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message 1: by Rhoda (new)

Rhoda D'Ettore (RhodaDEttore) | 5 comments Hello. I just met the owner of a new forum, and the person graciously accepted my suggestion to add "books" as a sub forum. I was permitted to add ONE thread where authors can post their books, links, blurbs, covers, and youtube videos, social media links. Only ONE post on that thread is permitted per book. Please do not spam this forum, and follow the rules. Otherwise, you will be banned from the forum. All you need do is sign up for the forum, and then post your book under the ONE thread attached here. This person really was nice to let me do this, so please, do not make self pubs look badly by spamming. Thanks.

message 2: by Ty (new)

Ty Bard | 3 comments Trekking to Ocmulgee, Book One of a historical fantasy series set in the 1700's in the colonial southeast is now available in paperback at Amazon and will be soon available in e-book from Kindle, ibooks, Barnes and Noble, and Baker and Taylor.

Below is the blurb:

Emerging from the collapse of the Great Mound Centers and the crumbling of old alliances, The People of One Fire craft a new confederacy beneath the encroaching shadows of the British, Spanish, and French empires. For thousands of years, the Keepers of the Adjik Hata have preserved the White Path of the covenant with Ofvngv. In this turbulent time of conflict and change, the Spanish attempt to forcibly convert the Adjik Hata. Mvhvlv, the last Keeper, dispatches his tvbalv, Little Bird, with a secret message to Emperor Brim and entrusts to his niece, Morning Light, a strand of medicine beads containing the ancient lore of the Adjik Hata.
As her uncle perishes, Morning Light flees the ruin of a burning chapel with the beads to seek out Hiram at Ocmulgee. But war is brewing, so Hiram sends Morning Light to the unlikely haven of Charleston. As Morning Light struggles to adapt to the strange, new ways of the whites, Little Bird is drawn into the brutal Apalachee raids by his desire for vengeance and the machinations of Emperor Brim. During the war, Little Bird discovers a dark sorcerer and a Fallen Hiyaulgee instigated the destruction of the Adjik Hata to seize the beads, annihilate The People of One Fire, and usher in an age of darkness and corruption unseen since the Adjik Hata shut the way between the worlds. In the shattering aftermath of battle, Little Bird is directed to Ocmulgee. Meanwhile, Morning Light, troubled by dreams of tragedy for her adoptive family and destruction of the beads, is also urged back to Ocmulgee. Will they uncover the answers they desperately seek – or a destiny more wondrous and perilous than any they could envision?
Set in the colonial southeast during the 1700’s, ‘Trekking to Ocmulgee’ is more than just a historical fiction of a little known period of Native American and colonial conflict. It is also a coming of age story spiced with fantasy, filled with romance and suspense, drama and adventure, and peopled with characters struggling with the grim realities of the clash of Native American and colonial culture. More intimate saga than sprawling epic, ‘Spoken World’ weaves together Muskogee Creek myth, migration legends, and culture with historical events to spin a yarn of fantasy which reveals the rich tapestry of Creek Indian Ways.

Trekking to Ocmulgee (Spoken World Book One) by Ty Bard

message 3: by Steve (new)

Steve Christie (truemay) | 28 comments Good Deed..Price time only...Ebook £1.99 at Amazon Uk..$3 stateside.
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