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Perdido Street Station (New Crobuzon, #1)
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Candiss (tantara) | 1207 comments Here's a general topic for people who have finished reading Perdido Street Station by China Miéville.


message 2: by Shel, Moderator (new) - rated it 5 stars

Shel (shel99) | 2321 comments Mod
It's been several years since I've read this and I need to re-read to refresh my memory so I can discuss details, but in the meantime where's what I definitely remember: the slake-moths are quite possibly the scariest monster I've ever encountered in fiction!

message 3: by Sumant (last edited Nov 01, 2014 09:34PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sumant It is one of best books I have read this year, and it is a scifi-sh fantasy for me.

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Pickle | 202 comments it loved it and it was the book that kick started me reading again. I will grudingly admit that after a few discussions with a pal that the The Scar is the best book of the series but his description of New Crobuzon and it citizens are so detailed, you can almost smell the grime.

Id love to visit that city, sounds as dangerous and grotty as my own!

I should add that id love him to do another book that takes place in New Crobuzon, either a follow up or a stand alone. I want more of that city.

Nick (doily) | 973 comments Sumant wrote: "It is one of best books I have read this year, and it is a scifi-sh fantasy for me."

I agree. With all the biological mishmash, I thought it was more sci-fi than fantasy. I suppose because some of the biological entities resembled fantasy creatures, the fantasists could claim it.

There was similar talk when we read The City & the City, though for different reasons. There, i felt the fantasists had won me over, since the "science" of parallel universes (if, indeed, that is what was going on) was such a miniscule part of the proceedings, though undeniably necessary. Here, in "Perdido Street," the biology seems front and center all of the time.

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Bob (bobwill) | 40 comments It's been quite some time since I read this book and I don't remember much except that I did not care for it. Just could not get into it. Tried The Scar and felt the same way. I think I was in the distinct minority when this was discussed on the Delphi boards though.

Sumant I am done with 3rd book of dresden files i.e. Grave peril and here is my review.

Michele | 7 comments This was one of my favorite books ever. My husband and I made a podcast about it (spoilers).

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Theresa (gossamerchild) This book freaked me out so much I haven't been able to finish it. I have read others by him, so I know I like his writing and storytelling, but this one...I'm going to take another whack at it.

Stuart (asfus) | 136 comments I enjoyed it greatly when I read it a while back.

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Chris (heroncfr) | 565 comments Mod
I read this last year when I was on a China Mieville kick, and this may be my favorite. New Crobuzon was so well realized that I felt I'd been there. And the slake-moths are off-the-hook terrifying!

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