2nd, and nothing has been done or finalized with regards to Kostya??? It's annoying.

message 3: by Tashia (new)

Tashia I check every day on Amazon for Kostya. Luckily, in the Her Russian Protector series each one gets their own story. While we don't really know or understand the constant postponements some authors face, I admire authors who have admitted to needing a break before writing the next book, which makes sense when you have multiple people with their own storyline. After finishing Nikolai 2, I prayed the author would write a story for Ten. I'm still praying. Some books I’ve read from a series I could tell were rushed due to spelling and grammatical errors which resulted in them getting four instead of five stars. I’ve read one series where the final book was taking forever to come out and the author understood everyone’s excitement that she wrote a short story online that excited people even more. Unfortunately, the final installment based on the same two main characters in the previous books didn’t come out till the following year. Some people were so frustrated they didn’t bother purchasing it when it finally came out.
It still doesn’t stop me from checking every day if Kostya was released, lol.

McGee Magoo I can see where books might take so long that the readers' attention and desire for it wanes. But in this case, even though she is never able to get the book out by the date she announces, she still doesn't make the gap between books nearly as long as some authors.

With this series, if people start refusing to read the next installments it's because they are tired of her continuing to string people along with regards to the date.

Personally, I think if she can't make the date she told fans then she needs to say so--and not a week after that date has come and gone and people are getting mad.

The reasons don't matter. Things happen. Life gets in the way, but an Author has to be straight up with the fans.

message 5: by Dionne (new)

Dionne Crowl I agree. In her post on Nov 2nd she said she is supposed to get the cover for Alexei later in that same week and will tell us the release date then. Well here it is the following week and no cover or release date. I know she is busy but since what you wrote did not happen drop your fans a quick post with an explanation. I am still looking forward to those two books....I check daily.

message 6: by Dionne (new)

Dionne Crowl I cannot find the pre-order link on Amazon for Alexei book 8. Roxie said it would be available on Dec 1. Any luck anyone?

McGee Magoo I wouldn't hold my breath. Is it weird to anyone else that she seems to be putting a hard date on Alexei and saying that the preorder link will be up...but KOSTYA isn't even out or possibly even done?

I'm sure I will want to read Alexei, don't get me wrong. But... KOSTYA! Why isn't this a priority or at least worth some fanfare? IT'S KOSTYA!!! She's mentioned Alexei several times and I'm like, "Um, I don't care. Where's Kostya?"

message 8: by Dionne (new)

Dionne Crowl Lol......it is weird that #8 is done with a hard date and 7 is just a maybe. Can't wait for Kostya but Alexei and Shay really caught my attention too. I will be so very disappointed if none of this is ready by the end of 2014.

message 9: by A. (new) - rated it 4 stars

A. Some of my favorite authors release one maybe two books per year. By my count RR has released three full length books and four novellas this year alone. I too am frustrated and check for updates daily (okay, several times a day). I am also aware of the challenges (and joy) involved in raising an autistic child and can only imagine the challenges attached to a raising child with additional health issues. I've also observed that there seems to be a serious lag in the time an indie author uploads a work to a site (admittedly my only experience is with Amazon) and when it is available for purchase. I suspect some other authors I follow decline to give a definite release date for just that reason. So with all that said (and speaking only for myself) I've had several full RR meals this year, anything else is just (well written) gravy (that I will still be extremely thankful for).

McGee Magoo She's spoiled us a bit, but also maybe set her goals too high, too unrealistic, which, in turn, got the readers hopes up.

McGee Magoo She says it will be out this month. Fingers crossed, y'all. I'm sympathetic to everything she's gone through, but knowing that the completed book is sitting on her computer and we can't read it is killing me.

message 12: by Sofia (new)

Sofia Bastos According to the author, the book should be published by the end of August 2015.

McGee Magoo She said the 14th, but then put the date on ibooks as 31st. But she says as soon as it's back from the editor and formatter, it will go live. So from the 14th to the 31st, I'm going to be obsessively checking.

message 14: by Marama (new)

Marama Poni Please help I have been trying to purchase Kostya book but can seem to find it can help been waiting for ever

McGee Magoo Marama wrote: "Please help I have been trying to purchase Kostya book but can seem to find it can help been waiting for ever"

Marama, I'm sorry to say that Kostya has yet to be published. It might never be, as Roxie has had health problems that has caused her to set publishing aside. If Kostya does get released, I will shout it from the rooftops.

message 16: by Jan (new) - added it

Jan Ferguson I have read all of Roxie Rivera's books, Her Russian Protector, I find them entertaining and funny and really good altogether, I don't mind waiting for the next sequal to come out, I would rather Roxie be happy with what she wrote then just get it published. I say, take your time Roxie, it will be worth it, I have yet to be unhappy with your work. I love your writing and will patiently wait until you are happy with the outcome. GOD Bless you and happy writing.

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