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Hello, there, student! Is this your first year at Eastridge Preparatory School? Perhaps you have already been here, and you know the rules of the game. But if not, it is highly suggested that you read on.

[ Behavior ]

• At Eastridge Prep, we all value respect. If you do not respect your peers, you do not belong here in Eastridge.

• Respecting classmates isn't all of it. You must respect your teachers and professors too! They go out of their day to teach YOU. Be grateful.

• Attitudes and smart-aleck comments are not appropriate. You are here to learn and be successful. We expect you to be mature and bright.

[ Schoolwork ]

• If you are here, you must maintain a steady grade point average (GPA).

• You must take two extracurricular courses. (Orchestra, marching band, a sports activity, chess, dance, singing, drama, etc)

• In addition to that, if you are sixteen and over, you might want to consider taking some classes that involve what you want to major in for college

• Math, science, English, and History are all required. Depending on what year you are in, you might take pre-algbra, or trig, etc. It depends.

• You have exams at the end of the two semesters. Halfway through the year, and at the very end. These will impact your grade a lot, and if you do not do well, your grade could be ruined

• Here at Eastridge, we do not want lazy students who don't do their schoolwork. The very best is expected from you

[ Dormitories ]

• There are four buildings on the campus of Eastridge. Each building is a "dormitory" for students. There are four houses, and each building is for each house. Of course, boys get one half of the dorm, and females the other.

• Within the dorm buildings, there are rooms. Three people to a room. Of the same gender, of course, and the opposite sex cannot be in your room past EIGHT o'clock in the evening.

• Keep your rooms neat and clean

• If you have a problem with your roommates, stop by the office in the school building for assistance

[ New York City ]

• As you all know, Eastridge is approximately three hours from the famous New York City. Each week, at 6 am on a Saturday morning, those who have a parent signature, acceptable grades, and have not caused trouble, may go on the trip to the city. Transportation is a large, luxury bus

• You may bring as much cash as you want to shop in the City, but if it is stolen or lost, that is your responsibility

• There are the or four teacher chaperons who go on the trip also.

• You are free to roam the city on your own, but it is preferred you have a friend with you

• Uniforms are NOT required in NYC.

• You must bring a cellphone and give all the chaperons your number

• We stay in the city until SEVEN in the evening. You must meet at the specified meeting place by then

[ Uniforms ]

• Uniforms must be worn during school hours. When school is over, you may wear your own APPROPRIATE clothing

• We are lenient about uniforms. You do not have to have a specific kind. (more on this later)

[ Free Time and School Hours ]

• School hours are from 8:00 am to 3:00 in the afternoon.

• You do have a free period at some point of the day

• During free periods/after school hours, you may do whatever you please as long as you stay on school grounds
- There is a swimming pool (indoor and out)
- There is a movie theater
- Game room in each dormitory (television, games, etc)
- Library
- Computer lab
For more information visit the school website...

[ Food ]

• At the beginning of the year you paid your fees, textbooks, etc. You most likely also paid for a student meal card. This card is your ticket to meals in the dining hall. You have a certain number of points on your card you can use to buy food. When you run out, your parents simply can renew the card.

[ Parties ]

• Parties are allowed, as long as you keep the noise level down, and it is controlled

• Drugs, alcohol, and sex are NOT ALLOWED at parties

[ Drugs Alcohol and Sex ]

• As well as being banned at parties, these things are banned at the school too.

[ Sports ]

• To partake in athletic clubs you must keep your grades up.

• Suspensions and too many detentions can lead to you being kicked off your team

[ Pets ]

• Hamsters, fish, etc, are allowed. Dogs and cats are allowed, but you must take them to a veterinarian before school has started to check for health conditions and make sure your pet will not spread anything

• There indeed is a "daycare" center on campus for pets such as cats and dogs. Experts on animals care and tend for you animal

• If you own a snake, hamster, etc, you keep it in your dorm.

• You may have your pets in your dorms, but when you are away from your room, we request you either put your animal in a cage, or drop it off at daycare

• You are responsible for food an keeping your pet healthy

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