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Lots of people, shops, a market. Have fun!

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Cosette was walking through the town square with her father, wishing she could come here by herself for once. She looked around at all of the people, all free to do whatever they wanted. "Papa? I'm going to go but something from the shop, I'll be right back." She walked away quickly towards the shop, then turned after she was in the crowd.

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Audra Vi looked around the busy square and saw all the people with the nice hats and dresses. She walked faster trying to find something she could grab with out being noticed. She didn't look where she was going and walked right into Cosette. She jumped back and looked at her, "I'm sorry" she said quietly looking down.

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"It's fine!" Cosette bent down and picked up her small bag that she had dropped. "Are you okay?" She asked the little girl, who didn't look more than 13.

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Audra Vi nodded and picked up the small piece of bread she had dropped. She gave a small smile to the girl. Cosette was nice and that was weird out on the streets. "I got dirt on your dress." Vi said poking at the girl's pretty, well kept dress.

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Cosette brushed off the dirt. "It's fine, I don't mind. My father probably will, though. Oh well." Cosette smiled back at her.

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Audra Since this girl was not going to do anything if sh started talking Vi started talking a little louder and more normally. " Are you here to shop? I haven't seen you before."

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"Um, yes. I'm here with my father a lot, but I'm never let by myself." Cosette smiled again.

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Audra Vi hadn't ever been here with her father when he was alive. "Will he be looking for you?" She asked.

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Colette had never told a lie in her life, before now. "Um, no. He knows I'm over here."

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Audra She chuckled at what was quiet possibly the worst lie she'd ever heard. "So where does he think you are, home?"

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"No, he thinks I'm here." Cosette said, trying, and obviously failing, to keep this together.

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Audra Vi laughed, "You're not used to this are you? It's a good thing you don't live out here."

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Cosette sighed. "No, I'm not. Anyway, he thinks I'm over there, shopping."

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Audra "He just sounds like he wants to protect you. There are some bad people around here." She said as a particularly grimey man walked by them

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"Well, yes, but still. I'm not allowed out of the gates around our house by myself."

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Audra "That's one thing about living on the streets is that I can go where ever I want." Vi shrugged

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"Well, you are very lucky, then." Cosette nodded. "I'm sorry, what is your name?"

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Audra "Oh, I'm Violette, or Vi if you prefer, what's yours?" She asked

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"Nice to meet you, Vi. I'm Cosette." She smiled sweetly at her.

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Audra She smiled, "What's it like to have a father?" It was kind of a blunt question but hers couldn't have been considered a father.

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"It's wonderful. Although, he isn't my real father. He took care of me after my mother died, and my real father had left us when I was little."

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Audra Vi smiled wistfully at the thought, "Do you remember her?" She asked, Vi never knew her mother and her father never mentioned her.

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Cosette smiled sadly at the younger girl. "No, I was given to a family to be raised when I was very little."

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Audra " I don't remember mine either, she died when I was born. But it's good now that you have a father." She sighed and looked around for any officers, she saw a few but none were near them. The officers didn't like any of the street kids but if they saw her with the bread she wouldn't have any diner for the younger children.

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"Yes." Cosette said a bit distractedly, watching Vi look around for police officers. "Did you steal that?" She asked, motioning towards the bread.

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Audra Vi nodded and looked back to her, "There are a couple of kids I feed here and the police don't like me all that much"

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Cosette smiled at this, then reached into her bag. She pulled out the money her father has given to her and gave it to the girl. "Here, use this."

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Audra Vi looked wide eyed at it like it was the most precious diamond, "But don't you need this?"

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Cosette smiled sweetly. "You and the other children need it much more than I do, don't worry. Please. Take it, and buy what you need for yourself and these children you speak of."

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