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November Book of the Month > WEEK 1: Throne of Glass

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message 1: by Brianna (new)

Brianna (bribookishconfessions) | 265 comments What do you guys think of the first quarter of it?

Rest of the month:
Week 1: Chapters 1-13
Week 2: Chapters 14-26
Week 3: Chapters 27-40
Week 4: Chapters 41-55 (finish)

message 2: by Nay (new)

Nay Denise (naydenise) | 197 comments Okay at first I got bored as ever from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, but things started to pick up and I must say -- I am loving Celaena Sardothien -- her attitude, determination and spunk is just everything. The crown prince, Dorian, sounds like a spoiled hottie.

Thoroughly enjoying this book so far!

message 3: by Nay (new)

Nay Denise (naydenise) | 197 comments Im not fond of the Captain and Cain seems like he has some secrets. Dorian is too much. Between him and Celaena I couldn't stop laughing!

message 4: by Priscilla (new)

Priscilla (misspriscillareads) I'm very amused by Dorian, totally crushing on Captain Chaol, but I'm actually not to very fond of our heroine. I think being a bloodthirsty assassin is really at odds with her girlie girl character. She seems to care more about fashion and looks than anything else.

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