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message 1: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) How many characters should we have total?

message 2: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) What do you mean unoriginal?

message 3: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) Like what characters...?

message 4: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) No, but I need to know what the characters are/do anyway

message 5: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) I'm on my school iPad so the websites are blocked. Care to give me a basic rundown of them? Also, if it's an anime, I prefer we use real pictures.

Also, this won't really be a romance, just saying

message 6: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) Okay, I'll look I a bit

message 7: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) It's going to be as plNe crash, the way they got on the island. I'm going to be playing an uptight business woman, a woman from the Marines, a male doctor, and a male ....? Cook? I'm not sure about the last guy

message 8: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) What could be an alternative though?

message 9: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) Maybe, but then it'd be easier to figure out how to fix the transceiver/radio

message 10: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) Maybe a hunter would be neat.

message 11: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) Shouldnt we make characters? Or should we describe them in our posts?

message 12: by dany (new)

dany (elothwen) Okay, we can do that then, I'll psot soon

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