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I read a book but can't remember the title or the author.. can anyone help with the limited info I have provided??

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message 1: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Ignore the book at the top, it has nothing to do with my question.
I read a book in the past and I can't recall the name or author. I can't actually remember anything helpful at all lol none of the characters names or anything like that but I do remember bits of the plot. The book is part of a series from the heroines pov. She is a private investigator in a paranormal world. Near the beginning she is hired by a cat(I think, he's definitely a were anyway) on behalf of his alpha to find her nephew, who has gone missing. I'm not sure what the heroine is but I don't think shes fully human. By the end of the book they find the alpha's nephew he had been kidnapped along with others by vampires(I think), she mates with the cat who originally hired her and he goes back and kills his alpha to take over the pack. The story does have witches and other paranormals in along the way.
Through out the rest of the series in no particular order, the heroine and her mate fall out because she is keeping secrets but she's cant tell him because she's got a spell on her by her ex not to as they are investigating her to mate in order to help him, the heroine is then kidnapped and tourchered by a vampire who is obsessed with her then rescued by her mate, her ex and some friends. Once she's home she goes to stay at a place where she stayed as a teenager and helps out in the bar, she gets a tattoo to cover the scar marks on her neck. Obviously a lot more happens but this is about the limit of my memory lol.
I know this is probably not very helpful but like I said I can't remember it properly and it's really bugging me so if anyone recognizes it let me know please. xD Thanks in advance.

message 2: by Danielle (new)

Danielle while I can't actually help you with this question since the book doesn't sound familiar I do recognize the problem. I read a lot of books in a year and it can be damn hard to keep track. so i'll tell you what I do that has helped me find a book i'm trying to find in the past.. its kind of a pain and can take a while but sometimes it works.. there are two sites and that let you break down the searches pretty well especially all romance in fact i'd check that one first using the advanced search and putting in tags as well as checking categories sometimes just seeing the cover or seeing the title might ring the right bell for you. good luck :)

Shanita It sounds like a good plot,and the plot to a lot of books that I have read. Sorry I can't help,but if you ever remember please let me know

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