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[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) Hey, sorry it took me so long to respond!

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Its Ok! Don't worry about it!

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) Alright, so what are your likes and dislikes and do you have anything you are dying to do?

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Umm nothing really. I like realistic, drama, some fairy kinds of stuff. I think my favorite to do like realistic wise is:
*bad boy/good girl
*bad girl/good boy
*enimies to girlfriend/boyfriend
*rich and poor
*um we could do like Disney movies and make them modern or something

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) I like enemies to attraction thing we can do one set in college

I do have one plot I just made today:

(view spoiler)

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I love it!! Lets do that one and we can do the enemies one as well!

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) Yeah, sounds good

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Ok Awesome!! So which one would you like to be the girl in?

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) I'll just be the girl in mine and the guy in yours

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Ok! Sounds good! So um characters! How detailed and ages??

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) Character format can be simple. Age 18 +

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Ok! Awesome!

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Name: Karridy Claythorn
Age: 20

~ opinionated
~Service Orientated


Name: Kallen Taylor

~Wise Guy

Major: Counseling Psychology

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[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass)
【Alexis Winters】【20】【Major: Medicine】

【Jax Torres】【21】【Major: Greek History】

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They are awesome! Where should we start?

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) No clue

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Hmm maybe on mine they could meet for the first time and get into a fight because maybe he was doing something she didn't like so she told him and he fights back so they fight and fight and argue and then someone has to break it up?
And then what do you want for yours?

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) Yeah, that words

uh, idk it could be her second week in school and she gets locked in a closet by accident where he finds her because that is where he likes to smoke

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Yeah! That awesome! Can you post first? I have to go somewhere

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) lol so do i. xD

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Haha Ok, just comment when you get back! I'll be a while

[ resident reaper ] (resident_badass) ugh, sorry I forgot that I was commenting first

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Its Ok! ;)

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