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Majyk By Accident (Majyk, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Cat goes through portal to fantasy world [s]

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Pyrakitt | 2 comments Okay I've been looking for this book for a while though the normal means of Google and hit a brick wall.

I'm not sure what to file under spoilers so I'll just blurt what I can remember.

I first read this book at my local library (which is in the USA) sometime in the 90's. It will likely not have a publish date older than 2001. It's fantasy, but might be filed under science fiction & Fantasy as well as young adult. It's tone is comedic in the manner of Piers Anthony and Terry Pratchet. I want to say that the cover had a lot of blue on it and that the title might have been "Majick by Accident" but have had no luck finding it under this title. It was not a particularly thick book, possibly around the 400 page count or less and was a paperback.

The plot ran as follows: A young boy who has a job smashing rats in a castle kitchen stumbles upon a portal out of which strolls a house cat. This is a huge deal because the castle is in a fantasy land where unicorns and dragons are as common as flies but cats are a mythical creature.

From here could be considered spoilers as I will go into as much detail as I can.

The book spelled magic two different ways. Majick was the actual energy while magic was the channeling of said energy. The boy ended up becoming very powerful shortly after the cat arrived because he stumbled into a ritual where the most powerful wizard in the castle was about to die and his majick would be released back into the world, the ritual would capture and divide this energy between several wizards but the boy ended up absorbing it all.

The cat can now talk since he's in a fantasy world and poses as the boy's familiar. The cat originally belonged to an author living in NYC and is very well read.

I remember one conversation where the boy and some other characters are explaining the history of the world to the cat and the cat yowls, "Oh for the love of Stephen Hawking!"
Also the cat sums up the explanation as "So what you're telling me is that Glinda and Tinkerbell did too many pixie dust shooters and shot the planet?"

The planet was described as going through many Ages after a fight between two powerful mages saturated the planet with majick. One Age the planet was a straight line with everyone lined up on it called The Age of Pushing and Shoving. Another it was round but with everyone living on the inside in a "sensible manner" known as the Dark Ages. One final one I remember is that at one point it was shaped like a patoto, the cat corrects with potato but is corrected by the characters that it's a patoto, a local vegetable that is shaped like a potato but instead of eyes has holes. One of the other characters remarks that they lost a whole royal dynasty down one of the holes and that people would be hypnotized as the wind blew over the holes making a pleasant sound.

Only other characters I can remember were a barbarian and one mentor like wizard who is helping the boy deal with going from no magic to being the go to for magical firepower.

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Julia (mizzelle) | 34 comments Freisner explains a *lot* about the humor involved.

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