City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments, #6) City of Heavenly Fire question

Hamida Hamida Nov 01, 2014 08:16AM
How did you feel about Jordan when he died? Did you think Maia was a good charcter because she never actually did like Jordan?

I thought the whole Maia and Jordan thing could've been done so much better. That is honestly my one complaint with this series. When you find out that Kyle is really Jordan it's mind blowing, but the afterwards didn't live up to the revelation. We didn't need to know she stopped loving him (honestly the way it was written made it sound like she was pregnant and didn't want to tell him or something). I was really disappointed. It could've been so good.

Ness I thought that she was pregnant too. I was waiting for her to tell him that but she didn't love him. ...more
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Alexandra Valkova Me too... :(
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I totally agree. I was disappointed about how things turned out between Maya and Jordan especially about how Maya's feelings for Jordan in the last book were nothing more than just sympathy. I thought in the previous books Maya did love Jordan the way Jordan loved Maya. This detail is one the reasons I did not give City of Heavenly Fire five stars.

I loved Jordan's character and I was so sad when he died, it kind of annoyed me how Maia fell out of love with him so quickly, it seemed more like lust than love. They're short but sweet story did upset me when it came to an end :(

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I was disappointed with how their relationship was written, but I understood where her character was coming from when she decided that she didn't love him anymore. And, in the end when she was seen with Bat, I was hoping for some sort of ebook for those two because I thought she deserved happiness after everything.

I love the Jordan´s character and I pissed off very much about his dead. Obviously the fact that suddenly Maia no longer loves him didn't like me neither, but I can understand that. Love sometimes isn't forever. What annoyed me more is this part of Maia saying "that she thought the love of Jordan was consequence of his blame or like his redemption, that he didn't see her really" (or something like that, no remember it exactly). That seemed to me like discrediting the Jordan's love to Maia and insulting him. It's like "now that he's dead let's go to downplay to his love and to do like if hadn't been true, just a guilty feeling. Maybe this way people will forget quickly that I've (this one would be cassandra)" just killed Jordan and a beautiful love story with him.
To sum up,
1. I don't like Jordan's death at all. Very sad. I loved so much his character.
2. I can accept Maia not loving him anymore.
3. I can't accept the Jordan feelings are denigrated and doubted.

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