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Summer Chaparral (Las Morenas, #2)
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message 1: by Genevieve (new)

Genevieve Turner (GenevieveTurner) | 2 comments Author Name: Genevieve Turner
Book Name: Summer Chaparral
Genre: Western historical romance
Number of review copies being offered: 20
Format of books being offered: Epub, Mobi, pdf
Short book description:
As far as her illustrious old California family is concerned, no man is good enough for beautiful Catarina Moreno. She’s been obedient through all the years of waiting, but now she wants a little excitement before her inevitable spinsterhood. When a handsome American cowboy rides onto her father’s rancho, Catarina sees her chance—as long as she doesn’t get caught and dishonor her family.

Jace Merrill’s worked thirteen years to earn a ranch of his own and prove his all-too-respectable father wrong. He only needs to work a little longer on Señor Moreno’s ranch for his hard work to pay off—as long as the Señor never learns his real name, or just how hard it is for Jace to resist his alluring daughter.

When Catarina and Jace finally give in to temptation, her father catches them, and they’re marched to the altar for a shotgun wedding. But ancient vendettas run deep in old California. There’s unfinished business between the two families, business neither Jace nor Catarina know anything about until it’s too late. Now they’re battling against a blood feud, and each other, to save a marriage neither of them wanted.

message 2: by Lady (new)

Lady (shyalwayz) | 27 comments I would like to read/review for you, if this is still available.

message 3: by Genevieve (new)

Genevieve Turner (GenevieveTurner) | 2 comments Lady wrote: "I would like to read/review for you, if this is still available."
Yes, it's still available! If you could email me at genevieve at genturner dot com and let me know if you want epub, mobi, or pdf, I'll send a copy off to you. Thanks!

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