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The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden (The Coincidence, #1)
November Book of the Month > WEEK 1: The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden

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Brianna (bribookishconfessions) | 265 comments Here's where we can discuss the chapters! What do you guys think?

The whole month:
Week 1: Chapters 1-4
Week 2: Chapters 5-9
Week 3: Chapters 10-14
Week 4: Chapters 15-18 (finish)

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Nay Denise (naydenise) | 197 comments I thought I was going to do an overall thought post but after reading the Prologue and Chapter One I need to separate breakdowns!

I wanted to breakdown and simply cry while reading this. I don't get what Callie's so shy and sad about. Daisy is straight b*tch...I don't like that she wasn't aware of what happened to her man. Poor Kayden...I truly cried because what his father did and has done to him is ridiculous. Anger or not, no parent should nearly kill their child and every parent should be aware of when something is wrong with their kids physically. I wanted to call the police on his ignorant parents. I love how sweet Callie was in helping Kayden and keeping his secret. I'm pretty sure she did save his life.

Chapter One
I like how Callie is trying to discover herself and how Seth is providing support and encouragement. It's always great to "reinvent" in college. I'm trying to figure out if Seth is gay...I'm just not sure, lol. He totally rocks either way. Daisy is an idiot for giving Kayden the okay to flirt. Kayden is a bigger idiot for still being with her. She is an enabler to his detached emotions which he doesn't need. I loved how he felt he needed to find Callie and thank her for saving his life...he is a very humbled guy from that.

I want to know what Callie's secret is!

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Nay Denise (naydenise) | 197 comments Chapter Two
I liked that Seth helped Callie to make small talk with Kayden. That was really nice of him. Luke seems like an idiot. Kayden is so sweet, I love how he thanked her at dinner. I hated his father for calling him all crazy. What is up with Callie? What is her deal?!

Chapter Three
I totally loved everything about this chapter! It was sweet, fluffy, romantic and at the same time intense. I loved how they were both nervous but still let the conversation flowed. I enjoyed how they evaded questions smoothly. The fact that Kayden feels a pull towards Callie is so intriguing.

My only question: did Callie get raped or hurt by a guy in her school?!

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Nay Denise (naydenise) | 197 comments Chapter Four
Daisy is an ultra irritating bitch! Why doesn't Kayden leave her?! Especially after her comment about his scars. Seth is the man for putting that shallow trick in her place...just saying. I love how the love for Callie is slowly brewing inside of Kayden and even as foreign as it is he keeps going to her...so romantically sweet. Kayden's mom is an idiot -- I feel bad that his parents are the way they are and that his brothers left him. I want to cry for his pain.

I'm enjoying how Callie pretends to not like Kayden because of her past (I finally figured out her secret!). It's adorably cute of her.

That club scene with them dancing was just miraculously adorable, fluffy and sweet. Totally loved it!

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Prologue: The prologue hooked me. How shy and skittish Callie is, it is kind of familiar to me from my own experiences (even though her reasons are MUCH different). It helped me relate to her a little when Daisy is so cruel to her for just being at the party. Also, the random italicized portion about the hot shower intrigued me because it was such an unexpected portion of narrative.

Chapter One: It made me so happy that she made a friend! I actually kind of wish there was more back story to how they met and how he earned her trust. Because for her to go to the lonely and depressed girl back at home to a person capable of trusting someone is a HUGE step... so it would have been nice to read more about that. Kayden seems sweet since he wants to thank her for her help.

Chapter Two: Seth is such a great friend... Callie got extremely lucky that he was the one who she became friends with. He is great because he pushes her to trust others and to come out of her shell a little bit. At the dinner, the interaction between Callie and Kayden is super sweet - like in an sweet awkward-flirting kind of way.

Chapter Three: I hate Kayden's father... but I hope they explain more why his father is like that. There's got to be SOMETHING in his past to make him such an uber dick. I also don't understand how his two older brothers could just abandon him...not matter how horrible the father was I feel like the brothers still should have been there for each other. They were all each other had for so long. So I guess, his whole family pisses me off! And once again, I love Seth - greatest friend to have around. If it wasn't for him, what would Callie do?! Seriously!? Anyways... I love their first "date", it's adorable.

Chapter Four:
The dream Kayden has totally threw me off, was not expecting him to have that kind of feeling for her so soon! But of course it is then ruined by Daisy. I hate her. I hate everything about her. She doesn't even like Kayden for all that he is, scars and all. And he is an idiot for staying with her. I also wish he didn't take so long to talk to Callie after the encounter with Daisy, made him seem like an ass. ... I think this chapter is when I realized what happened to Callie and why she is such a timid person. But there's hope for her because she lets Kayden put his arm around her, she drinks alcohol and even dances with Kayden!

Random thought ... Sometimes Callie and her roommate Violet remind me of Cather and Reagan in Fangirl haha

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