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message 1: by Wesley (new)

Wesley Fox Hello,

I am editor of a new indie publishing site called Prescient Sci-Fi. We are looking for people to review indie/self-published sci-fi novels to be posted on the website as well as on Goodreads.

If you love reading sci-fi and love writing reviews, please submit them at

Check out the guidelines at:

If you are a sci-fi author and want your book reviewed by me, let me know at

Check out the website to see what types I usually read and the overall style of the reviews. My to-read list is a little heavy so I may not get to it for a month or two.


message 2: by Keith (new)

Keith Owens | 7 comments Hi Wes. I definitely love science fiction and would like to begin writing reviews of indie titles. For me it's a good way of connecting with other indie writers and seeing what's out there as well as offering whatever support I can to other indie scoff authors and giving back as best I can. Do you have a list of titles that need to be reviewed or do you prefer the reviewers submit titles to you?


message 3: by Wesley (new)

Wesley Fox Hi Keith. I have a list but if you have one in mind you can go ahead and submit a review for it. As long as it fits guidelines, I'll post it.

Do you have a favorite type of sci-fi such as dystopian, space opera, or military?


message 4: by Keith (new)

Keith Owens | 7 comments Hey again, Wes. Thanks for getting back to me. I don't have a specific title in mind, I'm just looking forward to reading and reviewing some good sci fi. I would say my favorite type of sci fi is probably dystopian, although I'm open to a lot more. Primarily I just like a well-told story, good characters and good writing.

message 5: by Wesley (new)

Wesley Fox Here are a couple from my list

Gene Cards, EE Giorgi
A Different Alchemy, Chris Dietzel
Survival Colony Nine, Joshua David Bellin
Wordless, AdriAnne Strickland
Infectious, Elizabeth Forkey

Check'em out. If none of them sounds interesting, I can throw out a few more titles. I find a lot of dystopias but a lot are zombie apocalypse novels. Others are copies of Hunger Games. Generally, I don't put them on my list unless there is something special about them (author, good summary, high goodreads rating).


message 6: by Keith (new)

Keith Owens | 7 comments I think 'Gene Cards' and 'Wordless' are the two that grab me right off the bat with the title. 'A Different Alchemy' sounds pretty cool too.

message 7: by Jack (new)

Jack Shaw (httpgoodreadscomjack_shaw) | 24 comments Hi Wes,

I am interested in reviewing, and I have a science fiction novel I would like reviewed. My novel, In Makr's Shadow, is dystopian science fiction. I haven't done much in promoting my own novel other than have write a related blog site called Shaw's Reality. I read more books than I review. I do film and theatre criticism as well. I'm looking forward to looking at your site for more information. Meanwhile, if my novel is something you or someone else would be interested in reviewing, let me know.

message 8: by Wesley (new)

Wesley Fox Hi Jack, I will take a look at yours and might pick it up myself. We are only looking for reviews of books you'd rate 3-stars and above, so basically the ones that make a strong, positive impression on you.

Check out review submission guidelines at:


message 9: by Thaddeus (new)

Thaddeus White | 631 comments Mod
Just a reminder that reviews of independent/self-published books are very welcome in this Group. A repost of an independent review is quite alright [please give the recently amended rules a quick check beforehand, of course].

message 10: by J.L. (last edited Nov 17, 2014 12:28AM) (new)

J.L. Louw | 4 comments Hi Wesley

I quickly wish to run something by you. My debut novel just came out, and it's not really any normal sort of science fiction story. My editor called it a science fantasy, actually.

The setting is a typical fantasy world, inhabited by dragons and werewolves and such, but the story revolves humanity having lost their touch with an arcane form of power. To compensate for that loss, people started inventing technological devices that uses the dwindling energies inside of them. Thereby they developed energy weaponry and holographic devices--to name a few--in order to still combat their dangerous world.

Would you be interested in this sort of tale, or is it not quite your cup of tea?

In any case, thanks for your consideration.

message 11: by Wesley (new)

Wesley Fox JL,

Your novel doesn't sound like it fits Prescient Sci-Fi. However, it does sound interesting and I might pick it up and read it on my own time. If I like, I'll rate and review it on Goodreads and Amazon.


message 12: by J.L. (new)

J.L. Louw | 4 comments Hi Wes

That is unfortunate to hear, but I definitely understand. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I'm really glad to hear that you're interested in my book. I will truly appreciate any feedback and support.

Thanks again!

message 13: by Massimo (new)

Massimo Marino | 26 comments Daimones, Once Humans, The Rise of the Phoenix, or the The Daimones Trilogy: Omnibus Edition

have collected over 800 reviews on combined goodreads and Amazon, and sell everyday, but I'm still looking for more readers in the genre who are willing to write a candid review.

"Beware of this book", someone said referring to vol.1 Daimones:

Books should shake, shatter beliefs, and raise questions rather than provide answers. It's the best a writer can do.

Copies in all formats in exchange for a thoughtful review.

message 14: by Mark (new)

Mark Bondurant (mbondr) | 22 comments Would steampunk be acceptable? I write alternate history, built around the classic SF premise of one assumption (such as faster than light travel) and then extrapolation. They do, however, take place in the 1890's - not the future.

message 15: by Wesley (new)

Wesley Fox I've never read steampunk, to be honest. I'm open to giving it a shot.

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