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Queen of The Moon Hello

Queen of The Moon either is fine with me :)
I do have a lot of supernatural one going on right now though so maybe a real one.

Queen of The Moon boop

Queen of The Moon To much lol

I was thinking more like guy or girl from a broken home has a younger sibling they take care of and has to do illegal things to provide and the opposite is from a broken home in a different way, maybe single parent or something. We would only be doing the two, maybe the sibling.

Queen of The Moon Hmm. Girl please. Which broken home would you want :p

Queen of The Moon Perfectly fine with me. Mkay.

Queen of The Moon School. Senior year. One of them can be a transfer or they just never noticed each other before

Queen of The Moon Mae was running late to class, again. She turned the corner and literally bumped strait into someone, which sent her sprawling in the floor

Queen of The Moon Mae sat u and watched the guy scramble for the stuff, understanding perfectly well what happened if the teachers found that stuff. She grabbed the small baggie of drugs that had gone astray and cupped it in the palm of her hand as she gathered her books up. "Sorry about that." she apologized to him

Queen of The Moon "I'm good. You okay?" she asked. She heard a teacher coming and grabbed him, pulling him into one of the empty rooms.

Queen of The Moon boop

Queen of The Moon "It was no problem." she assured him running a hand through her hair as she peaked her head out the door. "I don't know what you're talking about. I just dropped my books and you helped me pick them up." she told him before heading out the door with a smile at him before she disappeared

Queen of The Moon Mae walked into the cafeteria and scowled at the loud people. She walked back out and headed to the commons, where she sat under a tree

Queen of The Moon She looked up at him in confusion. "Hello." She replied after a moment of hesitation

Queen of The Moon "Yeah it's not problem." she assured him.

Queen of The Moon "No." she shook her head. "But I wouldn't stop you from smoking if that's what you were getting at." she assured im

Queen of The Moon "Mae" she shook his hand.

Queen of The Moon She waved back and went back to eating her sandwich and reading. She hadn't gotten to read a whole lot lately, her sister had been sick and all.

Queen of The Moon Mae was interrupted again but this time it was by one of the jocks. She stood and talked to him, making arrangements to meet him later. She couldn't help but glance at Chris when the other guy left, wondering what he thought before she went to class.

Queen of The Moon Mae sat in math, wondering why she hadn't noticed Chris before and then wondered if they had any classes together.

Queen of The Moon Mae went to her next class and sat in the back, watching the clock

Queen of The Moon "I've always been in this class and I've always sat right here." she told him honestly. She wondered why he was even talking to her, maybe he was going to do like the jock had and ask her for her services.

((Going to bed))

Queen of The Moon "Yeah." she nodded doodling in her notebook as the teacher droned on and on.

Queen of The Moon Mae grabbed his pencil and handed it to him. It was quite comical the way he kept falling asleep, but she didn't say anything.

Queen of The Moon She handed him her notebook without a word, detailed notes filling the pages

Queen of The Moon "Just give them back to me in class tomorrow." she told him as the bell rang and she stood up, packing her book and pencils into her backpack.

Queen of The Moon She nodded and left the room. She walked out of the school and met the jock from earlier. She slid into his car, not caring about the looks that she was getting.

Queen of The Moon Mae ducked her head as they drove past Chris.

Queen of The Moon The next day Mae walked into school in a long sleeved shirt even though it was warm outside. She was also wearing more makeup than normal and she looked like she hadn't slept a bit last night.

Queen of The Moon ((You must be really busy))

Queen of The Moon "I'm fine." she tried to assure him but even to her own ears it didn't sound true. "We've got to stop bumping into each other." she told him trying to change the subject. She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and hee shirt sleeve slipped down, revealing bruises on her wrist and forearm

Queen of The Moon "It's nothing." she hastily pulled her sleeve back down, hoping he didn't remember seeing her leaving with the jock yesterday.

((Do you mind me asking how old you are? I'm really curious now.))

Queen of The Moon ((Okay.))

"No." she shook her head quickly. "I um ... I got them doing ..." she tried to think of something that would have caused it.

Queen of The Moon "Yeah. What class are you going to?" she asked him quickly.

Queen of The Moon "Same." she told him surprised.

Queen of The Moon Mae sighed in relief and took one of the two empty seats in the back, quickly pulling her book and notes out.

Queen of The Moon A folded note slid into Chris' desk and Mae waited for him to open it.

Queen of The Moon Is there any way you can just forget what you saw? it read in her neat hand writing

Queen of The Moon She gave him a small smile and wrote You should really be more careful about how high she scribbled the word high put and replaced it with happy. happy you are at school

Queen of The Moon There are better things to keep you sane that wont kill you. she wrote back wit a frowny face

Queen of The Moon Mae ignored the look. I'm not your mother, maybe a friend, definitely not your mother. she handed the note back to him

Queen of The Moon I don't see why not. she slid it under his notebook when he was still scribbling notes on the board.

Queen of The Moon "I'll be under the tree." she nodded and headed off to class. During the whole class she was wondering why she had even said that she would be friends with him.

Queen of The Moon "Hello ..." she sighed and realized he was high. "You're high again .... at school ..."

Queen of The Moon "Same reason you care about these." she held her bruised wrists up to him. Part of her wanted to tell him everything that had happened, the other smarter half knew that in his high state he one didn't care and two wouldn't be able to keep it a secret.

Queen of The Moon "This is my way of dealing as well." she shrugged running her hands over her jeans.

Queen of The Moon "He's the first one. I mean sure some of them get ..." she stopped wondering why in the hell she was even going to admit that she did the stuff that was in rumors

Queen of The Moon "Can we not do this here?" She asked him glancing at Chris with a frown. She really didn't want to do this right now, not after last night.

Queen of The Moon "I need the money." she shrugged feeling slightly ashamed

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